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It’s rare that we find an eye cream so amazing we buy it in bulk. But such is the case with Lancome Genifique Eye.

This eye cream is rich, lush and full of moisture and nourishment for the under-eye area. Part of Lancome’s Genifique line, it works to stimulate the production of youth proteins.

Lancome-Genifique-Eye.jpgWhat does this mean? Well, in a matter of days, your under-eye area will look more youthful, more refreshed, more rejuvenated … in short, people may start thinking you’re a lot younger than you actually are! (And what woman doesn’t want to look younger, right?)

We love the eye cream’s smooth, velvety texture and the fact that it sinks into skin immediately without leaving behind any greasy residue. It also doesn’t irritate the eyes like some other eye creams, so you won’t find them becoming red or itchy throughout the day. We like to apply it before our morning moisturizer so we look hydrated and refreshed all day long.

And hey, if people want to think we’re in our 20s for quite some time? We’re not complaining.

Lancome Genifique Eye retails for $59 at
Paula Abdul has given us much to laugh at over the years, but for the ‘The X Factor’ season final she gave us a haircut worth copying. Her long layers perfectly frame her face, but it’s her bangs that I’m the most enamored with — their long, side swept style is spot on and looked great against her glowing face. Best of all, layers and long bangs like this look good on almost anyone, so it’s definitely a must-copy style
CND-Solar-Cuticle-Oil.jpgSo, here’s the thing. We know we should be treating our cuticles every day, but we either forget, we’re lazy, or we just don’t care enough to do it. And yes, we know that’s stupid. But then along came CND SolarOil, and overnight, our cuticle regimen changed dramatically.

For starters, this cuticle oil smells fantastic. It has the aroma of almonds, so as we rub it into our cuticles, we can’t help but be in a wonderful mood.

But aside from the scent, this product works. A combination of Vitamin E, jojoba oil and natural light oils penetrate the skin and protect the nails, giving them extra nourishment and moisturization in just seconds.

We were skeptical of just how much better our cuticles would look until we tried SolarOil on hands so ravaged, even a professional manicure couldn’t save them. Ragged cuticles, hangnails, the works. A few days brushing SolarOil onto the cuticles (you brush it on with the included nail polish brush, so genius) and our nails were flawless.

So if your winter-ravaged hands are in need of a little pick-me-up—or, come to think of it, you need an everyday cuticle oil that smells amazing and takes only 10 seconds to apply—CND SolarOil is the one for you.

CND SolarOil retails for $3 at
I try to get a solid eight hours of sleep a night, but sometimes life just takes over — in good and bad ways. On those days when I haven’t had enough beauty sleep I turn to Say Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel to help with the dark circles under my eyes. I take one small drop and gently rub it into the skin just under my lower lash line, almost immediately I can see the circles start to dissipate. Followed by a quick cup of coffee, I’m usually feeling, and looking, bright-eyed and bushy tailed in no time.

You can get Say Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Eye Gel for $14.99 at
Glittery-Nail-Polishes.jpgNow that Christmas and (mostly) Hannukah are behind us, it’s time to concentrate on New Year’s Eve! And what fun is ringing in the new year without a sparkly nail polish on your tips? There are a bevy of gorgeous glittery polishes out there guaranteed to make your nails the life of any New Year’s Eve party … but these are our absolute favorites.

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday
Can’t decide which color to paint on your nails? Why not pick this polish and get a little bit of everything? We love the glorious rainbow inside, which looks gorgeous on its own or painted over virtually anything else you decide!
$18 at

China Glaze Ruby Pumps
One of the brand’s cult favorites, this glittery gel polish is the most striking and beautiful rich, glittery red.
$7 at

butter LONDON Victoriana
A glimmery turquoise-ish teal will really make your nails stand out—every time we wear this one, we’re the talk of any room!
$14 at

Essie Golden Nuggets
What’s New Year’s Eve without a little golden sparkle, right? Essie’s version has minute gold sparkles that really make your nails shine.
$8 at

Sephora by OPI Jewelry Top Coats
Want to do a little layering? These top coats come in every color under the sun and turn every manicure into blinged-out beauty in seconds. We love them all, but how fantastic is this gorgeous magenta called G-listen to Your Heart?
$9.50 each at

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