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I recently suffered a skin lift after an eyebrow waxing — lifting is when a layer of your skin is removed when the wax strip is removed — it wasn’t incredibly painful, but the skin is definitely tender and looks a little enflamed. The woman who was doing my waxing recommended Neosporin to treat the tender, pink ailment. A little dab of it each day and my eyebrows started looking (and feeling) better in no time. Another favorite of mine is the Anastasia Beverly Hills After Tweeze Cream. It is very soothing and has a slight green tint that helps balance any redness. Either product, or a combination of both, will help keep skin soft and healthy.

You can buy Anastasia Beverly Hills After Tweeze Cream for $20 at Neosporin is available at drugstores nationwide. 

After dressing up on two different nights for Halloween, I had no choice but to use massive amounts of eye makeup remover. Luckily, I discovered one that allows for easy removal with only a small amount of product to get the job done. The Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover ($28) is a double-phase liquid remover that activates when shaken. When applied to your face, not only does it lack that oily residue that other removers leave, it feels fresh-as-water and will even get rid of waterproof eye makeup, face paint and liquid eyeliner. It is ideal for people with sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. After use your skin will feel cool and relaxed.

Forget what you thought about perfumes that were confectionary based and be prepared for the sweetest scent treat on the block. Prada Candy Eau du Parfum mixes notes of Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benzoin to create a luscious, candy-like fragrance that isn’t sickeningly sweet and doesn’t smell like a bakery. The scent has a yummy allure to it, that stays on the adult side of perfume, rather than shifting into a teenagers’ vanilla bliss. It sold me at first whiff!

You can buy Prada Candy Eau du Parfum for $82-$110 at

I am a firm believer that America is always ten steps behind Europe when it comes to beauty and fashion— and this was, once again, proven when I came across the Escentric Molecules Body Wash ($45). The Brit cult beauty company, whose main creation was a perfume line that was unique to each wearer because the formula worked with their specific pheromones, has created three different body washes that work with or without the fragrances. They are designed to work better if you pair with a fragrance because it will enhance the scent and make it that much more unique, but without they are still refreshing, moisturizing, energizing, cleansing and fresh smelling. 

The three body washes each have their own unique twist: The Escentric 01 consists of a single scent ingredient and is formulated with ‘Iso E Super’, pink pepper, green lime and balsamic notes; the Escentric 02 uses a concentration of ambroxan combined with vetiver and muscone; the Escentric 03 is spicy but still fresh with warm balsamic undertones. 

Although the price is kind of steep, it is definitely worth trying at least once — everyone deserves to treat themselves!


After I wrote about the at-home facial, I decided to take a look into other products that could help prolong my trips to the spa. I stumbled upon another mask that I have fallen in love with, the Karuna Skin Restoring Treatment Mask ($48). 

One of my biggest issues is my sensitive skin, but also the dryness I suffer from in the fall and winter months, so I was on a mission to find a restoring mask that can help refresh my skin at home. The minute I tried this one, I knew it was what my beauty routine was missing. The coconut water moisturizes and revives your skin while the sweet orange and probiotics help minimize signs of aging, and the advanced hyaluronic acid offers maximum hydration. You use the mask the same way you would use a pore cleansing strip, you simply apply the mask until it dries and lightly peel it off, leaving you with moisturized, hydrated, and radiant skin.

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