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This past week, one of our favorite California blondes, Lauren Conrad, showed up to the CoverGirl 50th Anniversary party as a brilliant brunette. Her honey-kissed, chocolatey strands appear to be a welcome change for the reality-star-turned-author, and we have to say that we love the change. Her green eyes pop and her skin glows. Bravo Ms. Conrad, consider us fans. 

Also taking on a new hair hue was exotic beauty Khloe Kardashian. Debuting her bright, copper ‘do at the recent People’s Choice Awards, Mrs. Odom stood out from her raven haired sisters. It’s still growing on us, but it’s definitely not a thumbs down. 

But one color swap we wish could be flopped is Emma Stone’s dark-red-to-blonde transformation. Though the platinum hue is closer to her natural hair color, we absolutely loved the darker coif on the Easy A starlet. 

**What do you think? Do you think these celeb hair color swaps fly high, or fall flat?**


Essie-Nail-Polish-Winter-Collection-Hot-Coco-Pic.jpgThere’s a new favorite nail polish in town, and its name is Essie Hot Coco. If heaven exists, we’re fairly certain this nail polish will be waiting for us when we get there.

We’ve been enamored of the neutral/greige/brown nail trend ever since it started, and Essie’s latest foray into the field has us salivating from the name itself! (Come on, isn’t the fact that it’s 20 degrees outside just making you want to cozy up in front of a fireplace with some cocoa?)

Well, if you’re like us, this creamy dark taupe will have you falling completely head over heels in love. It glides onto the nail without any effort whatsoever, and two coats leave behind just the perfect shade of cocoa you could ever hope to come across. If you’re looking for Essie’s answer to the chic nail polish of the season, this is most definitely it.

Essie Hot Coco nail polish retails for $8 at

Note: Essie’s online shop is undergoing some construction and this polish won’t be available until February 1. But we just couldn’t want to tell you about it! Add it to your wish list so you’ll be sure to know when it’s available for purchase.
In the winter, our biggest problem area isn’t the dry skin on our body, or face. It’s our dry hands. And beyond that, our dry, brittle nails and cuticles. 

Luckily, a dear friend gifted us with a must-have basket of beauty goodies, and the All Season Naturals Cuticle Conditioning Stick was among them. If I hadn’t read the packaging, I would have immediately assumed it was lip balm because of the shape and color. The scent is deliciously fruity, but not too sweet. Oddly enough, it smells like a high-quality salon shampoo, which is one of our favorite scents! 

On first application, the soft stick melts quickly (almost as quickly as the amazing scent hits your nose). The shea butter, olive and Vitamin A and E and oils made our nails feel velvety smooth, hydrated and rich after rubbing a small amount of the product onto each cuticle. 

Plus (and probably one of my favorite features), if you retract the conditioning stick all the way down, the rounded tip is perfect for pushing back your cuticles! A tool and a beauty product in one! 

For just shy of $6, this is definitely a must-keep-in-purse for the long haul. Give it a try, and you’ll see what we mean. $5.99,
CLEAN-Anti-Bacterial-Moisturizing-Hand-Cream.jpgOur biggest problem in the winter — aside from how unbelievably COLD it is? The fact that our hands just never seem to be hydrated enough. Luckily, thanks to CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream, that just isn’t a concern anymore.

Our favorite aspect of this lotion? It’s anti-bacterial! It’s formulated with SafetyDerm technology that fights pesky germs for up to a whopping four hours. Pretty cool, right?

Plus, it contains tons of good-for-the-skin ingredients like Vitamin E, avocado,jojoba and grapeseed oils — which, thankfully, work to keep skin nourished, moisturized and conditioned beyond belief. We also love the fact that it’s unscented, so it doesn’t compete with our perfumes or fragranced body washes. In a nutshell, this is the perfect winter lotion!

CLEAN Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream retails for $10 at
We’ve fallen madly, deeply, head over heels in love. We just don’t see any return from such a passionate love affair as we’re currently in the midst of with M.A.C False Lashes.

It curls. It lengthens. It thickens. It volumizes. Seriously, we don’t think there’s anything this brand-new mascara from M.A.C doesn’t do. In just one coat, our lashes were so long and luscious, we’re fairly certain they could be seen from outer space.

The “double-lush brush,” as M.A.C refers to the super-thick twisty mascara brush, is the reason behind such an unbelievably thick fringe … and, yes, it really does make you look like you’re wearing falsies!

Now that we’ve gone false, we just don’t think we’ll ever go back.

M.A.C False Lashes retails for $18 at and

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