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Looking for that perfect streak-free at-home bronze? Here are 10 tested tips to help make you a sunless tanner pro:

1. Tight fitting rubber gloves do work just as good as your hands. They should fit snugly and be thrown away after each use.

2. Elbows, knees, armpits, and under forearms and ankles should always be prepped pre tanning with lotion or a sunscreen to prevent build-up of tanner. Afterwards, designate a wash cloth for a quick semi-damp pat over.

3. Exfoliate from head to toe. Body exfoliation should be done with a non-oily or moisturizing scrub. Oil based scrubs prevent color from applying evenly to skin. Try scrubs that are designed specifically for self tanning like L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Sunless Body Scrub. Salt scrubs should be avoided if you plan on shaving before tanning.

4. If using darkly tinted self tanners, you may want to shave legs the day prior. This is especially helpful if you plan to go on with your day after self tanning application. The dark tint usually settles into fresh hair-free pores and can give off a spotted effect on skin.

5. I am a huge fan of tanning when staying in hotels. This way, you can apply tanner before you catch zzz’s and wake up golden. It also keeps the mess off your sheets at home (come on, they bleach these sheets at seriously hot temperatures so there’s no problem getting self tanning stains removed!)

6. Avoid your facial moisturizer and body creams for as long as you can and be sure not to apply at all until color is in full effect.

7. After tanning, exercise should be a sweat free activity and swimming is completely of limits. If it’s raining, stay indoors. Once you’re caught in the rain, you’ll find tiger streaks rather than an even glow.

8. If you need tan longevity, steam showers, saunas, and hot baths should be avoided during your days of deep glow.

9. Wear dark loose fitting clothing to avoid tan transferring. A tight pair of jeans put on immediately after tanning will absorb tan lotion and leave creases on your skin.

10. After tanning face, be sure to swipe a wet cotton swab across eyebrows and rub out tanner that could have deposited. Also, a cotton ball moistened across your hairline will remove where tanners like to build up during application. This will ensure a no-tell tanned face.

Want even more tips? Beauty editor Mickey Williams shares some in a recent radio interview:


In January 2009, your favorite TV stations are mandated to go from analog to digital. This conversion delivers high definition programming with a picture six times sharper than your previous tube. A crystal clear image exposing every wrinkle, scar, freckle and blemish could cause a stir in Tinseltown. What’s a star to do?

Step in high def makeup. Whether it’s an airbrush application or a silicone powder, beauty is changing and working as a makeup artist has never been more exciting. Although the demand was created for those onscreen and the makeup artists applying it, the consumer at home benefits from better options in traceless beauty products. Every conceivable skin tone and flaw-camouflaging weapon has been thought out in order to keep skin looking natural, just tweaked to perfection.

Make Up For Ever is leading the industry with high def beauty products delivering one seamless cosmetic after another. I worked with several different companies looking for foundations, powders and concealers and could not find a more naturally perfect complexion than with the following three products:

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition PowderP210400_hero.jpg
When you untwist the cap, the ultra-fine micro particles in this colorless powder appear as smoke coming from the cap. You will not find a thinner powder for an invisible set. Makeup Forever’s High Definition Powder contains no talc and is 100% mineral. The end result is a silky, soft focus look that works on every conceivable skin tone. The powder makes mediocre foundations look better and the matte finish lasts beyond your day.

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation
288-f.jpgA silky veil that sits prettily on skin without looking like it’s there. Need I say anymore? I found layering the foundation over a blemish is all you will need for coverage and when used with the HD Makeup Forever Powder it truly looks like the skin you were born with.

Make Up For Ever Lift ConcealerI’ve been a fan of this lifting concealer for years. Its thin, but supplies adequate pigment to cover the biggest blemish or the deepest under eye bag.

Now that you’ve created a natural even-toned canvas, a little bronzer can add the color back to your skin tone in all the right places. A bronzer is the perfect cheekbone companion, but in HD television and real life, you can see the shimmer and dark color associated with most beauty brand bronzers. I’ve found a few contouring favorites to re-sculpt lightly and effectively with gentle pigments and no shine. Just take it easy a little goes a long way:

HydraSUNraysBronzer.jpgBeauty Addicts Hydra Sun Rays

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powders

Survive the three H’s of summer with these heat- and humidity-proof products that will keep you looking and feeling cool as a cucumber:

scalp_oil.jpgOil Absorbing Treatment Spray
Biolage Cooling Mint Oil Control Treatment
Provides a sensorial solution to treat and nourish the scalp. It balances and invigorates a normal to oily scalp so the hair looks smooth and feels refreshed. Perfect for hot summer days when you don’t have time to wash your hair, just spray directly on the scalp to reduce and prevent oil. $16

