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It sounds too delicious to be true, but the power of coffee grinds and coconut oil combine to make one of the cheapest (and best smelling) anti-cellulite treatments on the market. Except ‘the market’ you’ll be shopping at will be of the grocery variety. The Turnberry Isle Hotel and Spa in Miami, a city where cellulite seems to have been banned judging by a stroll down South Beach, has shared their recipe for the cellulite combatting at home scrub. 

Caffeine is a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite creams and the scrub helps activate circulation and remove dead skin cells while living the skin hydrated. This could get messy, so be aware of surfaces that may stain and try to resist the urge to drink the DIY concoction. 

  • 1/2 cup of coffee powder
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (olive oil can be a substitute)
  • Mix the coffee powder and oil in a bowl. Use hands to massage mixture onto body in a circular motion. 

Sofia Vergara is known for her amazingly killer curves and distinctive accent — both of which can be credited to her Latin American roots. But she decided to showcase a different set of roots all together with a new lighter hair color on her twitter this week. Sofia has commented in the past that her hair is actually, naturally lighter, but she keeps it darker to fit in with the Latina style she thinks audiences expect of her. I think the new lighter style is quite pretty and looks very natural on her, what do you think? Does this new blonder hue soften Sofia, or does the darker shade give her a more sultry depth?

There are many theories out there about the shelf life of makeup. Despite this we tend to keep our favorite products until they run out or until we lose them at a friend’s house, whichever comes first. But when it comes to mascara, it’s crucial to pay attention to how long after opening a tube of mascara it stays in your makeup bag to avoid product changes like clumping and drying, or in the worst case scenario, an eye infection. 

According to FDA regulations, cosmetics companies suggest that mascara should be replaced every three months as the eye is especially prone to irritation and infection. Not sure how you feel about this, but I choose to see it as the best news I’ve heard in awhile. There are literally millions of different types of mascara on the market, and following FDA regulations is a perfect excuse to discover your new favorite mascara. My top picks for your new mascara:

ombre-lip-color-trend.jpgAs a self-professed beauty junkie I really like checking out trends in makeup — during a recent read of Sephora’s The Glossy (their all-things-beauty blog) I stumbled upon a lipstick trend that captivated me. It seems that the ombré style has made its way to lips. With step-by-step tutorials on how to get the colors just right from makeup artist and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics line founder, David Klasfeld, these lip looks are truly worth checking out. The question is, will you try them out, too?
While the Oscars provide envy inducing hair that you swear you’ll try for your next big event, the Kid’s Choice Awards tend to provide inspiration for the hair you want to try out immediately. Like the retro waves and side parts on the red carpet this season, things continued to be a bit off center over the weekend with some fun, young twists on the part. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Jessica Alba and Jessie star Debby Ryan showed us three gorgeous ways to wear a side part. 

1. Classically Cool - Katy Perry: Keep it simple and classic with hair sleek and neatly parted, leaving the ends perfectly polished. 

2. Full and Fun - Jessica Alba: Add some volume to the roots for a playful twist with a pumped up side part. 

3. Chic Side - Debby Ryan: A modern take on the side part, complete with beachy waves may be the glammest of them all. 

Ready, set…side part.        

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