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Holiday-Stocking-Stuffers-2012-Image.jpgThe holidays are coming! Hanukkah starts tomorrow, and it’s just a few short weeks until Christmas. So whether you’re shopping for yourself (naughty, naughty!) or for all the beauty lovers on your list, these are the six stocking stuffers (or just cute little extras) everyone will love.

Philosophy Peppermint Bark Ornament
Even if you don’t have a Christmas tree, what’s not to love about this miniature shower gel that smells exactly like mouth-watering peppermint bark?
$6 at

Sephora Nail Wand in Silver
The four miniature nail polish bottles are equally as gorgeous separately or snapped together. It’s like Legos for beauty lovers!
$12 at

Bliss Mistletoe Musts Gift Set
Treat your lips and your hands right with this nifty little set, which includes a full-sized Fabulips Lip Balm and miniature High Intensity Hand Cream (two of our all-time faves).
$12 at

Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Body Butter
This is our very favorite Laura Mercier scent in every form, but this body butter is incredibly rich and teeny enough to take everywhere.
$35 at

Bath & Body Works Holiday Traditions Vanilla Bean Noel Mini Candle
We normally like huge candles with really long burn times, but the BBW minis are just too cute to pass up! This one is scented with notes of vanilla bean, caramel and cream—so luscious.
$3.50 at

The Body Shop Born Lippy Lollipop
Not only is this just the most adorable packaging we’ve ever seen, but it includes five delectable lip balms that moisturize and soften lips! You get to enjoy Strawberry, Raspberry, Satsuma Shimmer, Watermelon and Passionberry.
$20 at

She may play a sparkly vampire in the latest Twilight flick, but in real life Kristen Stewart hit the red carpet this week looking perfectly human and alive. Her cherry stained lips and rosy cheeks were the piece de resistance to her look. if you’re looking for the perfect look for a  holiday bash, Kristen’s is definitely worth duping.
Sephora-Lollipop-Lip-Gloss.jpgOnce in awhile, it’s okay to buy products just for the packaging. Especially when they’re as adorable as the Sephora Collection Lollipop Lip Gloss.

This lip gloss looks just like a lollipop—and the color is just as sweet! Inside the round black ball is a gorgeous pale pink gloss liberally loaded with sparkle. It creates a gorgeous, almost clear finish, so it’s perfect for layering over other glosses and lipsticks.

Plus, it isn’t sticky or tacky at all. It feels just like a lip balm! Oh, and the cherry on top? It smells and tastes just like a lollipop!

The Sephora Collection Lollipop Lip Gloss retails for $6 at

yes-to-carrots-intense-repair-hand-cream.jpgIt may be unseasonably warm where I live but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about the cold, winter air and what it does to my skin. My hands can become so dry that the skin just cracks. Worst of all is all the cuts and scrapes I seem to get as a result of them already being dried out — Just reaching into my purse can feel like a torture device. This is why I’m a proud user of Yes To Carrots Intense Repair Hand Cream. It brilliantly moisturizes my hands and is actually formulated for use in winter months. Maybe this year my hands won’t look like they’ve been working with thorny roses all day.

You can buy Yes To Carrots Intense Repair Hand Cream for $8.99 at
Neutrogena-Deep-Clean-Blotting-Sheets.jpgWe all have it. It’s just that no one likes to talk about it. What are we talking about, you may ask? Here’s the answer, plain and simple … shine. Sometimes our faces just get a little too oily or greasy, and the residue can make us look shiny in pictures (or, you know, in real life). That’s where Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Blotting Sheets come in handy.

We’ve tried many a blotting linen in our day, and these definitely rank among our favorites. We love the silky, almost rubber-like texture of each sheet—they’re so much different than all the thin paper versions we’ve tried before. And, because of the different texture, they really seem to soak up all the excess moisture on our skin instantly!

Where we’ve needed two or even three linens with other brands, one does the job more than adequately in this case. We watched all of the unsightly grease slide right off our face and onto one sheet—with more than a little excitement, if we’re being completely honest.

After using one of these sheets, our skin feels so much cleaner and more matte than before. And, the best part is, there’s no shine left in sight!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Blotting Sheets are $5.99 for a pack of 50 sheets at

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