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It sounds too delicious to be true, but the power of coffee grinds and coconut oil combine to make one of the cheapest (and best smelling) anti-cellulite treatments on the market. Except ‘the market’ you’ll be shopping at will be of the grocery variety. The Turnberry Isle Hotel and Spa in Miami, a city where cellulite seems to have been banned judging by a stroll down South Beach, has shared their recipe for the cellulite combatting at home scrub. 

Caffeine is a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite creams and the scrub helps activate circulation and remove dead skin cells while living the skin hydrated. This could get messy, so be aware of surfaces that may stain and try to resist the urge to drink the DIY concoction. 

  • 1/2 cup of coffee powder
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (olive oil can be a substitute)
  • Mix the coffee powder and oil in a bowl. Use hands to massage mixture onto body in a circular motion. 

There are many theories out there about the shelf life of makeup. Despite this we tend to keep our favorite products until they run out or until we lose them at a friend’s house, whichever comes first. But when it comes to mascara, it’s crucial to pay attention to how long after opening a tube of mascara it stays in your makeup bag to avoid product changes like clumping and drying, or in the worst case scenario, an eye infection. 

According to FDA regulations, cosmetics companies suggest that mascara should be replaced every three months as the eye is especially prone to irritation and infection. Not sure how you feel about this, but I choose to see it as the best news I’ve heard in awhile. There are literally millions of different types of mascara on the market, and following FDA regulations is a perfect excuse to discover your new favorite mascara. My top picks for your new mascara:


Standing in an impossibly long line at Sephora, you aimlessly pick up the strategically placed items that line the shelves. A red label with the words “cleansing spa water” catches your eye. It sounds fancy. You don’t believe it will really work though. Before you can question why anyone would pay $13 for a travel size container of water, you’ve added it to your purchase at check out. That night, after arguing with yourself on the couch over the fact that no matter how tired you are you still need to remove your makeup, you begrudgingly head to the bathroom and squeeze this ‘cleansing water’ onto a cotton pad. It immediately removes your mascara, your eyeliner, and your doubts. Your skin doesn’t feel oily or dry. You’re immediately hooked. You’re welcome. 

This article was inspired by Koh Gen Do’s cleansing spa water, but two affordable alternatives are also pictured.  

Photo credit: starlights_ / / CC BY-NC-SA
Rihanna has a lot of reasons to glow these days. The 25-year-old singer just launched her Rihanna for River Island clothing line and is days away from kicking off her Diamonds World Tour. But the real reason for her glow has a lot to do with her makeup artist, Mylah Morales. According to Mylah, she uses  Per-fekt Beauty products on Rihanna because of their multi-tasking abilities, crediting Per-fekt for “creating a healthy and youthful look,” something the star seems to have down pat. Mylah uses the one shade fits all Per-fekt Beauty Body Perfection Gel all over RiRi’s body to create an even skin tone that glows.

To get your own Rihanna glow on, the Allure Best of Beauty 2012 winning Body  Perfection Gel is available  in the Per-fekt Beauty Glow Kit. The Glow Kit retails at $100 and includes the body perfection gel, lip perfection gel and cheek perfection gel. It’s available at the exclusive price of $45 until March 21, 2013 at by entering  promo code GLOWKIT .    

Image: PRPhotos


greensmokey.jpgTo create a bold look that is soft and bright enough for daytime festivities — ahem, St. Patrick’s Day, I’m looking at you — Jenine Pizza, the global makeup artist for boutique beauty brand Beauty Addicts, shared these three easy steps to create a surprisingly fresh and subtle green smokey eye:

1. Layer your bottom lid generously with a deep, rich green eyeshadow. 

2. Blend a lighter green, like Beauty Addict’s Creme de Mint, an aqua color with undertones of gold and pewter, into your crease.

3. Place a golden shadow on the inside corner of your eye and under your brows to extend your brows and lighten the face.


beautyaddictshadows.JPGBeauty Addicts’ Emerald City Shadow, $15.50

Beauty Addicts’ Creme de Mint, $15.50

Beauty Addicts’ Eye Candy, $15.50

Photo of Delta Goodrem by Matt Roberts/Getty Images.

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