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Shu-Uemura-Art-of-Hair-Essence-Absolue-Nourishing-Protective-Oil.jpgWe’ll tell you all the reasons why we love Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil.

1) It smells amazing — the scent of camellia petals is rich, heady and utterly intoxicating.

2) Only one pump is needed to completely protect hair from roots to ends.

3) While most oils make our hair look disgustingly greasy, this one does nothing of the kind.

4) After this one pump, hair is left looking and feeling super soft and silky.

5) The oil helps to protect hair from harmful UV rays and is even safe for use on color-treated hair.

These reasons are all pretty good, wouldn’t you say?

In short, one pump of this oil into your hands and spread through damp hair from roots to ends — or four pumps on dry hair immediately before shampooing — and you’ll be amazed at the difference in softness, silkiness and manageability. Plus, who doesn’t want her hair to smell like flowers?

Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Oil retails for $65 at
Easter-Beauty-Products-Image.jpgBunnies. Chocolate. Eggs. Pastels. All things that remind you of Easter, right? Well, we found a host of super-fun, super-adorable beauty products that are inspired by the holiday. And, no matter what holiday you celebrate, we think you’ll agree they’re must haves.

Paul Frank Lip Smacker Bunny Girl Trio Cane Lip Gloss Collection
Three lip balms — coconut cream, cotton candy and carrot cake — all in a cane-shaped holder with a girl dressed like a bunny. Could there be anything cuter?
$5.95 at

Kingsley Rabbit Terry Wash Glove
While we’d normally reserve this one for the kiddies, there’s just something too adorable about this bunny-topped terry glove.
$6 at

Philosophy Spring Has Sprung! Set
Orange Jelly Bean. Sugar Chick. Chocolate Bunny. It’s really a shame these shower gels can’t be drunk, isn’t it?
$25 at

Bronnley Rufus Rabbit White Hand Soap
Now, this is one rabbit we’re pretty glad didn’t fall down the rabbit hole!
$12 at

Lush Hippy Chick
Two little chickies, scented with pink grapefruit and just dying to be a part of your next bubble bath.
$4.95 at

An egg-shaped blending sponge for your foundation, concealer and/or bronzer? And it’s pink? We’re in love.
$19.95 at

Gianna Rose Atelier Robin’s Egg Soaps in Apothecary Jar
Do you have any beauty products with such amazing packaging, you just don’t want to use them? That’s how we feel about the six French-milled soaps in this Old World-inspired jar.
$25 at
jenamalone_smh.jpgWatercolor is shaping up to be a big trend this spring in fashion and home decor. We really dug the watercolor-print Juan Carlos Obando dress Jena Malone wore to the London ‘Sucker Punch’ premiere and we also loved that she (or, her makeup artist) mirrored the dress’ print on Jena’s lids as well. Along with the ultraviolet blush and lipstick, it is such a pretty look.

That’s not shimmering shadow though, friends. That’s a liner within a liner on top of shadow. We recommend Benefit’s High Brow if you’re going for a similar look. And, just to be perfectly clear here, we are recommending you go for a similar look.

Benefit High Brow pencil, $20 at
Ojon-Color-Sustain-Collection.jpgYou know how hairstylists always tell you to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner when you color your hair? Well, we may be guilty of not always following the rules. But now that we’ve discovered Ojon Color Sustain Color Revealing Shampoo and Conditioner, all bets are off.

This duo really works to keep color safe for up to 40 shampoos — yes, 40! — thanks to the brand’s Color Sustain Technology. In addition, each is formulated with Tahitian monoi, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract to create a smooth, light-reflective surface upon the hair.

The shampoo contains golden elixir and lathers up pretty well (though we did need two shampoos to create a really rich, sudsy lather). It removes buildup and dulling residue so hair appears shinier, healthier and more luminous.

The conditioner, on the other hand, is scented with neroli, petit grain and violet leaf — and we’re here to tell you it smells amazing! Fresh, lush and beautiful.

We love how much richer our color looks after just a few washes with this duo. We also love that our blowout lasts for 4 days and looks just as shiny and healthy on day 4 as it does on day 1. What more could you ask for?

Ojon Color Sustain Color Revealing Shampoo and Conditioner retail for $22 and $23, respectively. They’re available at

As a business owner, wife and mother of young children, my life typically occurs on the run. Like many women, this means figuring out how to squeeze in moments for myself in between working and taking care of the kids, family and home. In order to help fight daily stresses and making sure that my needs aren’t forgotten along the way, I’ve become a multitasking master who takes care of myself on the go.

The key to taking care of yourself on the go is to be prepared. Here’s a peek inside my on-the-go arsenal:

I keep a healthy snack in my bag at all times so I’m not tempted by fast food or cupcakes when I’m hungry!
Whether I’m checking email, contacts, the weather,, the news, listening to music, playing Scrabble, or reading books, the iPad is my constant companion at home and on the go.
I am addicted to Vitamin Water Zero - it not only tastes good, but also contains vitamins to help skin, hair & nails, without sugar or artificial sweeteners.

logo_aveeno.jpgSun exposure, free-radicals, environmental toxins and a busy lifestyle can rob your skin of essential nourishment, resulting in noticeably stressed skin that looks dry, tired and blotchy. The AVEENO® SMART ESSENTIALSTM Collection, formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Southerwood, keeps environmental stress out and keeps essential nourishment and moisture in. The collection features a full regimen of daily skincare products that cleanse, nourish, protect and treat stressed skin, leaving it nourished and refreshed. For more information, visit

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