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Bliss-24-Heaven-Healing-Body-Balm.jpgWant a body lotion with the consistency of whipped cream, a scent that’s intoxicating beyond belief and the ability to banish dry skin? Introducing Bliss 24-“Heaven” Healing Body Balm.

We actually think the name of this product is misleading—it’s so much more than a balm. It’s thick, it’s rich, it’s lush, it’s nourishing, it’s conditioning … basically, it’s a cream with amazing healing properties.

We’ve been rubbing it into our ashy legs, knobbly knees and rough elbows for about a month now, and we have to say, our skin has never been smoother or softer! We really can’t believe the change. We’re just happy we found it before the really cold weather sets in!

Bliss 24-“Heaven” Healing Body Balm retails for $35 at
In the winter my skin needs the thicker, creamier kind of body wishes that feel like they seep into skin and leave you moisturized. But in the summer all that feels like too much. That’s why Dove created their Summer Care Nourishing Body Wash, it’s a lightweight formula that packs the same moisturizing punch but without feeling heavy on skin. It’s the perfect way to get clean this summer.

Buy Dove Summer Care Nourishing Body Wash for $7 at most local drugstores and grocery stores.
Whish-Almond-Three-Whishes-Sugar-Scrub.jpgWe’re a sucker for sweet-smelling body scrubs, especially when they actually make our skin feel super soft. So is it any wonder that we’re in love with Whish Almond Three Whishes Sugar Scrub?

This scrub is liberally packed with tons of amazing ingredients meant to make your skin feel just like a baby’s you know what. Check out everything you’ll find in this rich, lush scrub:

Bamboo powder (a mineral-loaded exfoliant)
Raspberry seed (filled with antioxidants)
Brown sugar and organic sugar cane (an all-natural exfoliant)
Organic shea butter, raspberry butter and aloe (to moisturize and condition the skin)
Vitamin E and organic avocado oil (to brighten and rejuvenate the skin)

Don’t all of those ingredients just make this scrub sound good enough to eat? It really does make skin feel unbelievably soft, and the almond scent is just divine.

Whish Almond Three Whishes Sugar Scrub retails for $38 at
Laura-Mercier-Almond-Coconut-Milk-Honey-Bath.jpgWant to take your bubble bath to the next level? Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath is the way.

This bubble bath is rich, lush, deliciously thick … it turns every bath into a bubbly, frothy delight in mere moments. A few capfuls are all that is needed to create mountains of sweet-smelling bubbles, especially with notes of almond and coconut milk. Extracts of geranium, rosemary, lavender, honey and thyme, in addition to Vitamins A and E, moisturize and condition skin so you don’t get all shriveled up while sitting in the tub.

Plus, the design of the packaging is just so chic and luxurious. We love the oversized tub and the included honey dipper. It just looks so fun and inviting sitting in our bathtub!

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath retails for $40 at
Gud-Floral-Cherrynova-Body-Wash.jpgWe’ve long been fans of Burt’s Bees. So when the brand launched an offshoot, the adorable Gud, that’s designed to make people feel—you guessed it—good, we simply had to check it out. And with the addition to Gud by Burt’s Bees Floral Cherrynova Body Wash to our arsenal, are we ever glad we did.

Cherry blossoms and almond milk combine to create a scent that’s refreshing, invigorating and somehow calming all at once. And did we mention it smells delicious? Plus, the formula conditions your skin, thanks to soothing chamomile.

We love the design of the bottle, too, with its bright and cheery flowers and sweet pink top. The amazing amount of lather that’s created from a small amount of the body wash upon a pouf sure doesn’t hurt, either.

This stuff sure is good. Or, should we say, gud.

Gud by Burt’s Bees Floral Cherrynova Body Wash retails for $7 at

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