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Ahava Purifying Mud Mask allows us to give ourselves a skin-pampering treatment at home without spending a ton of money. The formula for oily skin pulls out skin dulling impurities and excess oil, leaving us looking radiant. It also doubles as a body mask if you want to give yourself an inexpensive body treatment: Slather this on after exfoliating, let it sit and rinse when almost dry (you will need to enlist the help of a friend to apply to your back). Whether you use this on your face or on your body, you’ll be thrilled with how your skin looks— and your wallet will be too. Also available for normal to dry skin. $30,

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When we want to give our tired tootsies a treat, The Body Shop’s Peppermint Cooling Foot Rescue Treatment is the perfect solution. Not only does it soften our rough soles with skin-smoothing cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and grapeseed extract, but it also cools and deodorizes with peppermint oil. We love using this year-round, but it’s especially yummy during the warmer months— we’ll spare you the details…$18,

Question: For the past few months, every time I am about to get a blemish I take the proper steps to prevent it and, instead of fading, it leaves a purple spot on my face. The lower half of my face is covered in what looks like acne scarring but isn’t. They eventually fade but this takes at least five months. Do you have any suggestions as how to aid the healing process?

Answer: There is nothing worse than having to be reminded of the blemishes that have happened in life, especially when they are on your face. Since your spots seem to fade during treatment, we suggest that in addition to your treatment you wear sunscreen everyday. It is so important to protect your skin, especially when you’re using products that contain ingredients that make your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Also know that the sun contributes to making the spots stay around longer since it does produce melanin in the skin. 

For good measure, here are some product suggestions for getting your skin to a flawless state:


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Alpha Hydrox Nourishing Cleanser contains Glycolic Acid and micro beads to help slough off dead skin cells and will also keep your skin blemish-free. $8.49,





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Bliss Peeling Groovy works to even out skin tone, but is much gentler than traditional fading gels. It’s moisturizing as well, so using this with any acne treatments you already use won’t contribute to drying out your skin. $65,





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DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer SPF 15 contains a potent micro-radiance complex that diminishes the look of discoloration. Since it also contains SPF 15, it will protect your skin from UVA/UVB damage and future hyperpigmentation. $60,

It’s no secret that we spend our days and nights testing out the latest and greatest beauty goodies, but there are so many of them out there that we don’t always have time to try them right away (if you could see our laundry list of products we want and have yet to try, you wouldn’t believe it!) The following is just a bite-sized, (mostly) affordable look at some beauty products we can’t wait to try.



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Lancome Genifique was just recently released, but it has the beauty world buzzing about it’s remarkable time-reversng effects. After 10 years of research and 7 international patents, Lancome’s latest accomplishment promises to give the user visibly younger-looking skin in just 7 days, leaving skin looking fresh, vibrant, and lit from within. Do we need to say more? $78,


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The L’Oreal Vive Pro Glossy Style product range is all about creating high shine no matter what hair texture you wear. We are all about shiny tresses, and these look like the perfect products to give us what we want at a fabulous price. $4.99 each,



aveeno active naturals nourish+.jpgAveeno Active Naturals Nourish+ Hair Care Collection features shampoos and conditioners that are formulated with wheat proteins to nourish hair, as well as other ingredients to give your hair type what it really needs to be into beautiful shape— Moisturize (for dry or damaged hair), Volumize (for fine or limp hair), Revitalize (for repairing everyday damage to normal hair) and Soothe (for dry, itchy scalp). $6.99 each,


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We have heard that the MAC Penultimate Eye Liner will help give us everything from minimal eye definition to an exotic cat eye. All we know it that we sometimes have issues applying our liquid liner, and since this promises to deliver a fluid, skip-free line, we have to get our hands on it ASAP. $16.50,



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Elizabeth Arden Pretty has drifted by our noses, but we’ve never experienced actually wearing it. The Pretty scent is described as being spirited and exceptionally charming while the advertising is uber-feminine and epitomises what we think of when we think of Spring. As with any scent, we won’t know until we try it, but the notes of florals and fruits wrapped in a well-rounded background of serene woods is just too appealing. $62,




almay pure blends.jpgThe new Almay Pure Blends line features a range of foundations, powders, eye shadows, glosses, and blushes that are all made with over 95% natural ingredients, including extracts from fruits and flowers. We also are loving that there are no outrageous, crazy colors in sight. Not that we mind doing something a bit more vibrant, but a soft, me-but-better face is always a good thing. from $7.49,

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Laura Geller Bronze-n-Brighten is our must-have bronzer for the coming spring/summer season. The baked powder gives skin a gorgeous sun-kissed glow without the fake orange tint. It even comes in a fair version that complements even the palest skin tones. We love to dust a little over lids to add a hint of color and definition, or use it in place of our foundation for a radiant, healthy glow. $29.50,

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