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There is nothing worse than the damage that is brought on by blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. These products may help you gain your desired look, but at the same time they are slowly damaging your hair to the point of no return. The only way to ensure that the heat doesn’t permanently damage your locks is by adding a weekly conditioning treatment that will restore your hair to its ultimate glory. 

The Oscar Blandi Jasmine Smoothing Treatment ($27) is an intensified weekly treatment to strengthen and seal the hair’s cuticles and restore the hair’s quality and beauty. This product is composed of natural extracts of Jasmine, Vitamin E and grapeseed oil so not only will it treat and restore your hair after heat damage, but it also has an amazing smell. To use the treatment, simply apply to shampooed hair and leave in for 15 minutes. Also, for performance enhancement, apply heat with a hot wet bowl under a shower cap and rinse with cold water. Adding this product to your weekly routine can help with breakage and split ends!

I’ve been enamored with Julianne Hough’s short and stylish hair for some time. But earlier this month she opted to show off longer locks thanks to Great Lengths Hair Extensions and stylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee of the Nine Zero One Salon in Hollywood. (Let’s not even mention how perfectly beautiful she looked without makeup on either).

Great Lengths are available in over 45 shades, and can be colored, permed, straightened, combed, brushed, and shampooed — and last for several months of wear. Great Lengths also says of their product, “Unlike other hair extension systems, the integrity of one’s natural strands is never compromised, so the only risk one takes by having them applied is looking better than before.” Great Length Hair Extension systems ranges from  $750-$4,000 depending on the amount of hair used and the desired result.

While certainly not cheap enough for a short-to-long-back-to-short-immediately change, this system seems to offer the best of both worlds: An amazing ability to match your existing hair and the flexibility to care for it the same way. 

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There are a number of different companies who have tried to create hair serums to help control frizzy hair, but unfortunately most of these products fail to do the job. A majority are made with silicone and, up until recently, everyone thought it deserved all the praise in the world for taming those wild pieces. However, most women found that silicone caused their hair to look dirty and oily rather than sleek and shiny. Since then, many brands have released silicone-free serums, but none that cut down styling time or provide superior smoothness and natural flowing movement quite like Living Proof Satin Hair Serum ($29). This oil- and silicone-free formula features Sera-Smooth complex to eliminate all that frizz and help you achieve your desired look. It is easy to use, lightweight and long lasting. The best part is, it won’t create product build-up while it works its magic.


I was blessed with pretty long eyelashes so I’ve never really had to worry about wearing fake ones to get the length I desire. However, my lashes aren’t super thick, so whenever I’m getting ready for a night out, I usually have to apply a few coats of mascara to get the fullness I’m looking for. Naturally, the more mascara you apply the more likely you are to get clumps and nothing is worse than trying to get rid of those with tiny combs or pins. So I decided it was time to find a new mascara whose purpose was to prevent such problems, and I came across Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara ($6.99). This product delivers maximum volume with zero clumps for separate and thick lashes. The curved brush features fine-tooth comb bristles to evenly distribute mascara while simultaneously separating the lashes. 


Since my sister-in-law has become pregnant, I have gained new knowledge into the dos and don’ts when you’re expecting. What you can and can’t eat, the types of products you can use, and the uncomfortableness that comes with this joyous time. So I decided to find the best beauty products that are essential for a pregnant woman. Things that will help them feel better about themselves during and after the baby is born. Although I came across a few different stretch mark creams and foot rubs, the product trio that seemed to get the most praise was the Mama Mio Pregnancy Essentials ($28). 

This skincare kit comes with three products: the Boob Tube: Bust & Neck Firmer made with CoQ10, Avocado Oil, Fenugreek, Shea Butter and Milk Thistle; Luck Legs: rapid relief for heavy legs and feet composed of Yarrow, V-tonic, Spearmint, Chamomile and Aloe Vera; and the Tummy Rub: Stretch Mark Butter with She Butter, Wheatgerm Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Borage Oil. All three products are made to protect and energize the skin during pregnancy by treating, nourishing and soothing the skin to minimize the appearance of stretch marks and slackening skin. It will also provide comfort and relief from your tired, itchy and dry skin. 

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