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I am pretty partial to Yes To’s beauty product line, I’ve been a regular user of various Yes to Blueberries and Yes to Cucumbers products for years. But I was really excited when I saw the Yes to Grapefruit Even Skin Tone Moisturizer with SPF 15 at my local target. I’m still hooked on my mark See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer, however it doesn’t have SPF in it, so I needed something with a protection factor for the spring and summer months. Yes to Grapefruit’s lineup of products claims to “correct and repair uneven skin tone for a brighter, more glowing complexion,” and with my fairly limited test period I have to say my skin looks great and feels adequately protected when I’m out and about in the sun. As a heads up, I checked out the Yes to Grapefruit facial scrub, with pleasant results, as well — Needless to say I am definitely saying “yes” to grapefruit!

Truth be told, I haven’t been using foundation since I fell for BB cream. But if I hadn’t already switched from foundation, I would totally be ditching it for Almay’s Smart Shade CC Cream Complexion Corrector. Their CC cream provides light to medium coverage, a bit more than other CC creams on the market which is good news for those with uneven skin tone and light redness. Formulated to correct and even skin texture over time, Almay reports that 70% of users in a clinical trial had visible improvements in the clarity and texture in their skin after two weeks of use. A product that works even when you’re not wearing it? I’m in. 

What I like most about Almay’s latest product is the smooth and luminous finish it leaves coupled with the fact that it contains broad spectrum SPF 35, making it a perfect summer makeup base. Right now there are only three shades including Light, Light/Medium, and Medium, but the product does include technology that aids in matching the shade to your skin tone. Almay is now officially invited on all upcoming vacations.   
Easy to pack, easy to store and even easier to use, the Conair AdjustaCurl Self Grip Rollers make hair styling a cinch. First of all you select the size you want the roller to be — small for tighter curls or large for looser waves — then place them in hair and blow dry as needed. 

You can buy Conair AdjustaCurl Self Grip Rollers for $14.99 at

At any given moment, you will find over five different types of lip products in my purse. At last count, over nine lip products were floating around in the recesses of my large bag. Clearly in my opinion you can never have too many lip products. If you’re looking for a beauty product to stock pile, lip balms are small in size, effective in purpose, and easy on the wallet. At just a few measly dollars a pop, these four lip balms help keep your lips hydrated through spring, summer and beyond.

Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon Lip Care ($2.99): Enriched with lemon extract and vitamin E, the lemon sooths rough, dry lips and 
the olive oil moisturizes. The subtle scent is like a mini-Mediterranean vacation, making this an absolute favorite among the Nivea lip care line.

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm ($3.49): The egg shape may take a few applications to get used to, but the lasting hydration, yummy flavors (lemon, mint, pomegranate to name a few), and all-natural formula will keep you hooked. 

Aquaphor Lip Repair ($4.99): Similar to the Aquaphor repair lotion, the rich texture of the Aquaphor lip repair works well for severely dry, cracked lips, especially for individuals with sensitive skin since it is fragrance free with no preservatives or dyes. 

John Masters Organics Lip Calm ($6): Olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter combine in this lightweight organic ‘lip calm’ that glides on more like an oil than a wax based product.   

After overdosing on Pantene Pro-V as a teenager, most of my adult life has been spent searching for a shampoo and conditioner that would give me the bouncy waves and voluminous lift that my hair always seemed to lack. Fairy tales of shampoo changing the structure of my hair have faded but my search for great hair products has not. When I was recently reintroduced to Pantene, I was surprised to find that my old stand-by was chicer, more adult-looking and included an Expert Collection. With sleek black packaging and the promise of repairing damage through replacing the keratin that damaged hair is often lacking, I decided to give Pantene’s Expert Collection Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner a chance. 

According to Pantene scientists, our hair is made up of up to 80% of the protein keratin. The Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair line helps replace the keratin that is lost due to brushing hair, coloring, and using heat style products. What does all of that translate to in reality? My hair was smooth, but not weighed down. With the help of a wide barrel curling iron I was able to achieve those bouncy waves I’ve been dreaming about. For $8.99 for the shampoo or conditioner and a Pantene Smart Beauty Satisfaction Guarantee the Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair, there’s really no excuse for not trying the grown-up version of Pantene’s Expert Collection. 

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