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Every decade’s trends are eventually recycled; whether it’s hair trends, clothes, or even makeup, everything comes full circle and finds its way back into the limelight. So it’s no surprise to see the 90s look come back, including flannel shirts tied around the waist, denim on denim outfits and more — I feel like I’ve fallen into an episode of Boy Meets World or Blossom. Over the past couple of months I have been anxiously awaiting the reemerging of 90s hairstyles and makeup, and fortunately for me the wait is over. With summer coming to an end and fall right around the corner, the darker nail colors and makeup palettes have come out and along with it came a very familiar lip shade. The 90s were all about nude, apricot and purplish maroon lips and two of my favorite cosmetics companies have come out with lipsticks and shades I can not wait to wear like it’s 1999!

The first one is the Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in Muse. This deep reddish brown is something that was very big in the 90s, the only thing missing in the thick lipliner that went with it 20 years ago! My second favorite lipstick is the limited-edition Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Creme Lip Colour in Ce Soir. This color belongs more in the purple family and is great for the daytime, but this one you have to be very careful with; unlike the first color that can easily go with any skin tone, this one can completely drown out a person with fair skin.

Regardless of what people may think about 90s fashion and makeup, I am beyond excited that this trend is coming back, both as a makeup artist and girl who loves to wear makeup! May the grunge look live on!

Hayden Panettiere posted a teaser pic to her Twitter of her new bright blond, blunt bangs — say that five times fast. I think the look is actually really edgy and stylish for a young starlet who has often take the safe route with her hair, keeping it generally the same length and color. Her thick, fringy bangs are a fun way to change up her look. The question is, will she keep them? Or will she pull a Beyoncé and find a way to revert back to her old style STAT.

And, speaking of *ahem* extensions, if you’ve wanted bangs and been afraid of the commitment, HairUWear makes a great clip-in bang extension as part of their Hairdo line (available for $29 at People StyleWatch has a full shot of Hayden sporting her new ‘do, if you want the full effect.

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I recently got rid of my longer nails and was so excited to be able to keeping up with all of the new nail trends, however I was quickly reminded of the fact that I am terrible at doing my own nails! So I was back at the salon getting regular manicures in fun colors, but I was a little disappointed because one of the trends I was dying to try out was the texturized nails. For as long as I can remember, women have been obsessed with matte nail polishes and making sure there were no bumps on their nails after drying, but that has recently all changed. A bunch of different designers in the nail world have decided to create 3-D nail polishes that can leave the nail feeling and looking like sand paper or adding things like jewels or glitter. 

When I decided to try this at home on myself, let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. But then I discovered the Essie Nail Stickers ($10.25) and couldn’t have been any more excited. They are UV-cured so they won’t chip away easily and you can throw a top coat over them to make sure they have that extra bit of shine. Also, they are extremely easy to use. You simply peel, stick and file to shape it to your nail and to get rid of the excess sticker on the edges. My favorite thing about these is that the annoying nail polish, which always seems impossible to get rid of, around your nail is gone! Never fight with nail polish again while doing an at-home manicure!

This year’s MTV Video Music Awards might have brought some of the worst fashion I’ve ever seen assemble on a red carpet — but all that bad style brought some amazing mouth moments (like Katy Perry’s gold fronts and Joan Smalls’ wine colored lips). Brooklyn may never be the same!

The Bold and the Beautiful
A small handful of celebs opted for deep, dark and bold lips that turned heads and turned up the heat on their outfits — pictured left to right: Joan Smalls, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

The Brazen and Unabashed
Beauty is art, and these two took it to a whole new level. I wasn’t sure what to make of Katy Perry’s (pictured right) gold grills and, while I found Miley Cyrus’ (pictured left) bold red lips to be pretty and fun, it was the rest of her ensemble and behavior that ruined the effect for me. 

What did you think of the beauty trends spotted on the Brooklyn red carpet at this year’s VMAs? 

I have never been a huge fan of facials because honestly I’ve always been afraid I’d end up looking like Samantha did in that episode of Sex and the City, but I have always been a fan of at-home masks and exfoliation. Dead skin cells can make your whole face look dull and worn out and between the summer sun and late nights, that is the last thing any woman wants. Fear no more, I have found an amazing at-home mask that will easily erase all those cells and leave your face as smooth as a baby’s. The Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask features glycolic acid, lactic acid, and citrus acid and it works for all skin types. This peel mask is designed to renew skin, reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, while drastically improving your skin tone. Not to mention the firming aspect. The combination of fruit acid and papain enzyme provide a gentle but effective exfoliating peel, which leaves the skin glowing. Although the price may seem to be a little high, take my word for it you will not regret trying this mask!

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