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For those of us who spend our days in an office under fluorescent lights, or who make daily SPF a priority, getting a natural tan is not always an option. Fortunately for us, Stila has created a great lineup of tinted moisturizer, bronzers and luminizers to create that sun-kissed glow without having to step foot in the sun. 

Tinter Moisturizer

The first step in any beauty regimen is your moisturizer, especially in the summer. Trying to create a tan look includes the use of bronzer and without being properly moisturized, it can cause your skin to look flakey and dry. The Stila Bronzing Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 will not only help protect against the sun’s most damaging rays, but it will also give you the first step in glowing skin.

The Glowing Powder

Setting your makeup is one of the most important things in the routine, so having a powder that doesn’t dry your skin is very important. The Stila All Over Shimmer Powder will help keep your makeup in place, but also give you the extra shimmer you need in order to not have your face cake up when you apply the bronzer.

The Sun Kissed Bronzer

Probably the most important item is the right bronzer. Having a bronzer that isn’t the right shade for your skin can lead to looking orange and like you got a bad spray tan. Stila Sun Bronzer works great with almost all skin tones; the trick with this is just applying the proper amount and doing it evenly. Be sure not to put a massive amount on your brush before application, that way you can ensure there is the same amount across your whole face.

The Self Adjusting Blush

You never want to just leave your face with only bronzer applied because it gives you the same tone across your whole face, nothing stands out. So adding a little blush is a great way to add a pop of color and brighten you up. Stila Custom Color Blush in Self Adjusting Bronze is “one size fits all” and automatically adjusts to each individual’s pH level, which is awesome because if you get a little extra sun one weekend you won’t have to worry about running out to buy a new shade!

The Highlighter

The Stila Sun Highlighter is also a great way to add an extra bit of color as well. Applying this under your eyes or blush will brighten up those areas of your face that can appear sunken in without a good night sleep or just stress. It also will give you a more dynamic look so your glow looks more natural.

I saw a recent photo of myself (where admittedly the lighting was horrible) and I was not happy with the non-bright-white state of my teeth. I don’t drink a lot of red wine, and coffee is my only real tooth-staining vice, but I still felt like my teeth could be so much whiter. So I hopped to my local Target and was happy to find Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White. Applied daily it promises a much whiter smile in 12 days (you also could double up daily and accomplish this in six days). After just the first application ,I could tell my teeth where already whiter. And after six days of one application daily I was happy with the results of my whitening (and now I have six strips left over for when I feel like they could use a freshening up). Crest’s Whitestrips have come a long way from when I first used them many years ago — they stuck perfectly to my teeth and the chemical didn’t seep everywhere and ruin my taste buds. I also, happily, didn’t notice as much tooth sensitivity as I had before. All in all, it was the best $35 I had spent in a while!

You can get Crest 3D Whitestrips Shimmer White for $35 exclusively at Target stores and


Lucky for me, I missed the gene that gave me the curly hair both of my parents have. When my father was younger, he had a mini afro and my mother, well, even with the smallest amount of moisture in the air, her hair instantly begins to frizz and get curly. Thankfully, I’ve never had to worry about doing anything other than blow-drying quickly and running a flat iron over the ends of my hair a few times, but I know a large majority of women aren’t that lucky. Taming wild curls doesn’t just start when you are styling your hair, you have to have a routine that includes shampoo and conditioner, products and even combs. With this season being extremely hot and humid, I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best products for all of these categories.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Keeping your curls and waves under control begins the moment you step foot in the shower. Simply using good products after the fact is not going to do anything, at least not for an extended amount of time. You need to make sure your shampoo and conditioner will bring out the best in your curls and waves. The Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curls and Waves duo will work to replenish your hair and leave your curls smooth and soft.  

The Perfect Comb

Usually you don’t think that a comb could play a crucial part in preventing frizz, but not detangling your hair properly can leave knots causing your curls to become a mess. Also, regular brushes can do harsh things to wavy hair, for example causing split ends and breakage. Using a wide toothed wooden comb, such as the Body Shop Detangling Comb, will separate the hair properly allowing you to comb through every curl.

Finishing Products

Whether you decide to let your wild curls fly free and use a gel or like to pull them back and spray a little hairspray, every hairstyle needs the perfect finisher. Unfortunately, most curl gels leave a hard, crunchy finish that makes them stiff, however, a hair company finally smartened up and created a gel that does not have that effect on curls and waves. The Matrix Total Results Curl Super Defrizzer is lightweight, fights frizz and maintains any hairstyle without causing your waves to become a huge tangled mess. There is nothing better than achieving your desired look and style, but there is nothing worse than spraying hairspray and stepping outside to have it instantly frizz out. Now, thanks to the Tresemme Climate Control Protection Finishing Spray, this won’t be a problem. The spray will create a force field around your hair so the frizz won’t even have the chance to start. 

