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Profoot Care Slik Stik, Anti-Blister Stick

With the temperatures at a record high and humidity off the charts, we consulted celebrity makeup artist Joanna Schlip (her clientele includes Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Pompeo, Laura Linney, Hilary Duff and Sheryl Crow) for some real-world-tested sweat-proofing tips to help you look perspiration-free:

1. Antiperspirant on your face?

Who knew your daily antiperspirant can also be used to help stop sweating on your face? Joanna keeps her A-List clients sweat-free even under the hot lights of TV and movie sets by applying a clear, solid antiperspirant before applying makeup.

Focus on areas like the upper lip, forehead and hairline to help maintain a matte appearance throughout the day and to keep makeup from sliding off.

2. Choose mineral makeup instead of liquid

Mineral Wear™ Talc-Free Mineral Foundation Not only does mineral makeup offer an ultra natural look, it won’t slip off skin like liquid foundations. Joanna prefers Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Foundation because of its super gentle formula ideal for breakout-prone or sensitive skin. It’s also sweat-resistant, making it the ideal choice for your summer foundation. Silicones help to form a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, so it becomes resistant to sweat allowing makeup to stay put all day long. What’s more? It’s vitamin-enriched and loaded with minerals and anti-oxidants to help nourish skin.

3. Toilet seat covers double as blotting papers

Next time you’re in a public bathroom, steal a few sheets of toilet seat covers - Joanna claims they are a sweaty gal’s secret weapon. Use them in place of blotting papers to dab away sweat and oil for a perfect matte finish.

21Devm1Sf6L. Aa160 4. Jell-o makes a great lip stain

Joanna recommends Jell-o for a long lasting DIY lip color. Lipstick and gloss tend to melt off in extreme heat, so Jell-o acts as a long-lasting sweat proof stain. Just lick your lips, dip fingers into the powder and apply to moist lips for long lasting, sweat proof (and delicious tasting) stain.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Sunlesstanningtips

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 1Tight fitting latex gloves do work just as well as your hands. They should fit snug and be thrown away after each use.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 2Elbows, knees, armpits, and under forearms and ankles should always be prepped pre-tanning with lotion or a sunscreen. After tanning, designate a wash cloth for a quick semi-damp pat over.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 3Exfoliate from head to toe. Oil based scrubs prevent color from applying evenly to skin so body exfoliation should be done with a non-oily or moisturizing scrub. Try scrubs that are designed specifically for self tanning like Avon’s Skin So Soft Satin Glow Body Wash. Salt scrubs should be avoided if you plan to shave before tanning.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 4If using darkly tinted self tanners, you may want to shave legs the previous day. Dark tints tend to settle in to fresh hair-free pores resulting in a spotted effect on skin.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 5I am a huge fan of tanning when staying in hotels. This way you can apply tanner before you catch zzz’s and wake up golden. It also keeps the mess off your sheets at home (you know they bleach these sheets at seriously hot temperatures so there’s no problem getting self tanning stains removed).

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 6Avoid applying your facial moisturizer and body creams for as long as you can. Or best, do not apply at all until color is in full effect.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 7After tanning, exercise should be a sweat free activity and swimming is completely off limits. If it’s raining, stay indoors. Once you’re caught in the rain you’ll find tiger streaks rather than an even glow.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 8If you’re looking for tan longevity, avoid steam showers, saunas and hot baths during your days of deep glow.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 9Wear dark, loose fitting clothing to avoid tan transfer. A tight pair of jeans put on immediately after tanning will absorb tan lotion and leave “creases” on your skin.

 Images Recipes Spring07 Images Sunlesstanner Number 10After tanning face, take a wet cotton swab to eyebrows and rub out any tanner residue. Also, rub a moistened cotton ball across your hairline where tanners tend to build up during application. This will ensure a no-tell perfectly tanned face.

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