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Rihanna has a lot of reasons to glow these days. The 25-year-old singer just launched her Rihanna for River Island clothing line and is days away from kicking off her Diamonds World Tour. But the real reason for her glow has a lot to do with her makeup artist, Mylah Morales. According to Mylah, she uses  Per-fekt Beauty products on Rihanna because of their multi-tasking abilities, crediting Per-fekt for “creating a healthy and youthful look,” something the star seems to have down pat. Mylah uses the one shade fits all Per-fekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel all over RiRi’s body to create an even skin tone that glows.

To get your own Rihanna glow on, the Allure Best of Beauty 2012 winning Body  Perfection Gel is available  in the Per-fekt Beauty Glow Kit. The Glow Kit retails at $100 and includes the body perfection gel, lip perfection gel and cheek perfection gel. It’s available at the exclusive price of $45 until March 21, 2013 at by entering  promo code GLOWKIT .    

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Nails have certainly gotten their fair share of attention lately and they’ll stay front and center this spring. While you may be debating between bright coral, muted teal and emerald green polishes, I’ve had my eye on some of the more “decorative” trends that have sprung. If last season’s nail art seemed a bit daunting, rest assured, these babies don’t require an art degree — or even a steady hand, really!

As a lover of words, the newsprint manicure trend is probably one of my favorites and finally someone created a kit with all the pieces you need, including pieces of paper with text on them. THE NEW BLACK’s ‘Typography Collection - Weekly Journal’ Nail Polish 4-Piece Set comes with a nude base coat, transfer solution and top coat. The four piece set involves just four easy steps — paint and set the base coat, apply transfer solution, press newsprint (text side down) to wet surface for about 30 seconds, use top coat to set and seal the look. 

You can buy THE NEW BLACK’s ‘Typography Collection - Weekly Journal’ Nail Polish 4-Piece Set for $16 at

Caviar is certainly an acquired taste, and this nail decorative will likely be the same. Ciaté Caviar Manicure is a thick, opaque polish that features little pearls that create a raised, 3D effect on nails. Uses range from coating all 10 nails in this unique formula, to using small amounts on certain nails to create an artsy effect.

You can buy Ciate Caviar for $19 at

Matte top coats, like Essie Matte About You, are one of my favorite mani tricks. They convert even the shiniest of polishes into dry, flat colors, giving you more wear out of every shade. But I hadn’t thought to use it in lieu of nail art. Using small dots of a matte top coat across nails can create a fun spotted effect, or applying it as a line across the tips of nails can create a pseudo matte french manicure look. 

You can buy Essie Matte About You for $10 at

Since we can now count down to spring using the fingers on only one hand, the promise of a new season is so close you can almost smell it. To jump start that process, now is the perfect time to start shopping around for your next signature scent. For the spring, the obvious fragrance choices are fresh, floral, and fruity. One unexpected scent choice that will have you spritzing away this spring is orange blossom. The Mediterranean inspired scent comes from a bitter orange flower, different from the navel oranges commonly found at the store. The scent is fresh, a subtle bit of citrus and just the right touch of sweet. Shop my favorite orange blossom perfume picks below.   

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greensmokey.jpgTo create a bold look that is soft and bright enough for daytime festivities — ahem, St. Patrick’s Day, I’m looking at you — Jenine Pizza, the global makeup artist for boutique beauty brand Beauty Addicts, shared these three easy steps to create a surprisingly fresh and subtle green smokey eye:

1. Layer your bottom lid generously with a deep, rich green eyeshadow. 

2. Blend a lighter green, like Beauty Addict’s Creme de Mint, an aqua color with undertones of gold and pewter, into your crease.

3. Place a golden shadow on the inside corner of your eye and under your brows to extend your brows and lighten the face.


beautyaddictshadows.JPGBeauty Addicts’ Emerald City Shadow, $15.50

Beauty Addicts’ Creme de Mint, $15.50

Beauty Addicts’ Eye Candy, $15.50

Photo of Delta Goodrem by Matt Roberts/Getty Images.

blake-lively-emma-stone-blonde.jpgSpring has (almost) sprung and that leads many women towards lighter locks, but don’t forget there are many variants of blonde to choose from. Take for example two of my favorite blondes who took to the red carpet recently, Blake Lively and Emma Stone. Each looked flawlessly done and each had a different tone of blonde. While Blake Lively’s hair was its usual warm, golden, beach blonde shade, Emma Stone’s was a cool, almost platinum shade of blonde — and yet each shade was perfectly suited to the woman wearing it. Remember that really cool blonde tones can be a bit stark on paler skin, and golden blonde tones can go brassy easily, so make sure you talk with your colorist about what they recommend for you.

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