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For the MTV Movie Awards, Elizabeth Banks opted for a fun take on the traditional bun and went with a twist. You have to have really thick and long locks, or extensions, to pull this look off. You start by pulling hair into a really high ponytail at the crown of the head and then twist it around itself and into itself to finish it off. With a bun you would twist hair tight and loop it around like a coiled snake, where this look is about tucking the ends in to create a poof effect. Using hairspray when you’re finished will help loose strands stay put and help the pulled back hairs stay smooth.
Laura-Mercier-Almond-Coconut-Milk-Honey-Bath.jpgWant to take your bubble bath to the next level? Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath is the way.

This bubble bath is rich, lush, deliciously thick … it turns every bath into a bubbly, frothy delight in mere moments. A few capfuls are all that is needed to create mountains of sweet-smelling bubbles, especially with notes of almond and coconut milk. Extracts of geranium, rosemary, lavender, honey and thyme, in addition to Vitamins A and E, moisturize and condition skin so you don’t get all shriveled up while sitting in the tub.

Plus, the design of the packaging is just so chic and luxurious. We love the oversized tub and the included honey dipper. It just looks so fun and inviting sitting in our bathtub!

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath retails for $40 at
I am not a fan of thickening formulas for mascara as I feel they only add clump to my lashes. So I always look for mascaras that are all about lengthening. I’ve already raved about Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes, but I have a new favorite mascara from the folks at Maybelline. Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara does amazing things, like making my lashes look long and luscious without adding any unwanted clump. I even layer it with Lots of Lashes now and then for a beautiful, notice every single lash, look.

Get Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara for $5.99 at
Best-Nude-Nail-Polishes.jpgSome people think nude nail polish is boring. And we suppose it can be, if it’s not done right. But in the case of these three nail polishes, we’d say they’re special enough to stand out in any crowd. Here’s why we love them so much.

butter LONDON All Hail The Queen
Originally called All Hail McQueen, in honor of Alexander McQueen, this beige polish changed its name but not its gorgeous, glittery, super holographic formula. It sparkles in the dark or the light, it glistens beautifully, and it certainly puts to shame the idea that nude is boring.
$14 at

Deborah Lippmann Fashion
If creamy perfection exists in a bottle, this nail polish is it. Two coats render the perfect nude that’s somehow demure but sexy, understated but completely chic. And, yes, totally fashionable.
$16 at

OPI Tickle My France-Y
This nail polish originally appeared in one of our favorite collections of all time: OPI’s France Collection from 2008. And it’s definitely stood the test of time, thanks to its beige meets mauve hue that changes in different lights and always, ALWAYS guarantees compliments.
$8 at
Bonnie-Wright-Jordin-Sparks-Side-Braids.jpgThe long side braid is making a comeback! This easygoing style is perfect when temperatures heat up and you don’t want to put your hair in another boring ponytail. And, as it’s to be expected, celebs are starting to flock to the style in droves! The latest girls sporting a long side braid are Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley of Harry Potter fame) and Jordin Sparks.

We’re loving both girls’ takes on the trend. Bonnie’s is a bit more polished, and has a girly feel since it’s tied off with a black bow. Jordin’s is a bit messier and mussed up, with tendrils coming out on one side, which is perfect after a day at the beach.

Creating this style is simple—just create a side part, bring all your hair to one side and braid! You don’t even need to French braid, which makes this super easy. Finish with an elastic and voila! Super chic hair in seconds.

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