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Stella-McCartney-Stella.jpgIf you’re looking for the fragrance that will make every single person in the vicinity stop and tell you how amazing you smell, it’s Stella McCartney Stella. We swear, every time we wear it, everyone — guys, girls, strangers, friends — makes it a point to tell us how good we smell.

The floral and oriental notes — rose, peony flower, mandarin, rose absolute and amber — creates such a sensual yet feminine aroma. It’s the perfect mix of sex appeal with sophistication.

And the bottle? We’re so enamored! The cut glass purple flacon is topped by a signature faceted black stopper — so utterly beautiful atop the vanity.

Stella McCartney Stella retails for $20-$92, depending on size, at
Well, another fashion week has come and gone. And, as is always the case, some hair and makeup looks were true standouts! Check out some of our favorites.

Betsey Johnson
Hairstylist Peter Gray for Redken was inspired by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction when he decided to cut black wigs into sharp, angled bobs. But the real treat came when he sprayed them gold and laid a lace inset into the middle, creating one of the coolest, most unique looks we have yet to see on the runway. “I’ve done so much hairdressing in all the shows that I sort of lost my roots,” Gray told us backstage. “I started at Sassoon, so I thought it would be nice to come back to it.” (And, okay, it doesn’t hurt that we LOVE Peter Gray.)

A mix of influences—Diana Vreeland, the 1930’s and the Duchess of Windsor—contributed to James Kaliardos for M.A.C’s inspiration behind the makeup look here. He went for a more masculine look to contrast the femininity and sophistication of the clothing, bringing in camels and dusty roses and strengthening the brows with a camel hue. “The shape is strong, but the color is soft,” he told us.

Behnaz-Sarafpour-CND-Fall-2011.jpgBehnaz Sarafpour
If you like Manolos, then you’ll love the custom tips Wanda Ruiz for CND created at this show! There were two versions of Manolo Manicures—Blacktrack with Airdry top coat, or Putty with Blacktrack “smile lines,” as Ruiz called them. We’ll most certainly be trying out these nails come fall.


Since yesterday, the buzz on every news outlet wasn’t a riot in the middle east, or an earthquake in the Pacific - it was mostly about Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut. All day yesterday, we heard the snickers and the sneers of the nay sayers “Why is Jennifer Aniston’s haircut news?” they’d say. Well, because it just is, that’s why. 

We wanted to give our opinion, and hear what you had to say, as well as pit her old style against her new style. In our opinion, though the cut is chic, polished with a little bit of edge and easily wearable by everyday gals, something about it hardens Jen’s face, and almost ages her. We loved her longer locks (especially when wavy), and the more muted blonde with lowlights. Her bright, yellow-blonde hue is surely an attention grabber - heck, we can’t keep our eyes off of it - but it almost washes her out in our opinion. Maybe it’s the flash, maybe she was having a bad picture day, so we’re not going to bring down a big stamp of disapproval until we see the cut settle in. 

Now, don’t get us wrong, like we said, we don’t have anything against the actual cut. But for America’s sweetheart, a sweeter haircut just suits her better in our opinion. 

Now we want to know what you think. As we asked in a previous post, love it, leave it, or just stop talking about it?

CND-Shellac.jpgWe’d been quite interested in CND Shellac for quite some time. The prospect of chip-free nails for days and days on end (or, most accurately, WEEKS), intrigued us from the second we heard about the service. Luckily, at a beauty event a few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to try out the service!

And try it out we did. We decided to go for a little craziness on our nails, trying out some of the brand-new colors Shellac will be coming out with in March. One coat of Rock Royalty (a gorgeous purple cream), one coat of Iced Coral, and one very special nail based on the Tuxedo Nails from the most recent Ruffian show during New York Fashion Week … and voila! Our nails were bangin’.

Well, it’s now been 11 days. The picture above was taken 2 days after painting … and, if you can believe it, our nails are still totally chip-free and as glossy as ever! We’re thrilled about the results and have gotten so many compliments on our nails, it’s a wonder our head hasn’t swelled.

If you’re interested in trying CND Shellac, visit to find a salon near you.

Finding a mascara that checks off everything on your laundry-list of lash must-haves isn’t always an easy feat, especially at a price point that doesn’t make you cringe. Sure, Lancome mascaras never disappoint, but they also deliver a whopper of a price tag to your wallet. I like to save the award-winning “look at me” lashes for those extra special nights out, especially from a pen-sized container bordering on $30. With that said, L’Oreal’s new Double Extend Eye Illuminator mascara is fantastic and fun - even for festive outings - for everyday lashes. 

My biggest mascara must-have is lengthening, as my lashes are much shorter than I’d want them to be, and this product definitely delivers. It doesn’t clump, and gives enough volume to satisfy that need, as well. I always have a huge problem with smudged, raccoon eyes with non-waterproof varieties, and I did not have that concern with this mascara. 

The most notable part of this product is surely the “eye illuminator” part. Available in four shades, the mascara is supposed to bring out your eye color, and my chocolate brown eyes definitely shined a little brighter with the help of the golden specks in the Black Copper hue. Though glittery lashes might be a little much for the office, I loved it for date night or glam dinners out with the gals. 

Overall, for around $10, it’s a great everyday drugstore buy with some oomph and pizazz! $10.95, 

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