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This year’s MTV Video Music Awards might have brought some of the worst fashion I’ve ever seen assemble on a red carpet — but all that bad style brought some amazing mouth moments (like Katy Perry’s gold fronts and Joan Smalls’ wine colored lips). Brooklyn may never be the same!

The Bold and the Beautiful
A small handful of celebs opted for deep, dark and bold lips that turned heads and turned up the heat on their outfits — pictured left to right: Joan Smalls, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

The Brazen and Unabashed
Beauty is art, and these two took it to a whole new level. I wasn’t sure what to make of Katy Perry’s (pictured right) gold grills and, while I found Miley Cyrus’ (pictured left) bold red lips to be pretty and fun, it was the rest of her ensemble and behavior that ruined the effect for me. 

What did you think of the beauty trends spotted on the Brooklyn red carpet at this year’s VMAs? 

I have never been a huge fan of facials because honestly I’ve always been afraid I’d end up looking like Samantha did in that episode of Sex and the City, but I have always been a fan of at-home masks and exfoliation. Dead skin cells can make your whole face look dull and worn out and between the summer sun and late nights, that is the last thing any woman wants. Fear no more, I have found an amazing at-home mask that will easily erase all those cells and leave your face as smooth as a baby’s. The Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Mask features glycolic acid, lactic acid, and citrus acid and it works for all skin types. This peel mask is designed to renew skin, reduce those fine lines and wrinkles, while drastically improving your skin tone. Not to mention the firming aspect. The combination of fruit acid and papain enzyme provide a gentle but effective exfoliating peel, which leaves the skin glowing. Although the price may seem to be a little high, take my word for it you will not regret trying this mask!

Following Heidi Klum on Instagram can certainly get you an eyeful somedays, but I enjoy the sneak peek behind the scenes of her glamorous-looking life. Like for example she doesn’t seem to get a manicure done every day as one might expect, instead she *GASP* does her own nails … using *GASP* nail stickers. Having used them before I know firsthand that they are a little tricky to apply, but they are so much fun ON your nails that it’s definitely worth it. Apparently Heidi gets hers from a secret source because I have yet to find those exact nail stickers available anywhere. What do you think of Heidi’s funky manicures? Did she nail the look or miss the mark?

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Summer can be taxing on your hair, your makeup and your smell … all the sweat and grime can strip away any fragrance you put on and leave you smelling less than fresh. That’s where Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oil comes in — they’ve blended pure essential oils with hydrating sweet almond oil for a fragrant oil that’s practically guaranteed to last. I adore the various scents it comes in, Coconut Vanilla is my current signature fave. And like all fragrance oils it applies super easily and isn’t ever overpowering but instead absorbs nicely into your skin leaving a nice fragrant trail. And almost 12 hours after applying I can still smell its trace on my skin … even in the middle of summer!

You can buy Lavanila Forever Fragrance Oils for $25 at


Fans of the cult favorite Nars Orgasm will surely doubt there’s a blush out there that can top it — until now. The new limited-edition Nars Cheek Palette comes in two colorways, each featuring a mosaic of three flattering and highly wearable colors. Swirl them together for instant dimension, or use the various tones for contouring or highlighting cheeks.

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