162793.jpgSunscreen that Mattifies
Peter Thomas Roth Uber Dry SPF 30
A revolutionary dry, lightweight sunscreen that provides SPF 30 protection while leaving the skin with a smooth, shine-free finish. This non-oily formula is virtually undetectable to the touch and ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E to help fight against free radical damage. For normal to oily skin types. $26

Primer to Stay Shine-Free

philosophy never let them see you shine
The must-have product of summer is a mattifying primer that dramatically reduces the appearance of oil, shine and large pores. This velvet touch primer controls and absorbs excess oil and minimizes the appearance of pores to act as a smooth and velvety base for more flawless makeup application. $20

Lip and Cheek Stain that Stays Put
theBalm Stainiac
The perfect pop of color for your cheeks and lips, Stainiac hint of tint is perfect for all skin tones. Simply dab a touch onto your cheeks for a sheer wash of color or layer for added intensity. And the best part? Stainiac is formulated to give you more time before the stain sets, so it won’t streak and will stay on your pout or cheeks all day long. $14

Melt-Proof Concealer
Mineral Wear® Talc-Free Mineral Concealer Stick with SPF 15
This sweat-proof oil-free mineral concealer stick features a minimalist, talc-free formula ideal for the most sensitive or break-out prone skin. Mineral Concealer Stick provides full, even coverage, while gently gliding onto skin. Formulated with 100% pure and gentle mineral extracts for added wear and a smoothing effect to help minimize the appearance of fine lines. This gentle, ultra-creamy concealer stick delivers natural flawless coverage throughout the day and won’t run or smudge in the summer’s heat. Available in 4 shades. $6.95

Non-Greasy Breakout-Free FoundationP61003_hero.jpg

bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation
Mineral-based foundations are ideal for summer. They offer flawless coverage without the heaviness of cream or liquid foundations. Made of only pure, crushed minerals from the earth, bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation looks like a powder, feels like a cream, and buffs on like silk, giving skin a natural luminosity while feeling as if you are not wearing any makeup at all. $25

Cooling and Moisturizing BronzerP213616_hero.jpg

Vincent Longo Hydro Stick
Designed as a wet bronzer for the face—including lips and eyes. This cooling, moisturizing, and water-resistant new product shines with tiny micro particles. Formulated with a high water content, new Hydro Stick is refreshingly cool to the touch and leaves skin looking irresistibly sexy in glimmering, light-catching new hues. $25

Waterproof Eye MakeupP37517_hero.jpg

Make Up For Ever Pearly Waterproof Eyeshadow Pencil
Specially formulated waterproof pencils are richly pigmented and long lasting, even under the most extreme conditions. Line, define, or fill in your entire lid with dazzling color.

Summertime is heating up the beauty scene with products designed to keep the cool in your look. Beauty Editor Mickey Williams shares the picks topping her summer hot list.

P209438_hero.jpgToo Faced Tanning Bed in a Tube Face

I have personally made it my goal to find the safest, easiest to use, turn-your-head tan in a bottle. I will look no further, Tanning Bed in a Tube gives a natural looking sun-kissed shimmer to help you rock a temporary beach babe bronze. It’s oil-free so you can apply without worry of a summer blemish and with a little powder, you can carry off this glow as a foundation during the day. The only downside is it contains NO SUNSCREEN (I know- I can’t believe it either). $21.50 at

200.JPGLubriderm Intense Skin Repair Body Lotion with Itch Relief
Let’s face it, swimming, self-tanning and all that waxing and shaving can really dry a gal out more than any winter radiator! New Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair Body lotion seals the flakes and heals the cracks with a 24 hour time-release formula that even helps with itch relief. No excuses for ashy skin! $7.99 at

P183702_hero.jpgStila Sun Shimmer Dry Oil
Ever need just a hint of tan or a soft shimmer? Uh, yeah, it’s summer isn’t it? Stila Sun Shimmer Dry Oil’s super sheer formula is perfect for summer heat when your other waxy creams can feel like a stifling pair of stockings. Formulated with macademia and kukui nut oils, Stila Dry Oil quenches skin’s thirst while leaving a glisten that warrants an “is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?” $26 at


Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Just Skin is by far the best tinted moisturizer we’ve seen in a long while. It’s a tubed up and blendable, medium-coverage super cream that feels silky and fresh on skin. A minimal SPF 15 is packed in and it doesn’t really go deep in its 5 shades offered, but if you fit into Just Skin’s limited palette, it’s well worth the hefty price tag. Just Skin is just beautiful! $62 at

crave_blueberry02.jpg Whish Blueberry Mint Shave Crave Pump
Ladies, if we have to de-hair ourselves for summer we might as well make it fun. Whish Body is giving you some shower options with an assortment of shave crave pumps that serve as a creamy buffer to keep legs smooth and nick free. My favorite is Blueberry Mint, that claims to not only sooth tired muscles with mint but de-age with blueberry oil. I’m a fan. $24 at

eyeglazesite.jpgGirlactik Eye Glaze

Eye Glaze doesn’t feather or crease no matter how steamy things get outdoors. The waterproof colors come in 5 sultry or delicate shimmers and couldn’t be easier to use. We tested the color chic out on a hot NYC day and found Girlactik had super staying powers, even after a long day in the park. $17 at

31Ev4nxinIL._SL500_AA280_.jpgMiss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle
Miss Oops pretty much buffs out the crazy cracks that appear during flip flop season. This exfoliating foot cream repairs heels and toes in a lightweight formula that smells fresh and cools the skin with tingly peppermint, menthol and soothing lavender. $17 at

glycolics.jpgWhile visiting my dermatologist, he suggested I introduce a glycolic face wash into my daily regime. In the past, I read data on glycolic acids to excess, but found I wasn’t sure if all the information offered a fountain of youth or was just your usual beauty hype. With some recent help from a few leading fruit acid beauty brands, I’ve researched and tested everything from cleansers to eye pads, and found positively interesting results.

To begin, let me explain what a glycolic is. Glycolic is arguably the most effective form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. It is derived from the sugar cane plant and also can be obtained from citrus fruits, grapes and lactic acid (milk). Its purpose in the beauty arena is to refine the texture of skin by softening fine lines and wrinkles. Another benefit of glycolic is its ability to lighten discolorations and acne scars while shrinking the appearance of pores. This all occurs through the process of exfoliation, the shedding of dead skin cells from the top surface of the epidermis. Still, glycolic has yet another advantage as a rapid delivery system for any moisture or treatment based products you apply right after the use of a glycolic based product.

Sound too good to be true? I thought so too, but found some stand out products designed for use from head to toe that are worth your beauty dollar:

NS041-foam-glycol-wash.jpgNeoStrata is basically your no gimmick glycolic regimen. The NeoStrata Company has been around since the 1970s, knocking out one fine line and blemish banishing product after another. NeoStrata brand professional skin care products are recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in over 42 countries and are the #1 recommended professional AHA skin care brand by physicians worldwide. Top Products:

NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash
A soft cleansing foam that works wonders on blemishes.

NeoStrata Gel Plus
Not for the sensitive complexion, but an amazing difference when used on hands.

Exuviance by NeoStrata 
The patented Exuviance line of skincare products contains a unique combination of Alpha and Polyhydroxy acids, soothing botanicals and marine extracts to restore and moisturize the skin. Vitamins, antioxidants and sunscreens protect the skin against harmful environmental factors, free radicals and premature aging.

Morning_Bionic_Tonic.jpgExuviance SkinRise Morning Bionic Tonic 
An absolute favorite during our two week trials. Skin appears firmer almost immediately, and still remains moist and hydrated.

Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads
A gentle way to soothe, treat and reverse the signs of aging below the delicate eye area without any irritation.

P201405_hero.jpgDDF - Doctor’s Dermatologic Formula
DDF founder, Dr. Howard Sobel has been a practicing New York City dermatologist and dermatologic cosmetic surgeon for more than 25 years, combining modern technology with cosmetic skin care. Dr. Sobel created DDF as a union of cosmetic dermatology and topical skin care. These products deliver excellent results without a prescription.

Decelerate Professional Anti-Aging Protocol
The best approach to taking your first step toward a gentle glycolic regimen. Also, Decelerate is a great prep for skin before stronger glycolic treatments and products.

DDF 7-Day Radiance Peel Kit
The best at home peel kit we tested that delivered in just 7 days.

Murad City Skin Night Treatment with Anti-Pollution Complex & ActiMatrix
CitySkin Night Treatment delivered tighter, brighter skin after a two week trial. Since this is only a treatment, your skin may require a moisturizer to be used in conjunction.

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