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Sephora-Sale-Image.jpgSomething miraculous happened yesterday. We received an email from Sephora that had us jumping up and down, doing cartwheels (okay, not in actuality, but in our minds) and generally feeling beyond merry. What was this email, you ask? Only the notice of a sale so huge, we dropped EVERYTHING to immediately check it out. 215 products are currently on sale only on Sephora’s website, and they’re going for as low as ONE DOLLAR. Yes, you read that right! Below, our must-haves.

Sephora by OPI Mash Up Nail Colour, $3
One of the colors from last year’s Glee collection—a gorgeous opalescent grey.

Sephora by OPI Betsey Johnson Nail Colour in It’s My Pink!, $5
Not only is this the prettiest shade of year-round hot pink, it’s scented with Betsey’s signature Too, Too fragrance! Too cool.

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo in Pink Glitterati, $7
Okay, we know what you’re thinking. A lip tattoo? Really? But trust us, this one is super fun. It comes in an oversized lip shape that you can custom cut to fit your pout, and it adds a ton of sparkle to your everyday look!

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel, $5
Only $5 for our very favorite sweet-smelling scent from The Body Shop? That settles it, we’re buying out Sephora’s entire inventory.

Nails Inc. Wave Magnetic Polish in Whitehall Teal, $7
We really couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this nail polish on sale. We were immediate fans of Nails Inc.’s magnetic polish in every color—it’s unique, it’s fun, it’s the easiest way to do nail art. Ever.

Philosophy The Gingerbread Man Scented Hot Salt Body Scrub, $15
Now, wait just a second. The cult favorite body scrub—which, yes, smells exactly like gingerbread—for only $15? Now this sale is just getting ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing, that is.

Dior Diorshow Mascara in Mitzah, $14.50
A cult favorite. Our favorite mascara ever (it thickens, it lengthens, it curls, it makes your lashes look spectacular.) And it’s in the most gorgeous shade of deep honey brown.

Find all of these products and more at
Kate Hudson has a style and class all her own. She can effortlessly be boho-chic or perfectly polished in the blink of an eye. But the pièce de résistance of this look was her eyebrows. Perfectly shaped and shaded to her hair color, they draw attention to her beautiful light eyes and don’t overwhelm her face. Best of all they have a great curvy arch and aren’t too thin or too thick.
Simple-Revitalizing-Eye-Roll-On.jpgYou know those mornings when you just don’t want to get out of bed … and it’s not because you haven’t gotten a lot of sleep, but because you don’t want anyone to see the bags and puffiness under your eyes? That’s where the Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On comes in handy.

Recently, I’ve had a major problem sleeping, and this little tube has become my eyes’ saving grace! Gone is the puffiness, gone are the dark circles, gone are the huge bags … and the relief is instantaneous. Really, the moment I roll the cooling silver applicator under my eyes, I look well-rested and refreshed!

This is thanks to ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 (which softens and smooths skin), cucumber extract (which revitalizes skin), and glycerin (which hydrates and nourishes the skin). It’s a bonus that there are no harsh dyes or chemicals added. And the silver ball applicator just feels so good against the skin, especially in hot and humid temperatures!

Plus, I was already a fan of the brand’s cleansing wipes, so discovering this baby seemed like a natural evolution for my skincare routine!

Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On retails for $10.99 at
I am a sucker for creatively packaged makeup. Some of my fave blushes and bronzers are the ones that come in great mosaic-style color patterns — best of all, all the colors always swirl perfectly to create the perfect shade. As soon as I saw the Dior Fall Look Jungle Palette my interest was piqued. Usually I’m very particular about applying one shadow at a time, but these blended shades look perfectly coordinated and I bet they swirl together to create the perfect bronzed eye look. Keep in mind that bronzed lids are a great transition to fall’s deeper smoky eye looks. As a bonus, the palette also packs a shimmery nude gloss in the palette so your lips don’t miss out on the fun.

Buy Dior Fall Look Jungle Palette in Golden Browns for $70 at
Sephora-By-OPI-Only-Gold-For-Me-Top-Coat.jpgNormally, I’m not a fan of chunky glitter nail polish. I don’t like the gritty texture of it upon my nails, or how difficult it is to remove. But in the case of Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat, it’s impossible not to make an exception.

Not only does this nail polish sparkle equally as bright in the sun as in a darkened room, but its ability to overwhelm knows no bounds. It sparkles, it glistens, it glitters … in other words, it demands attention.

Plus, it works well on its own or layered over other colors. I’ve tried it over black, over nude, even over a shimmery gold, and it just keeps on looking amazing! I’ve discussed this top coat’s merits with manicurists and nail polish obsessed friends alike, and we all agree—it’s a keeper.

And, at the end of the day, it’s not too painfully hard to take off. Who knew?

Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me Top Coat retails for $9.50 at

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