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For those of us who spend our days in an office under fluorescent lights, or who make daily SPF a priority, getting a natural tan is not always an option. Fortunately for us, Stila has created a great lineup of tinted moisturizer, bronzers and luminizers to create that sun-kissed glow without having to step foot in the sun. 

Tinter Moisturizer

The first step in any beauty regimen is your moisturizer, especially in the summer. Trying to create a tan look includes the use of bronzer and without being properly moisturized, it can cause your skin to look flakey and dry. The Stila Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 will not only help protect against the sun’s most damaging rays, but it will also give you the first step in glowing skin.

The Glowing Powder

Setting your makeup is one of the most important things in the routine, so having a powder that doesn’t dry your skin is very important. The Stila All Over Shimmer Powder will help keep your makeup in place, but also give you the extra shimmer you need in order to not have your face cake up when you apply the bronzer.

The Sun Kissed Bronzer

Probably the most important item is the right bronzer. Having a bronzer that isn’t the right shade for your skin can lead to looking orange and like you got a bad spray tan. Stila Sun Bronzer works great with almost all skin tones; the trick with this is just applying the proper amount and doing it evenly. Be sure not to put a massive amount on your brush before application, that way you can ensure there is the same amount across your whole face.

The Self Adjusting Blush

You never want to just leave your face with only bronzer applied because it gives you the same tone across your whole face, nothing stands out. So adding a little blush is a great way to add a pop of color and brighten you up. Stila Custom Color Blush in Self Adjusting Bronze is “one size fits all” and automatically adjusts to each individual’s pH level, which is awesome because if you get a little extra sun one weekend you won’t have to worry about running out to buy a new shade!

The Highlighter

The Stila Sun Highlighter is also a great way to add an extra bit of color as well. Applying this under your eyes or blush will brighten up those areas of your face that can appear sunken in without a good night sleep or just stress. It also will give you a more dynamic look so your glow looks more natural.


Summertime is one of the hardest times of the year for both our skin and our hair with all of the sun exposure and swimming. Whether you’re suffering from razor bumps or chlorine-damaged hair, here’s how to correct some of the season’s biggest emergencies with a few great products.

Bumps Be Gone

This has always been one of my biggest pet peeves. I am one of those women who absolutely hates any hair except for what’s on my head so I shave every part of my body. Razor bumps are the worst, and you can get them in a lot of places, not just your bikini area. To me, I feel vulnerable enough in a swimsuit so I don’t need the added stress of bumps to make it even more difficult. The solution: GiGi No Bump Roll On. Use this treatment after shaving or getting waxed to soothe any irritation as well as prevent any ingrown hairs from forming.

Chlorine and Sun Damaged Hair

Growing up with a stepmother who was a hairstylist made me extra hair conscious and during the summertime it always got worse. I love nothing more than laying out by a pool and going swimming, but I also love dying my hair and sometimes the disaster that is born when these two things come together makes the dip seem not worth it. Thanks to ColorMark Touchback Plus Shampoo and Condition this is no longer a problem. These two products use all-natural ingredients (green tea leaf, lemon peel extracts and chamomile flowers) to restore your color that can become dull and faded after a day in the sun. Also an added plus, it gives an extra amount of shine to help correct the dryness from the chlorine.

Melting Makeup Prevention

The heat not only makes your body hot, sweaty and sticky, but it also does terrible things for your makeup. I had this problem during the Fourth of July holiday when every party was outside. I wanted to do my makeup, but I knew the minute I walked out the door it would be dripping down my face. In makeup school, you are taught to use powder, but in the heat that can just become cakey and look even worse. One of my favorite makeup companies came up with a genius idea: the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray. Similar to hydrating sprays, this product has a cooling effect when applied so that your face stays refreshed and your makeup stays in place. Also, it will work on every product you apply to your face, eye shadow, mascara, bronzer, etc.

Finally, the warm weather has arrived and everyone is ready to hit the beach with a cold drink. Whether your plan is an exotic escape or to simply lay in your backyard soaking in the sun, the summer is great, but unfortunately the heat also can bring on major problems with your makeup. The humidity alone can turn the perfectly even foundation you just applied into flakes that seem to fall off the minute you walk out of your door. Despite the fact you put on the perfect amount, the cake look that is now all over your face gives off the impression that you have no idea how to apply makeup properly. Not only is foundation a major problem, but eye makeup can be a nightmare. Wearing the wrong mascara to a friend’s pool or the beach can immediately give you raccoon eyes after emerging from a quick dip. 

