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Low ponytails replace the high “cheerleader-like” ones of summer and twists and super soft curls are all the rage for Fall. Also making a comeback this season is the uber shiny, bouncy frock, so be sure to use moisture based and easily manageable products.

Abba Pure Moisture ShampooTo achieve the gleaming shine without all the hidden chemicals try Abba’s new Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a botanical powerhouse of strength for brittle post summer hair. Abba is taking a “prescription” type approach to solving our strand’s woes and leaving a glossy, static-free mane behind.

VO5 Extreme Style

With extensive research to find out what consumers want from a hair care line, VO5 has launched their Extreme Style line of products and I have to say this stuff rocks. The pomade is soft and manageable and the gel will hold even a Mohawk in place for the duration. But my favorite is the mousse - I use it every day on thin, listless hair of my clients. It creates maximum volume that doesn’t weigh hair down.

Q. I am 53 and am looking for a product to even my skin tone. I don’t want to wear liquid foundation. I heard there was a product that you put on like a powder, but it appears to change to a foundation look…. does that make sense to you? Also, I need/want something that is very translucent as I don’t like to “look” like I’m wearing makeup on my skin. I was looking at the L’Oreal Translucide powder, but I don’t know if that is just a matte finish to wear over foundation, or if it is worn as an evening skin tone powder. Help?

Q. Glossy mascara is there REALLY such a thing. I’ve been disappointed time and lash again.

Q. I love the look of wearing Black Nail polish! Is it still in to wear and if not what colors are in for the fall?

Q, I am getting married in August and I need a really good makeup with good coverage. What would you suggest?

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