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I am a huge fan of nail polish layering to make your own look, as evidenced by this post. And this week I made up what I call Spubble Gum Pink, using Essie Tennis Corset and Essie Forget Me Nots! The Spubble Gum Pink name comes from how perfectly bubblicious pink it is, mixed with the perfect dash sparkle. To create the color I did my usual base coat, followed by one even coat of Forget Me Nots — let that sit a couple minutes and then follow up with a coat of Tennis Corset to add the shimmery sheen. Lastly, don’t forget your top coat to seal it all in!

You can get Essie Forget Me Nots and Essie Tennis Corset nail polishes for $8 each at
We’ve all been there. The manicure we’re trying to do on ourselves goes horribly awry, and we don’t have time to repaint our nails! Or the manicure we got was perfect, and we screwed it up somehow! Thankfully, those scenarios can be a thing of the past with these three tips guaranteed to keep your nails looking absolutely perfect.

Wear rubber gloves while washing the dishes.
Every manicurist has told us to do this. Seriously, it’s in their top 3 nail tips! Wearing rubber gloves while you wash the dishes keeps your nails looking perfect much longer, and it makes your skin so much better not to be in that hot, soapy water.

Clean up stray polish with a cotton-wrapped orange stick.
So, you’ve given yourself a pretty amazing manicure … and then disaster strikes. Your cuticles are covered in red/green/blue/purple/(insert other color here) nail polish. The easiest way to clean them up? With an orange stick wrapped in cotton and soaked in remover! Simply swab it over your cuticles and the excess polish will come right off.

Deborah-Lippmann-Fashion-Nail-Polish.jpgWhen in doubt, start simple.
So you’ve never really been that great at doing your own nails, but you want to get better. Start small! Rather than jumping right into dark, hard to apply colors like red, blue or black, start with a pale pink or nude that won’t show up as much if you make mistakes. We recommend a color like Deborah Lippmann Fashion ($16 at, which not only is indistinguishable if you make a mistake but is such a gorgeous nude.
One of the things I love to do most with my extensive nail polish collection is layer the colors to make my own colors. There are times when my efforts have resulted in failure, some colors just don’t mix the way you thought they would. But sometimes they result in beautiful colors that are completely custom and really quite stunning. One of my most recent combinations was Essie Mambo and Essie Curtain Call for a beautiful bronzey-nude color. 

I always start with a primer of some sort and then follow up with one coat of the base or primary color. In this case, my base was Mambo, a pretty nudish-tan. As long as you applied the base evenly, it’s time for the next coat, which is going to be your second layer. I usually opt for something shimmery or slightly sheer, as the point is to let the base layer show a little and to allow them to mix. I applied one even and slightly thin coat of Curtain Call right over the Mambo. Lastly I follow up with my go-to finishing touch Essie Good to Go top coat.

You can get Essie Mambo and Curtain Call nail polishes for $8 each at
Beauty-Breakthroughs-Image.jpgWe try out different products every day, and while we love many of them, they don’t all fall into the category of a beauty breakthrough. But these five products are so different than everything else on the market, there’s just no other way to describe them! Below, the products that are changing the face of beauty right now.

Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver
While we’ve always had trouble mastering a curling iron, this one—developed by celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa—makes things super easy. The barrel rotates as it curls and even has left and right buttons so you can easily control the side you’re curling. Voila: perfect, beachy waves every time.
$189 at

Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++
Moisturizer. Foundation. Sunscreen. Want to only use one product instead of all three? This is it. B.B. creams are the new cool kid on the block when it comes to skincare, and with the ability to nourish, hydrate, protect and give color to the skin, it’s certainly easy to see why.
$38 at

Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Weightless Conditioning Shake Conditioner
We’re always putting way too many products into our hair—shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, serum, heat protectant. But with this bottle, the dual phase formulation (white liquid and blue liquid that mix together when shaken) conditions and protects your hair from heat styling in one fell swoop.
$6.27 at

Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste
Usually, we don’t really think whitening toothpastes do all that much. But this one, which is infused with Bluverite technology to instantly give the impression of whiter teeth, tastes great and really does make teeth appear whiter and brighter almost instantly. Say goodbye to coffee and wine stains.
$9.99 for a pack of 3 at

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System
We’ve long been fans of Clarisonic, and this new sonic cleanser is no different. Two speeds, a pulsing timer that lets you know when it’s time to switch cleansing positions, and a handy carrying case make this our new favorite member of the Clarisonic family.
$149 at
The weather outside is no longer frightful, in fact around me, it’s downright delightful. Warmer temps usually mean more attention paid to unwanted hair removal. Unfortunately with the smooth-skin benefits of hair removal, can come unsightly blemishes, in the form of razor bumps and even, UGH, ingrown hairs. Tend Skin the Skincare Solution is my go-to for any problem that arises from hair removal. I just apply some to a clean cotton pad and swipe it over any affected areas. It works so incredibly effectively that I don’t mind the rubbing alcohol smell (nothing a little lotion or body spray doesn’t fix immediately). And I like the tingly sensation it leaves on my skin.

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