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My jaw dropped a little when I saw Rosario Dawson’s recent haircut — it’s edgy, funky and is quite a different look for her. We’ve seen other celebs recently do the shaved-side-of-head look, Miley Cyrus anyone? But usually the shaved side is paired with a punky short other side, and Rosario paired it with her down to shoulder hair. The effect, in my opinion, is a bit odd, and while I applaud her ballsy choice, I have to say that I will not be copying this one any time soon. WHat about you? Is the shaved-side-of-head look your new summer go-to?
Lindsey Vonn initially got our attention when she became the first American female to win an Olympic gold medal for downhill skiing. Lately she’s been gaining our attention on the red carpet with her boyfriend Tiger Woods. She’s been spotted at events like the Met Gala and most recently at the CFDA Fashion Awards for independent American designers, where we were surprised to find we had some serious eyebrow envy. 

Vonn’s CFDA red carpet makeup look was created by ArtMix artist Hazuki Matsushita, who opted to draw attention to her eyes by emphasizing her eyebrows. Matsushita wanted a softer, yet defined shape for Vonn’s brows, so she used Tweezerman Slant Tweezers to develop more of an arch. Tweezerman Brow Mousse was applied to seal in the shape and then a soft, ashy eyebrow powder was used to create a lighter color on the brows. 

For envy inducing brows at home, check out the Tweezerman Brow Rescue Kit, which includes Tweezerman slant tweezers, brow mousse, brow highlighter pencil, and a brow brush in a travel case.


Photo of Lindsey Vonn from Popsugar  

School may be ending for the summer, but Ciate Chalkboard Manicure Nail Set is ready to teach you a thing or two about nail art. The kit includes a matte black polish (Chalkboard Paint Pot), a mattifying top coat, and four chalk pens in blue, white, pink, and yellow. After applying a base coat and two coats of the matte black polish, allow fifteen minutes for drying. Perfect for a beginner in nail art, the chalk pens are water soluble so that you can remove any mistakes with water. Once you’re happy with your nail design, let it sit for five minutes and then seal in the design with a mattifying top coat. The kit is available exclusively at Sephora for $25. 
Berenice Bejo: The French-Argentine actress was just was awarded Best Actress at Cannes Film Festival, but we have been big fans of her — and her amazing hair — since she starred as a lady in waiting in A Knight’s Tale. This milkmaid wrap-around braid harkens a bit back to her medieval hair in the film, though we prefer the modern take.

Nicole Kidman: After debuting not one but two intricate braids at Cannes Film Festival, the debate of whether braids are appropriate past a certain age has been answered with a very sophisticated sounding “Yes!”. Managing to create an elegant updo that is both flattering for her face in the front and even more impressive from the back, I have a feeling this look will be going on all of our Pinterest pages. 

Tilda Swinton: Now, copying this look may not be for everyone. But you have to take a step back and appreciate the height she was able to achieve with her bouffant/mohawk hair and the grace she carries herself, and all of that hair, down the red carpet. Most impressive? Tilda Swinton manages to make over six inches of hair standing up straight on her hair look good. 
I am always slightly envious of my friends who shell out money to get cool nail art done on their manicures. I do my own manicures and I’m not THAT good. So I am a happy nail enthusiast when a company makes nail design (even in the most simplistic styles) easier for me — China Glaze did just that with their Tranzitions polishes. These cool polishes appear to be a regular polish in one pretty shade, but when you swipe a top coat over them they change to a totally different color. Imagine the possibilities. Like, two days into your manicure you can completely change the color without repainting them entirely. Or, you can do fun things like “tranzition” just the tips, add stripes, or paint polka dots. I think they’re pretty much brilliant!

You can buy China Glaze Tranzitions for $4.99 at

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