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How to get the look:

1.  Shampoo/Condition hair, towel blot to remove excess water.

2.  Apply desired straightening balm, styling products and/or heat protectant.

3. Create an off-center part using a long tail comb.  If you prefer a more natural look, pull hair back away from face in lieu of a part.

4. Use a natural bristle brush round or flat brush and dry hair until 100% dry.  Use brush to create in volume in the crown and the sides if desired. If you prefer to wear the side ponytail straight, use a paddle brush to straighten tresses as you dry.

5.  Using a brush or fingers, pull the side and crown hair back towards the nape of the neck.  Smooth ponytail and then position the base so that it rests just slightly behind one ear.

6. Spritz the entire head lightly with a setting or styling spray.

The first time we saw Dermalogica’s PreCleanse, we thought “Huh? Isn’t regular cleanser enough?” Well, we were wrong, evidently. Sometimes, even with a good cleanser, makeup, oil and environmental debris stay engrained in your pores, and an oil-based product like PreCleanse removes all the excess gunk and, believe it or not, oil. Oil removing oil? Yes, you read correctly. 

We squirted about a quarter size amount of the product on our hands and massaged it onto our dry, heavily made-up face, complete with waterproof mascara. We worked it in for about a minute, focusing on our eyes and cheeks, and than added a little warm water to the mix to create a milky consistency that washes right off - and takes all the bad stuff with it. 

Following with our normal cleanser, even with our oily skin and caked-on makeup from a night out, our cotton round with toner came out clean, and our skin was soft, with no trace of excess oil. 

Philosophy is known the world over for their skincare with whimsical names, such as their Hope in a Jar moisturizer, When Hope is Not Enough serum, and The Great Mystery Daily Facial. You may have salivated over their so-good-you-could-eat-it food inspired 3-in-1 bath gels (Red Velvet Cake, anyone?), or doused yourself in the heavenly Amazing Grace fragrance. But did you know that Philosophy has amazing makeup too?

Philosophy’s the supernatural line is just that: super healthy, mineral-based, your-skin-but-better makeup. Standouts include:

  • Airbrushed Canvas- a high-pigment, talc-free foundation that conceals, camouflages and provides spf protection all in one easy step. best of all, it’s safe for all skin types. Airbrushed Canvas looks natural and almost melts into skin, leaving you flawless with no tell tale makeup look or “shiny” appearance that other mineral powders can take on.
  • Superbeautiful Hybrid Liquid- a healthy, good-for-skin makeup infused with natural, plant-based moisturizers, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and spf 20 to deliver sheer color, moisture and protection. Perfect for those who like the look and application of liquid makeup with the benefits of minerals. This one truly does double duty to keep skin flawless with or without makeup.
  • Lit From Within Cream Blush - a superblendable, creamy, natural mineral blush that moisturizes, refreshes and adds sheer, healthy color to cheeks. This cream is easily applied with fingers or brush (we prefer our fingers!), and makes skin glow.
  • You Make Me Blush Cheek Duo- a mineral powder duo creates a believable, natural flush of color for an all-over healthy look. The two shades complement each other, while also creating endless options for defining, highlighting, and accentuating features, all while remaining completely natural.
If you’re like us, you want super-performing products that leave you looking your best…without looking like someone else…which is exactly what you’ll get from Philosophy. Definitely worth a try!

The line retails between $22-$35, available nationwide at Sephora, or at

What do you get when you blend dead sea minerals with organic fruits and vegetables (like carrots) and leave out the parabens? Well, shampoo and conditioner, of course. Per usual, we were first drawn to this duo for its fresh orange color (and label.) Reading a book by its cover? You betcha. When we untwisted the top of Yes To Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner, we were pleasantly surprised by the fruity scent (it’s carrot shampoo after all). Though the ingredient list reads more like the recipe for a fall harvest soup than haircare - organic carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin - we gave it a try.  

The directions mention to leave the shampoo on for two minutes (which was a little odd, but we followed instructions) before rinsing, and the same for the conditioner. We squeezed the traditional amount of product into our hands before lathering up, and found we needed some more shampoo to get a rich froth. The conditioner was ultra thick and rich, but appeared to absorb into our hair pretty quickly. Assuming it was a result of the unconventional formula, we left the shower with squeaky clean strands that smelled marvelous. Though our hair was soft when dried, it didn’t feel quite as hydrated or glossy as we are used to. 

Overall, we were pleased with the smell, lack of harmful chemicals and the presence of natural ingredients, but we felt this duo was a little drying for our normal/dry hair, and might be a better match for oily tresses. 

$8.99 each,
chanel_khakicollection002.jpgFresh off of the greige trend, with Fall comes a new hot neutral for your nails: khaki.

In celebration of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out, CHANEL Makeup’s Global Creative Director Peter Phillips has created LES KHAKIS DE CHANEL. The three color nail lacquer collection includes Khaki Rose, Khaki Brun and Khaki Vert, which can be worn alone, or combined for a camouflage effect.

Chanel is always at the forefront of polish trends, and if the past success is any indication (do the names Jade, Vamp, or Nouvelle Vague ring a bell?), these will sell out before you can whip out your credit card. Get them while you can!

The collection will be available on September 10th and will retail for $25.00.

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