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This September, celebrated makeup brand Bobbi Brown released its new collection for fall: Black Velvet (cue Allanah Myles’ gritty, throaty rendition of the namesake song replaying in your mind.) 

As per the norm, fall tends to evoke a need for the sultry eye - smokey, smudgy and sexy. Now, we know we mentioned earlier that minimalism is a huge trend in makeup this fall, but like every season, there is a trend for just about everyone. 

The collection consists of metallic, sparkle and matte eye shadows, creamy eyeliners, and bold, powerful lip colors and glosses. 

From the metallic shadows, we tested Black Charcoal, which is an ebony, translucent shadow with a slight, chic glitter. Even more translucent is the sparkle eye shadow (we tried the purple-ish Black Velvet). We think this would be best for topping off your eye, adding a finishing sparkle that catches the light beautifully (note, it’s incredibly light, but can be built upon to create a slightly darker shade.) From the matte shadows, we tried on Black Chocolate, which is silky and pigment rich, so a little goes a very long way (it’s also great wet as an eyeliner.)


From the powerful lip collection, we tested Black Maple - a brownish, plummy hue that is definitely not for the faint of heart. The metallic lip color in Black Garnet and the Black Chocolate gloss would work best for the more conservative lip type. 

Overall, we had a lot of fun smudging and blending and smoking up our eyes. And our favorite part was, because of the translucent characteristics of the shadows, it was our choice how light or how dark we wanted to go. $20 - $24,
Sometimes, it’s hard enough to remember to apply sunscreen to our bodies as part of our beauty regimens, and when you actually do get around to spritzing on the protection (which you should do, every day….we know we don’t have to tell you twice), your lips are probably pretty low down on the check list. 

But guess what, our lips are skin, too - and sensitive skin to boot - that need protection from the sun as much as our faces, limbs and chests. So we rounded up three types of lip products, a gloss, a balm and a traditional conditioner, that can be implemented into your daily routines without even a second thought. 

The lip gloss of the bunch, Peter Thomas Roth’s Un-Wrinkle Lip Balm SPF 15 in Pink Shimmer, has a nice high shine with no real scent or flavor. We like it because it has a pretty light pink color, and though it’s the only shade it comes in, we think it’s sheer enough to suit most skin colors. The non-sticky gloss boasts six anti-aging ingredients, as well as aloe and vitamins A, C and E to boost volume and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. $15,

Too Faced Love Lisa Luxury Lip Balm Sunscreen doesn’t just do double duty, it’s a triple threat. Not only does this sassy tube come packed with fresh smelling orange essential oils and a sun protection factor of 15, but a big portion of the sale of each balm goes to the Too Faced Love Lisa Melanoma Research Foundation Grant. It’s colorless, and has a satiny finish, which we love for pairing with lip stains, or to wear alone. $16,

The highest protection in the lip products we tested was Kinerase’s Ultimate Volume Lip Conditioner with SPF 20. It is a little thin and runny for our liking, but it was very hydrating. For women concerned with fine lines or wrinkles around the mouth, Kinerase uses an ingredient called Volulip which is supposed to increase the production of collagen. $28,

Tarte Lip Stains.jpg
We’ve been a fan of Tarte Cosmetics for a few years now, especially their coveted cheek stains. Which is reason enough to have been excited to hear that this natural makeup company recently released their Lipsurgence Natural Lip Stain

It’s no secret that lip stains tend to be a bit drying. You put them on, and they instantly parch your lips, making a moisturizing lip balm an essential partner product. Tarte’s Lipsurgence stains claim to increase your lip’s moisture level by 6,000 percent in 28 days, and though there really is no way we could have quantified those numbers ourselves, we no doubt appreciated the soft, moisturizing effect achieved by this product. 

We loved how the stain just glided right on in sheer layers, which could be built upon depending on how deep we wanted the color (we found the perfect shade by applying two layers, and blotting). The infused peppermint oil was a pleasant surprise, and had a great cooling effect. We tested Joy (peach), Lust (red), and Enchanted (rosey pink). Enchanted worked best with our tan skin tone for every day use, though we could definitely see ourselves playing up the Lust for a saucy night out. 

Though we’ve used lip stains that have lasted longer, the most impressive part of Tarte’s Lipsurgence Natural Lip Stain is the “natural” part. It’s formulated without parabens, mineral oil, sodium laurel sulfate, glutens, talc, dyes, synthetic fragrances or phthalates. The price tag may be a bit steep compared to drugstore varieties, but a little goes very far, making the MSRP more than worth it in the long run. 

stylebakerybeauty:images:freshsugarrose.jpgstylebakerybeauty:images:freshsugarplum.jpgstylebakerybeauty:images:freshsugarliptreatment.jpgI have the worst chapped lips, and I’m not sure why. I’m always, always, always and forever putting on lip balm so I’m not sure why this happens. Winter, spring, summer, fall—there’s no respite. Chapped lips always and forever. One of the few things that helps me is Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. One swipe and it’s like magic; my lips are smooth, soft, moisturized and conditioned. So I was really excited to see that there’s also Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment, which delivers all the moisturizing benefits, but reminds me of Clinique Black Honey (hi, old friend!). There’s also Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment, which has a pretty rose tint! Find your favorite now at Sephora—available for $22.50 each.

I have so many favorite looks that I want to try, and I’m beyond excited about all the fun, whimsical products and colors that I can experiment with right now—especially since it’s almost summer. But there are just those days when I’m in a rush (snooze is my friend) and I need that lip gloss that’s going to work with everything in my makeup bag (and that’s saying a lot). So I’ve noticed that I keep reaching for these two in particular: Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Diamond in Celeste (a sheer light pink with a touch of shimmer), and Fusion Beauty LipFusion Color Shine in Sweet (also a sheer pink, but this is a bit more flat).

Now normally, I’m not a sheer-pink-lip kind of gal, but these colors are so pretty and literally work with everything in my bag. Though these are both plumping glosses, I don’t notice a difference in the volume of my lips. I just love both shades so much that I just pretend to.

I use the Celeste under other lipsticks and with other glosses or on its own, and the Lip Fusion looks so pretty with a bit of a darker eye, and is perfect for punching up any other color. are available at Sephora.

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