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Found in the fruit of the marula tree in southern African and parts of West Africa, marula oil has been used for thousands of years for moisturizing, cooking, and even as a leather treatment. Often referred to as a ‘miracle oil’, this beauty elixir is packed with omega fatty acids, Vitamin E, and antioxidants. 

Pure marula oil is similar to the ever popular argan oil which in its pure oil form is an all-in-one product: body, hair, face — you name it, you got it moisturized. Marula oil has made its way into a range of beauty lines being sold in the US, including Clarins, Fiafini, African Botanics, and Marula Pure. Get in on the trend early by shopping these marula-infused beauty picks.  

Since we can now count down to spring using the fingers on only one hand, the promise of a new season is so close you can almost smell it. To jump start that process, now is the perfect time to start shopping around for your next signature scent. For the spring, the obvious fragrance choices are fresh, floral, and fruity. One unexpected scent choice that will have you spritzing away this spring is orange blossom. The Mediterranean inspired scent comes from a bitter orange flower, different from the navel oranges commonly found at the store. The scent is fresh, a subtle bit of citrus and just the right touch of sweet. Shop my favorite orange blossom perfume picks below.   

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London’s iconic Sanctuary Spa has gone from being an exclusive ballerina retreat in the 1970s (yes, such a thing existed!) to delivering their luxurious spa experience from across the pond and straight to your home. With the launch of their Youth Boosting Facial In-a-Box through QVC ($39), Sanctuary Spa’s facial in-a-box features anti-aging skincare products that work together to provide a full facial experience in the comfort of your own home. Featuring marine extracts like seaweed that promote the skin’s renewal, the kit includes single use packages of five products developed by celebrity facialist Nichola Joss. Her advice for the full spa experience at home: light a fragranced candle, turn on some gentle music, and allow at least half an hour to enjoy the full facial. 

The Sanctuary Spa Youth Boosting Facial In-a-Box kit includes: 

.5 oz Warming Microdermabrasion Polish 
.5 oz Time Reversal Face Mask
.16 oz Firming Youth Serum
.16 oz Brighten Eye Complex 
.33 oz Night Concentrate    

Julep-Instant-Warming-Foot-Scrub.jpgIf you’re like us, your feet have really taken a beating this winter. No matter what we do or how many pedicures we get, the dry skin never seems to stop! Until we found Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub, that is.

This foot scrub really does warm up upon contact with the skin, which can be offputting at first but really does make us feel like it’s working! It’s scented with cucumber and it’s packed with natural pumice to really exfoliate the skin and slough off all those pesky dead skin cells. Plus, it contains chili pepper oil to stimulate circulation and Vitamin E to moisturize.

The end result? Skin that’s soft, smooth and sandal-ready—even if spring is still a few months off.

Julep Instant Warming Foot Scrub retails for $22 at

Suave-Aloe-With-Cucumber-Body-Lotion.jpgWe’re always looking for a body lotion that gets rid of dryness and dehydration instantly. Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion definitely fits the bill!

This lotion is formulated with the aforementioned aloe and cucumber to moisturize and soothe even the driest skin. We’ve been using it on our legs, our hands, even our nose after a cold turned our nose red and raw—and, no matter where we apply it, we’re left with super smooth skin! It smells fresh and clean, which we love. Plus, it doesn’t feel greasy upon application, so you can use it as a hand cream and not worry about being able to type or text right afterward.

In short? This is one body lotion you won’t want to miss out on trying.

Suave Aloe with Cucumber Body Lotion retails for $4.79 at

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