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pixie-cuts-spring-2013.jpgAfter Charlize Theron took to the Oscars’ Red Carpet showing off her new super-short hair I couldn’t ignore the pixie as an “it” spring style anymore. I’ve also come to realize that this cut looks far better on more face shapes then I had originally thought and can be equally bold, cute and chic, depending on your mood — just check out the range of versatility from Charlize Theron’s to Anne Hathaway’s to Halle Berry’s styles. The pixie is officially this spring’s must-have hairstyle, so if you’re looking for a bold new look, this one is definitely for you! And while the cut itself doesn’t require a lot of styling, you will need to grab a pomade or gritty styling product to shape and bend your hair into all sorts of variations.


It’s obviously not fun being sick, as anyone who has hacked and sneezed her way through winter can attest. Yet there are a number of surprisingly enjoyable ways to seek relief and slowly recuperate even from what can often feel like the very depths of misery.

Since dry air tends to exacerbate sickness, it stands to reason that my skin usually follows suit when those telltale signs start to make their unwelcome appearance. So while my nose may be red and stuffed up and my eyes so bloodshot they render me unrecognizable, I can at least do something to deal with my parched skin. That’s why, along with aloe-infused tissues and cough syrup, I usually grab a tube of hydrocortisone at the drugstore and make sure to dab it on my nose throughout my sickness. That usually is enough to keep the redness at bay. Of course, the rest of me also tends to get a little dry, so I use my sick time to indulge in my heaviest moisturizers — think lavish creams infused with shea butter and hydrating oils — and apply them liberally.

Another sickness side effect is limp, oily hair. Chances are high that if you’re sick, you probably aren’t hopping up to take a shower at the crack of dawn — or any time of day, if you’re really miserable. Solution: Dry shampoo, which soaks up oil at the roots and even leaves hair with a fresh, clean scent — and that, in turn, will help you feel a little more pulled together if you’ve got a caring friend coming over with chicken soup and fashion magazines.

If I absolutely have to go out, though, a little makeup keeps my face from looking too sallow and tired. I prefer to layer a BB cream over my moisturizer, this leaves my skin doubly soft and evens out the color, so it looks healthy even if I’m not in the best shape. I forgo the rest of my complicated routine, finishing instead with a simple slick of tinted lip balm. Again, it’s moisturizing and adds a little life to an otherwise dull complexion.

On the flip side, staying in is sometimes all you can do. I try to retain some element of style in my life even if I’m not stepping outside the door. When I’m sick, a pair of ultra-soft, comfortable and pretty pajamas does the trick, and in the winter I love wrapping a plush shawl around myself for an extra layer of warmth and coziness. The whole combination feels luxurious and indulgent — and deservedly so, wouldn’t you agree?

This cold and flu season, make the care complete with Kleenex® brand, and together we’ll turn a seemingly small gesture into something bigger, to make everyone feel better.

Dark eyeliner always seems to make itself known during the fall, and during Milan Fall 2013 Fashion Week, this was no exception. Multiple designers (like Roberto Cavalli, below) showed collections where the models’ eyes were heavily rimmed in black kohl—sometimes winged, sometimes smudged up over the crease, always dramatic and eye-catching. We especially love it with the mulberry stained lips seen everywhere, and we mean everywhere. The end result? Cool, chic and sophisticated with a touch of edge.


Want to get the look? We recommend using a fairly heavy (but steady!) hand and either a cream or liquid eyeliner.
Every girl needs the right items in her bag to ensure she always looks her best, even after the most intense of workouts. With a plethora of wipes, spritzes and fragrances formulated to freshen you right up, the key is to finding the right products. 
Wipes: Baby wipes, like Pamper’s Natural Clean Wipes, are quite possibly the most versatile product on the planet. For those days where you feel especially funky after a workout, or when you just don’t have time to hit the showers these babies will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean immediately. I also keep facial towelettes in my bag at all times, too — Say Yes to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Wipes wipe away sweat, grime and makeup in one easy swipe.
Spritzes: When you don’t have the time, or interest, in redoing your makeup after dripping in sweat, then you’ll want to pick up a facial spritzer. Most are formulated to restore a skin’s natural balance with moisturizer and freshening ingredients. When I’m looking for a freshening, pick-me-up, I always use Aveda Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming/Toning Agent. And when I’m looking for more of a moisturizer I turn to L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Face Mist.
Fragrances: While a nice, hot shower is is the best thing for soothing my muscles, a light spritzing of a body spray, or a little dab of perfume always has me feeling good as new. Bodycology’s Fragrance Mists come in some great scents and also come in the perfect travel size, just right for stashing in your already-full gym bag. Quite possibly the best thing to happen to fragrance was roll on perfumes. These little vials are perfectly portable and easy to apply to pressure points for just the right amount of scent. I recently  discovered Pacifica Roll-On Perfume at Target and became obsessed with their Indian Coconut Nectar.

And it goes without saying that the most important beauty item in your arsenal is water. Make sure you are properly hydrated, before, during, and after your workouts. While some people turn to fancy protein-packed beverages, or items like coconut water, the basic H2O will also do the trick just fine.

Julep-Instant-Warming-Foot-Scrub.jpgIf you’re like us, your feet have really taken a beating this winter. No matter what we do or how many pedicures we get, the dry skin never seems to stop! Until we found Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub, that is.

This foot scrub really does warm up upon contact with the skin, which can be offputting at first but really does make us feel like it’s working! It’s scented with cucumber and it’s packed with natural pumice to really exfoliate the skin and slough off all those pesky dead skin cells. Plus, it contains chili pepper oil to stimulate circulation and Vitamin E to moisturize.

The end result? Skin that’s soft, smooth and sandal-ready—even if spring is still a few months off.

Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub retails for $22 at

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