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When we first popped the top on the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, we were instantly transported to our middle and high school years as acne-troubled teens in need of Clearisil. The pads are so similar in size and texture, that we couldn’t help but be nostalgic (well, not really.). But alas, our skin is relatively clear these days, and these pads don’t sting, or dry out our skin quite like the facial pads of our youth. 

Granted, First Aid Beauty’s (FAB) pads aren’t acne-killers. They are formulated with a balance of lactic and glycolic acids to - as the product totes - improve skin clarity, visibly reduce pore size, and help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are alcohol-free, so they shouldn’t dry out your skin, and claim they are safe for sensitive skin.

After the first few days of using FAB’s facial pads in place of our usual toner, we didn’t really notice much difference. We started thinking that maybe they were too sensitive to actually help us see much of a difference in our skin. We usually tend to think that products only work if we feel them working - as in, tingling, burning, etc. Well, just the other day - we’d say after about two weeks of twice daily use - we looked in the mirror and were happily stunned at what our skin looked like without makeup. It was smoother, brighter, and our pores were actually slightly smaller than we could remember (unless our eyes were playing tricks on us.) 

After reading up on reviews online, some people complained about breakouts (we didn’t experience this, and trust us - our skin is more sensitive than a wet tissue), but most were incredibly happy with their results. For $28, you get 60 pads, which is good for a month if used morning and night. 

Bottom line? Were excited about our two-week results, and can’t wait to see what our skin looks like after another two weeks. Try it, give it some time, and you shouldn’t be disappointed. $28,


Is it just us, or did Amy Adams look absolutely stunning at the 68th Annual Golden Globes this past Sunday? We love the wavy tendrils peeking out around her face - they created such a soft, feminine look. “I wanted to create a soft 20s mood, but in a different, modern way,” said hairstylist Laini Reeves of the look. “We started by changing the texture of her hair before we went on to loosely braid and roll the chignon.”

And if you’re looking to recreate the look at home? Good news, because we got a step-by-step of how Reeves styled Amy!

Reeves started by washing Amy’s hair with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and followed with Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Conditioner. These two products infused Amy’s hair with argan oil, keratins, fatty acids and proteins, and also controlled the hair by keeping it smooth and frizz free.

Next, Reeves applied Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream from roots to ends while Amy’s hair dried to further smooth the texture and add definition and shine. The hair was rough-dried and then air-dried, except at the roots, where Reeves used a blowdryer - this created “a modern, freer look,” Reeves said.

To create curls around the head, Reeves used a 1” curling iron and then blended them in. After creating a side part, Reeves pulled pieces from the front to frame Amy’s faces, pinning them in an “S” shape away from the rest of the hair. She then gathered and pulled back the rest of Amy’s tresses, made a loose doubled braid, rolled it upwards and pinned it at the nape with five thick bobby pins.

The final step? Reeves released the “S”-shaped sections in the front and pinned them behind Amy’s ears “to open her face up and show off her cheekbones,” Reeves said. A quick spray of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray kept everything in place while adding tons of shine.

The 68th Annual Golden Globes was Sunday, but the beauty (and fashion) buzz around it is still being heard at full volume. Fashion trends were spotted all over the carpet (hello emerald dresses and pale pink gowns), but we’re here to gush about the glorious beauty. 

The most memorable looks were understated, effortless and simple, yet sexy. Nude lips, light rouge, winged eyeliner and fluttering lashes were the stars of the night, as well as scarlet red pouts. Soft flowing waves, simple updos and girly side parts had our hearts all aflutter. 

Piper Perabo and Mandy Moore (above) had very different looks, but still hit the beauty nail on the head. Piper’s teased crown sleek pony paired perfectly with her ruby lips and black top liner, while Mandy’s natural wavy locks and glowing face were sexy and not the least bit stuffy.

Equally as stunning were Claire Danes, January Jones, Michelle Williams and Megan Fox. Claire’s flirty lashes and loose, chic updo were so youthful and perfect, we’re itching to give the look a try on our next big night out. January’s old Hollywood flair couldn’t have suited her more, while Michelle’s adorable pixie cut (below) was tousled just right. Brunette beauty Megan Fox was stunning with her side swept ‘do, pearly pink mouth and lightly smokey eye. 

While many received honorable mentions (including Kyra Sedgwick, Mila Kunis, and Olivia Wilde), there was just no beating these six gorgeous starlets. 

What do you think? Which look do you want to steal for yourself?
Boscia-Jujube-Rejuvenist-Amino-Body-Wash.jpgWhen your body is in need of the ultimate pampering experience, turn to Boscia Jujube Rejuvenist Amino Body Wash. This luxuriously rich, foaming, frothing body wash will leave not only your body but all of your senses feeling utterly and completely rejuvenated from head to toe.

This body wash is liberally packed with good-for-the-skin ingredients. Amino acids lend ultra-gentle cleansing while jujube fruit encourages healthy cell rejuvenation and makes the skin appear smoother and firmer. Exotic orange and mint revive the senses; jojoba leaf and green tea freshen the skin and protect against free radicals. And that’s not all! Willowherb and raspberry leaf soothe and calm the skin.

We especially love the easy-to-use pump application, which ensures that the perfect amount of body wash makes its way onto our pouf time and time again. And the fact that it lathers up extra well definitely adds points to an already more than satisfactory shower experience.

What this all boils down to? An amazingly fresh, zingy shower experience that’s perfect to rev you up at the beginning of each and every day. What more could you ask for?

Boscia Jujube Rejuvenist Amino Body Wash retails for $22 at
Get excited about nails, because there are a bounty of new nail polish collections coming your way for spring! We are so unbelievably excited about every single collection — we have a feeling we’ll be going broke trying them all. Check out the collections that really have us scrambling for our wallets — and our nearest manicurist!

Zoya-Intimate-Spring-2011-Nail-Polish-Collection.jpgZoya Intimate
This collection of 6 metallic polishes is inspired by the feeling of intimacy — from temptations and whispers to lingerie and kisses. Choose from Marley (lavender pink with a whisper of metallic). Dove (delicate, pale gray cream), Caitlin (misty, moody grey violet cream), Dannii (sparkling, enchanted orchid metallic), Jules (soft, glimmering gold kiss metallic) and Gemma (mysterious green/purple duotone metallic).
Each polish retails for $7 and will be available starting January 15 at

Sephora-by-OPI-Glee-Nail-Polish-Collection.jpgSephora by OPI Glee
Gleeks unite! Fans of the TV show will be totally salivating over this collection of 7 polishes inspired by Rachel, Mr. Shue, Santana and all the rest. Colors include Slushied (opaque blue), Hell to the No (bold purple), Gleek Out (glittery lime green), Diva-in-Training (poppy pink), Who Let the Dorks Out (peacock green), Miss Bossy Pants (rich raspberry) and Mash-Up (pearlescent greenish grey).
Each polish retails for $9.50 and will be available in February at

Essie-French-Affair-Spring-2011-Nail-Polish-Collection-Coat-Azure.jpgEssie French Affair
Want to take a trip to the French Riviera? Well, if that’s a bit out of your budget, never fear … Essie’s romantic, French-themed collection will make you feel like you’re there in no time! Most of the 6 colors in the collection are more muted, but we’re totally feeling Coat Azure (above), an unbelievably gorgeous blue.
Each polish retails for $8 and will be available at in February.

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