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Multi-colored nails are not a new trend, but lately we’ve been seeing a lot of brights paired with gold fourth fingers…. and we’re loving the trend!

multibling.bmpTeen star Vanessa Hudgens sported a combo of turquoise and gold at Comic Con this past weekend, but feel free to try this with any color you like. You can even switch up the gold with silver, or bronze.

To make it work, make sure the shade you choose is a creme with no shimmer or glitter (save the gilding for your ring finger). The more bling, the better!

What do you think? Will you try this trend?
Long, flowing locks have always been considered by men (and by proxy, their women), to be the most alluring hairstyle. But sometimes, us ladies need some change. Whether you want to go super short, or keep it safe with a chic chin-length bob, take some cues from these leading ladies and their cute, sexy and sassy styles.

Super Short:

beckhamandwilliams copy.jpg
Victoria Beckham (left) and Michelle Williams (right), prove that sexy hair doesn’t always have to be long. Have your stylist incorporate lots of layers, and either a subtle or longer side-swept bang to keep the cut girly.

Chin Length:

theronandgoodwin copy.jpg
A strong center part like Charlize Theron’s (left) pairs well with oval-shaped faces, while a soft, side part like Ginnifer Goodwin’s (right) is the perfect sweet compliment to a rounder face. 

Shoulder Length:

klumandconrad copy.jpg
Going super short can be a bit scary, especially if you’re used to long tresses. A shoulder-length, layered bob is a great and easy stepping stone. Try some strong, choppy bangs like Heidi Klum’s (left) for an updated, trendy look, or stick to long layers and bangs like Lauren Conrad (right) for a polished, yet chic coif. 
Lipstain isn’t a new ccovergirl-outlast-lipstain.jpgoncept, nor are Outlast Lip Stains new to Covergirl, but we recently got our hands on a few shades and we’re converts.

The water-based colorants of Outlast Lip Stain give lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of color that won’t come off, lasting for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick. Its easily applied like a marker (it has a marker tip) that makes it easy to define your lips- just draw on color without any hassle.

Tip- Stains can be drying, so make sure to moisturize lips beforehand. Apply lip balm before doing the rest of your face, and let it sink in. Blot off prior to applying stain. We alos lipe to press the stain into the lip with a finger to give it a softer, more natural look. Just press and roll with index or ring finger.

Now, on to the review! We tried Lipstain in 402 Scarlet Pucker, 427 Nude Kiss, and 450 Saucy Plum. Here’s what we thought:

Nude Kiss is amazing, and the biggest surprise of the three. The tube is an odd, pumpkin/rust/brown color that we would’ve never even glanced at in the drugstore. THIS IS WHERE I STRESS TO TRY NEW THINGS…you never know. We rolled our eyes at it when we took it out of the package, but it’s become a daily staple. On lips it tints just a smidge, and reads a brown, “belle du jour” type nude. It really adds a bit of “something” to a basic, every day face, Like our own lips…but better.

Scarlet Pucker was a bit bright for us, a true candy apple red, but is great if you’re fearless and want fire engine lips. WARNING: This is a BOLD lip look.

Saucy Plum is THE BEST EVER. The name is deceiving, as is the color of the tube that contains it. It’s a dark, cranberry brown case, another color we wouldn’t have dared try. However, once applied it becomes the most perfect red lip in history. No joke, this shade is holy grail status. More blue based than warm, but completely gorgeous. Our search for the perfect red is OVER!

Outlast Lip Stain comes in 7 other shades, and we cannot wait to try them all!
$8, Target.

Claims: “This intense moisture replacement mask with Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil  deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow.  Japanese Seaweed repairs skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging.”

Instructions: Twice a week or as desired, gently massage onto clean skin at bedtime. Tissue off excess.

Our Take: The ingredient list on the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask sounds (and smells) like an amazing tropical fruit salad. When we originally read “overnight mask”, visions of thick, green crackly goop were conjured up in our minds. Instead, it’s more of an ultra thick night cream. We massaged about a dime-sized amount onto our skin, and - against the suggestions from the instructions - did not tissue off excess (we didn’t find it that necessary.) At first, it felt incredibly thick and rich, which we could imagine would be a tad worrisome for anyone with oily, or acne-prone skin. When morning rose, our skin was soft, supple, and no oily residue was present (impressive!). Though we didn’t necessarily notice a miraculous difference in our skin, it definitely beat any intensive night cream we’ve used in the past.

Bottom Line: Though we think “overnight mask” should probably be switched out for “incredibly rich overnight cream”, Origins’ non-greasy moisturizer/mask is absolutely worth a try, if only for the fantastically fragrant smell. Just be careful with being tempted to lick your face!

We don’t know about you, but in this weather it’s hard to get motivated to put clothes on, nevermind style your hair. And what’s the point, anyway? In the battle of cute hair vs. humidity, your strands don’t stand a chance.

We can’t beat the heat for you, but we can give you tips on how to trick your hair into submission. Here’s a few insider tricks to smooth, polished hair even during a heatwave. Best yet— you don’t even have to leave the beach!

1. Lace Braids- braids are a great way to keep hair in check and still look cute. Stray pieces that don’t want to behave? Humidity causing formerly sleek strands to frizz? Braid ‘em back!

celebbraids4.pngThe best part of this style is that it’s nearly effortless - braiding requires no drying, straightening, or styling to work, and actually looks best on messier or second day hair. Too hot to shampoo and style? Just throw a lace braid or two in front, a few braids in back if you feel like it, and pull any length into a messy bun or chignon. Cute and keeps you cool!

2. Dry Shampoo- One of our favorite tricks is to carry around a small can of spray dry shampoo to tackle grease and frizz. Spray into roots, finger comb through, and leave down or pull back.
dss.jpg (Spray shampoo also gives a great second day texture, making ponytails and buns seem fuller.) It also works great to counteract suntan oil that may have seeped into hair from a day at the beach. If you don’t have time to shower after hitting the sand, this is a great way to look fresh!

3. Salt Water - if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em as they say! next time you go to the beach, fill a spray bottle with ocean water to bring back home with you (or create your own DIY salt spray at home.) 

surin-beach.jpgNext time you shower, spray towel dried or even dry hair with salt water for a tousled, just-been-at-the-shore texture. We’ve been known to use it during the colder months to achieve a perfectly windblown look. 

4. Slicked Back Pony- Another take on the greasy hair and dry shampoo? Let the oil be your styling aid.

00140m.jpgPull back oil slicked hair into a sleek pony (add more tanning oil if need be!) and secure tightly. Leave the pony sleek, or use the dry shampoo to give texture and fullness to the tail.

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