Now, my motto in the summer is to always keep makeup simple, being too done up during this season just doesn’t seem practical and, honestly, it can make you seem kind of foolish. Luckily, the wonderful professionals understand this concept and have made some amazing products to help spare you from runny mascara and caked up faces.


First things first, your lips. A lot of women have a problem with dry or chapped lips, so naturally when the heat gets involved this problem can become even larger. It is important to make sure your summertime lip balm has SPF in it, this will allow your lips to stay hydrated while protecting them from the sun. The Naked Green Tea Lip Balm with 15 SPF is one of my favorites, it keeps lips smooth and tastes/smells great! 


On to the face! Now the best thing to do to avoid your skin turning to cake is to use a tinted sunscreen foundation. My go-to is the Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20. This is the best way to avoid embarrassing makeup malfunctions while protecting your skin from sun damage and it comes in a variety of shades. 


Next up is the eyes! Waterproof mascara is important to have not only for pool parties or for sweating on hot summer days, but for weddings, anniversaries, or any event you think you will be crying at. My favorite one is Cargo Better-Than-Waterproof Mascara. I have used it at dance recitals, on hot days and at weddings and, trust me, it does an amazing jobs at stopping the streaks!


Finally, and probably the most important to me, is oil blotters! I have a pretty oily complexion, which I’ve always heard is great because it helps prevent wrinkles and keeps your skin looking younger, but for now, it’s terrible because having a shiny look is never a desirable thing and when the heat comes rolling in it become even harder to control. Luckily for me and women who share my problem, these thin sheets usually come in a pack that can fit in your purse, and they instantly save the day when your T-zone is a little out of control. The Neutrogena Deep Clean Long Last Shine Control Blotting Sheets are my favorite and they really do seem to get all the oil from deep within your pores.

These simple things are great ways to ensure your skin and face stay healthy and refreshed all summer long.


I’ll confess, I’m a bit of a BB Cream addict. Take a peek in my vanity and you’ll find no less than 6 different kinds of BB Creams. Some work better than others, but they all make it into my daily skincare routine on a regular basis. The latest to hit my arsenal is the new Revlon Photoready BB Cream skin perfector with SPF 30. Like others in this product category, it’s a lightweight multi-benefit Beauty Balm that combines skincare and makeup into one step.

I’ve been using this product every day for 2 weeks and can honestly say it’s one of the best I’ve tried. The consistency isn’t too thick, which makes it perfect for summer, and it isn’t too thin either, so it provides the perfect amount of moisturizing benefits and coverage I need. The light medium tone blends perfectly with my skin, providing virtually invisible, natural coverage. And unlike many other BB Creams which offer little or no sun protection, Revlon Photoready contains SPF 30, which is essential all year round and especially during the summer months.

One of the reasons I am such a fan of BB Creams, is that they have moisturizers and primers built into the product, something that my dry skin needs desperately. In the winter, I typically apply BB Cream on top of a daily moisturizer for added hydration, but in the warmer months, I don’t need any additional products. I simply apply the cream to damp skin to lock in moisture and to assist with even distribution. I add more product to any areas that need additional coverage, so I can often skip concealer.

Along with the BB Cream, I’m also testing out the new Revlon Lash Potion mascara. The product contains a potion “with strengthening proteins that drench lashes for volume” and a triple-groove wand that prevents clumps while lengthening lashes. I’m lucky enough to have fairly long lashes, and this mascara definitely delivers when it comes to thickening and avoiding clumps.

Both of these products have found a permanent place in my makeup kit this summer.

Revlon-Logo-2.jpgRevlon believes there is more than one way for women to be seen. Revlon’s heritage as a color authority and its suite of innovative products inspires women around the world to expressthemselves through beauty each and every day.


The summer travel season kicks off this Memorial Day weekend and the only downside to a long weekend is being forced to play favorites with the products in your makeup bag. Fitting the perfect outfit in a small carry-on is tough enough, but the task of packing a truncated version of my daily skincare and makeup routine for a long weekend feels downright impossible sometimes. These compact, multi-tasking products are on my summer must-have list for weekend travels or carrying around in your purse for quick touch-ups.

1. RMS Beauty Luminzer: This organic, sheer luminizer can of course be used as a highlighter on your cheeks and orbital bones, but you can also swipe a little of this under your eyes to help diffuse dark circles. RMS Luminzer is a quick way to make your skin look refreshed when you’re traveling, and the organic ingredients are actually improving your skin over time.

2. Becca Beach Tint: There are eight shades to choose from, but pick one that you want to use for both your cheek and lip color. The tube may be small, but the color is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. For added color, warm the tint in your hands first for even distribution and apply as you would a bronzer.

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