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Dessert-Beauty-Products-Image.jpgWe’re trying not to eat very many sweets as of late … so, naturally, we took the sweet idea of dessert into our beauty routine! There are tons of beauty products out there that are inspired by cookies, cakes and everything deliciously sweet. Here are a few of our favorites.

Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath
The sweetest, most delectable bubble bath around? Definitely this tub, filled with a thick honey-like substance that fills your entire bath with sweet-scented bubbles in just a few cupfuls.
$40 at

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake 3-in-1
Body wash! Shampoo! Bubble bath! This bottle does it all. And, as an added bonus, there’s a recipe for vanilla cake written right on the front!
$16 at

Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish
Sugary sweet goodness comes in the form of this body scrub, which turns skin into buttery softness immediately upon contact.
$65 at

Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies 14.5Oz. Filled Candle
If ever you needed a reminder of Grandma’s kitchen, this three-wick candle is most certainly it.
$19.50 at

Lush Gingerman Bath Bomb
As if this bath bomb didn’t smell decadent enough … it’s so adorable, we can barely stand to actually use it!
$6.95 at
Here’s what we’ve decided about Christie Brinkley. She:

A) has discovered the fountain of youth.
B) is only 28 years old.
C) has the best plastic surgeon in the world.

Which do you think it is?
CND-Cucumber-Heel-Therapy.jpgWe have a slightly embarrassing confession. In the summertime, in between pedicures, our feet turned into dry, cracked messes. We’re talking super unattractive and totally parched! Well, until we came across CND Cucumber Heel Therapy, that is.

Here’s the skinny. This moisturizer takes even the driest, most cracked of skin and turns it into a smooth, silky expanse in no time flat! The whipped consistency—formulated with sweet-smelling cucumber extract, chamomile and aloe—is utterly cooling and refreshing against the skin. And only a dime-sized amount is enough to cure your cracked heels, thanks to allantoin, urea and panthenol!

Not only that—it smells exactly like cucumbers! So refreshing and spa-like, we almost feel like we’re giving ourselves a pedicure every time we slather it on.

Seriously, with this little tub by our side, we’ve been able to extend the life of our pedicure by at least a week. Which, of course, means more money for buying hot sandals to show our tootsies off!

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy retails for $15 at
We recently had the displeasure of smelling Jennifer Aniston’s signature scent while shopping with a friend. You know those mini aerosol can fragrances they sell at K-Mart? Just saying.

Jennifer Aniston fragrance, $18-70 at

OPI-Nail-Lacquer-The-Color-To-Watch.jpgPerfectly purple in every way? That’s how we feel about OPI The Color to Watch.

This purple polish has just enough blue and just enough shimmer in it to make it totally interesting and dynamic. We love how it looks different in different lights, sometimes looking lavender and sometimes turning almost navy. Plus, we love that the shimmer makes this color gorgeous from day to night!

And just a note on the color and finish … we’re wearing three coats in the picture above. One is quite sheer, two is more blue than purple, three will give you the color you see here.

OPI The Color to Watch retails for $8 at

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