A Little Extra Love

Curly hair needs a little extra TLC every now and then, so using a leave-in conditioner is an essential component of making sure your curls look great at all times. L’Oreal EverCurl Hydracharge Leave-In Cream will pump in that extra amount of moisture and nutrients that may be lost with all the blow-drying, curling, and flat ironing. Your waves will be left healthy, shiny and perfectly defined.  

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It is officially wedding season. Summer, destination and beach weddings abound, so it’s important to know the dos and don’ts of creating your beauty look. Although it is a beautiful time of year to tie the knot, it is also hot and humid, which means your hair can become a frizzy mess (especially on the beaches of South Carolina where my brother and his fiancé will be saying “I do” in just 36 short days). There are three hairstyles that are fairly simple to achieve that will look great and help keep hair tamed and frizz-free. 

Bohemian Bride

First up is Bohemian-inspired, perfect for that bride that isn’t going to wear a lot of makeup and wants to keep everything simple. Begin by using a small amount of Blow Beach Blow Texturizing Mist to give your hair a bit of sea salt and protein to help create great beach waves. Next, curl hair with a 1-inch curling iron and comb through with your fingers to get nice beachy waves. Then, part hair straight down the middle. Most of your hair will be down with this, so make sure you like the way the waves look. On either side, start a standard 2 strand braid on a small section near the crown of the head. You are going to start a waterfall braid, which means you only take the hair from the top, allowing the bottom pieces to fall. Continue this about half way down and tie it off with small elastic. Repeat this process on the opposite side. After you finish the second side, pin the top section of your hair up and tuck the two ends of the braid under the rest of your hair so the elastics are hidden and cross the two pieces over one another and pin them into place so they will lay nicely under the rest of your hair. Let your hair down and the look is complete. You can also use standard braids instead of switching to the waterfall.

Classic Bride

This next style is perfect for a beach wedding and a bride who looks amazing wearing a red lip, like my future sister-in-law. This look takes the classic French braid and adds a little twist. This style requires a good length of hair, so if you have shorter hair you could always add extensions for your big day. Make sure the hair has some wave to it first and then start with a deep side part and begin a French braid. Be sure to not pull the braid too tight because this look is about volume. Continue the braid all the way down the side of your head. Once you have reached the nape of the head, pull in the rest of your hair and start a regular braid and tie off with a small elastic. After, tuck the braid under and start pinning into place, using Goody Spin Pins, just a few of the screw like pins are the same as 40 bobbies! Once you’ve pinned and the look is complete, add a big white flower for more of a beach feel and to hide any pins.

Trendy Bride

The final look is for the bride who wants to push the envelope and do something different for her wedding day. The halo braid is not something everyone can pull off, so be sure to bring this to your stylist for your trial or do it a few times in advance, that way you can make sure it works for your face shape and with your makeup choices. Start from the back of your head near the nape, begin a pop-up French braid (instead of braiding the new strands of hair over each time, braid under). Continue the braid all the way around your head. To make the look a little more romantic leave a few pieces down in the front. When you have come back around, finish off with a regular braid. Tie it off with a small elastic. Pin the end of the braid into place, making sure to tuck it underneath the front of the braid crown so it looks seamless.

Finish all these looks with Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Spray, that way no matter how humid the weather gets, your hair will keep its style.

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Kate Hudson is known for her boho-chic, almost effortless, natural style — but this week she hit the red carpet in a look that was anything but effortless (that didn’t make it any less pretty). Her darkly lined eyes were done with thin strokes that almost formed a cat eye and her bold berry lips looked simply perfect. 

Copying her eyes requires a steady hand, a thin eyeliner brush (like Sephora Collection Pro Gel Liner Brush #26) and a good gel eyeliner (like Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner). To ensure a smooth line with little-to-no smudging, you’re going to want to dab a smidge of powder across your lids especially near the lash line. After priming the lids, dip the brush into the gel eyeliner and wipe off any excess or clumps onto a tissue. Trace the upper outline of your lid first, trying to stay as close to the lash line as possible. Then do the same on the lower lid. Try to move in even strokes and avoid the temptation to keep retracing the line — Kate’s liner may be dark in color, but it’s also very minimal. Let the gel eye liner set in a bit before applying rest of eye makeup.

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