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I seem to go through the struggle every night about whether to wash my hair or not, and I always seem to end up doing it because my hair is pretty oily and halfway through the second day I always regret my choice to skip a shampoo. However, washing your hair every single day also washes out some of the essential oils that keep your hair healthy and shiny — not to mention, I dye my hair red and no color washes out faster. 

The simple answer to my dilemma is dry shampoo, but I’ve always hated its filmy residue and not so pleasant smell. That is, until I found Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($18). The first thing I noticed was that this product didn’t leave that powdered film over my hair. The texture was extremely light and gentle. Also, it got rid of the unpleasant “canned for too long” smell — it actually smelled refreshing. Finally, the best feature was that it allows me to style my hair as if I’d just washed and dried it. Although this product is a little bit more expensive than other brands, I would highly recommend trying it. 

The best way to keep your hands in tip top shop during the long, cold winter season is to start with cuticles. If you keep your cuticles appropriately moisturized you’ll immediately notice an overall improvement in the appearance of your nails — not to mention your fingertips won’t feel sore from cracked skin. My favorite cuticle fix is Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil. With just a little dab on each nail around the fingerbed it will start to seep in to skin and you’ll see quick healing results.

You can buy Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil for $8.50 at 


Once the seasons change from warm to cold, skin immediately becomes dry and flaky. A thick moisturizer will temporarily help with the top layer of your skin, but it won’t properly hydrate and repair dry skin with lasting effects. Your best bet to prevent flaky skin—especially on the area that seems to suffer the most, your legs—is to use a body lotion that utilizes gentle acids. A lotion that has an alpha-hydroxy acid will not only moisturize your skin, but will help exfoliate and counteract the rough patches. 

The Amlactin Alpha Hydroxy Therapy Moisturizing Body Lotion ($15.99) is a smooth moisturizer that you can feel working after it’s applied and doesn’t have a thick residue that some other deep moisturizing lotions have. The best part? It is available at your local drugstore and won’t cost a lot of money. 

Back on October 24, Demi Lovato debuted her blue hued hair. The initial color was bright and almost teal like. When asked why she dyed it blue she said, “I want[ed] to do something different and fun especially for live shows for X Factor.” For the November 13 episode she must have wanted to go all out because she appeared with it pulled off to one side and with shimmery gold sideburns. Then this week she popped up with a slightly toned down look. As anyone who has dyed their hair can attest fade affects even the best coloring job … in this case however it’s given Demi a delightful shade of hair color that isn’t overwhelmingly bright and contrasts well with her dark roots.


Ever since Lancome was founded 75 years ago, it has taken on a reputation for being more for mature women rather than the young crowd. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that and they offer some amazing products, but I’ve been waiting for them to launch a product that can help redefine their image and appeal to a younger audience. That time has finally arrived — and with a bang. The Color Design Infinite Luminous Eyeshadow ($24.50) captures one of the hottest makeup trends going right now: metallics and sparkles. This dynamic shadow comes in 15 colors, both bright and dark, that will grab your attention and make you stand out. The variety of colors makes it appropriate for day or night and once applied, it will last all day/night long. 

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