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GinZing.EyeCream.jpgLet’s face it: the recommended eight hours of sleep we should all get every night is sometimes hard to come by. This lack of Zzzzs usually shows up all over our faces, particularly in puffy eyes with dark circles. 

That’s where Origins steps in to provide relief with it’s GinZing Refreshing eye cream

Claims: “GinZing™ Refreshing eye
cream brightens and de-puffs with nature’s clinically-proven morning-rescue eye cream that instantly reduces dark circles. Like a shot of espresso for tired eyes, this power-packed eye cream delivers both an instant impact and sustained benefits over time. GinZing™ Refreshing eye cream is formulated with
a cool, crème texture that invigorates and hydrates the eye area, helping unsightly bags and under-eye puffiness virtually disappear. Vibrancy is restored, leaving the delicate eye-area appear rested, even-toned and revitalized.”

Our take: We loved the smooth, fast-absorbing texture of this eye cream. It didn’t sting or burn in the least (which is hard to find in an eye cream), and didn’t leave any hint of greasy residue, making it great to wear under makeup. The skin around our eyes felt a light tingly sensation - the result of the caffeine - that helped a little with de-puffing (though we didn’t see a significant difference). Also, we didn’t notice much lightening of our dark circles, and resorted to our usual concealer. 

Bottom line: We loved how smooth and tingly this product made our eyes feel, but didn’t experience a major visible difference in our eye puffiness or dark circles. Although it did brighten up our eye temporarily, perhaps more longterm use would produce better results. 


Bold eyes on starlets and Hollywood sweethearts is certainly nothing new, but how they wear these deep or bright shadows and liners is something anyone should take note of when replicating. 

Bold Eyes 1.jpg
We got the scoop from trained makeup artist Claudia Lamos-Vargas and got her top tips on how to pull off a bold, vibrant eye without looking overdone or clownish, and how to make it last all night.

Bold Eyes 2.jpg

1. Keep it simple: “When your eyes are heavy on makeup, never go with a bright lip or too much blush or bronzer. A nude lipstick, or a pale neutral gloss works perfectly to play up your eyes to the fullest.”

2. All about the basics: “Before applying any of your eye makeup, always prep the area with your foundation, and set it with powder. This base should be the perfect canvas!”

3. Start small: “It takes a certain amount of courage to pull off a vibrant, statement eye. If you want to play with a bold look or color, but aren’t ready for the full effect, try using a pigment or cream shadow as an eyeliner for that pop of color, and keep the rest of your look simple and demure.” 

The sexy, sultry smoky eye is one of the hottest trends in beauty, but can also be one of the hardest to achieve. José Rivera, Principal Artist for Sephora’s PRO Beauty Team, demonstrates in the video below how to get the look using Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky, a creamy eye primer with a deeper tint made especially to work with darker shadows:

“An eye primer is essential in creating the smoky eye because of all the layering and blending you need to do with dark, rich pigment shadows,” says José. “This primer not only helps shadows stay put, but the darker color blends seamlessly and enhances the smoky effect.”

José created the smoky eye in the video using the new Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky, the Adora Love & Fury Eyeshadow Palette and the Adora Painted Love Lipstick.

José’s smoky eye tips:

  • Blend High Voltage Eye Primer in Smoky on the lid and under the eye
  • Dust the brush with shadow, invert it at an angle and press it into the lashline
  • Press and feather out color as you move the brush upwards and outwards using smooth strokes
  • Smudge the shadow under the eye along the lashline
  • Finish the eye look with a strong lash by curling and applying several coats of rich black mascara

When I saw Makeup Forever’s Aqua Cream long-lasting, waterproof eye cream, I just about died. It’s available for $22 at Sephora. And while that might seem pricey for just one product, it is so breathtakingly pretty. Plus, you know that it will last just about foreverstylebakerbeauty:images:makeupforever:aquacream.jpg.

And I know you’re thinking, Wow, that’s bright! But this color will complement any skin tone and make any shade of eye-color seem just a bit more vivid and intense. So get ready to pretty up your peepers, with just one swipe of this perfect summer-shade on your lids for a cute, refreshing look (but don’t go above the crease).
I love playing with eyeshadow. Matte, shimmering, sparkling—I want and wear them all! They are fun and whimsical, and are an easy way to change up your look. But lately, no matter what eyeshadow I am wearing, I start to see it fade around midday. So, I finally gave in and purchased Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin. It’s a lovely shimmering-champagne color - I had to get the shimmering version, of course! It’s great under eyeshadow, and can also be worn alone if you’re in a rush. The best part? It makes a great highlighter too. You can get yours at stylebakerybeauty:images:urban_decay_eyeshadow_primer_potion_sin.jpg

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