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The holiday season is exciting and fun, but unfortunately it’s also very stressful. Now that it’s over, we want nothing more than to take the time to calm our thoughts and put ourselves in a time out. We find that products infused with relaxing ingredients like lavender, green tea, vanilla and Shea butter work wonders to soothe not only this time of year, but anytime we need to unwind.

Pomegranates are amazing superfruits containing vitamins C and B5, Potassium and antioxidants. Because of this, they are incorporated into many beauty and health products like cleansers, lotions, lip glosses and hair treatments. Among their “super” abilities: fighting off signs of aging, stimulating cell regeneration in the skin and actually calming wild, frizzy hair. Here a just a few great finds containing this powerful ingredient.




It’s fall, and that means it’s the season of the pumpkin. Not only for decoration or baking with, pumpkins are full of fabulous antioxidants and skin-friendly proprieties that will leave you looking radiant and feeling pampered. “Spiced” flavors satisfy our enjoyment of smelling the distinct aroma of fresh-baked pie, making this our favorite times of year. Take a look at these products inspired by and infused with that big orange fruit.





Love Spell Refreshing Body Mist, from VS’s Secret Garden Collection, is a sweet and fruity body spray that leaves skin lightly scented with notes of Cherry Blossom, Peach and White Jasmine, moisturized with Aloe Vera and calm thanks to the infusinon of Chamomile. Though quite sweet in smell, we find a couple of sprays of this is just the right amount of lush sweetness to keep our mood positive and carry us through the day. $9,



We always welcome the opportunity to pamper ourselves. With Lisa Hoffman’s Bath Soak, we take advantage as often as we can. Pouring a bit of this into a bath not only pampers, but offers nourishment, rejuvenation and moisture for our skin. Did we mention the smell? This award-winner is nothing short of amazing— with notes or Jasmine, Orange and Bergamot, our skin is always left smelling fabulous. $23.95,

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