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No matter how hard I’ve tried to make sure I scrub and clean my face at night, it’s a routine that just does not stick no matter how hard I try, so I decided to try to find a way to make this as simple as possible with just one step: the Simple Radiance Cleansing Wipes ($5.99). The wipes are a perfect blend of gentle cleanser and mango extract to help scrub and remove impurities for natural, clean-looking skin. One of the best parts about this brand is they pride themselves on being the “Sensitive Skin Experts,” so there is no need to worry about bad reactions. The wipes contain three ingredients: mango extract, glycerin and bisabolol. There is no alcohol, which means these won’t leave your skin dried out or irritated. Honestly, if you’re having a hard time getting into the habit or really cleansing your face before bed, pick these up and just wipe your face thoroughly and you will get rid of all that dirt. Added bonus: because the package is resealable, you can keep them in a nightstand and clean your face right in bed, for after those really long days or nights!

Every year around this time, my hands become super dry and chapped and no matter what I do to prevent or cure it nothing helps — until now. I recently was browsing around The Body Shop and I came across their Hemp Hand Protector ($10 on sale). This dermatologically tested lotion is formulated with Community Trade hemp seed oil to treat and prevent extremely dry skin, which is most of the time caused by cold weather. This lotion will not only soften your hands, but it will help protect against the toughest weather, even after washing!


After I wrote about the at-home facial, I decided to take a look into other products that could help prolong my trips to the spa. I stumbled upon another mask that I have fallen in love with, the Karuna Skin Restoring Treatment Mask ($48). 

One of my biggest issues is my sensitive skin, but also the dryness I suffer from in the fall and winter months, so I was on a mission to find a restoring mask that can help refresh my skin at home. The minute I tried this one, I knew it was what my beauty routine was missing. The coconut water moisturizes and revives your skin while the sweet orange and probiotics help minimize signs of aging, and the advanced hyaluronic acid offers maximum hydration. You use the mask the same way you would use a pore cleansing strip, you simply apply the mask until it dries and lightly peel it off, leaving you with moisturized, hydrated, and radiant skin.

I have always been a little wary of getting facials because I’m afraid of what it may do to my sensitive skin, but one day I faced my fear and treated myself to a spa day and my life hasn’t been the same since. I started getting regular facials and masks to help improve my dry skin and skin tone, but then my wallet started feeling the pain and I had to cut back. Determined to find at-home remedies that would give me at least a little satisfaction, I went through countless facial scrubs, pads and creams until I finally found the perfect solution.

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask first caught my eye with its bright bottle, seashell logo and the words “anti-stress.” But for $3.99, I thought there was no way it could be any good. The minute I put it on, however, I instantly felt refreshed. The cooling sensation made me feel relaxed and at ease. After I finished taking it off, my skin looked smoother and brighter. I also bought the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask to try later this week! 

If you are looking for an inexpensive mask to use in between trips to the spa, I would definitely recommend this brand, you can’t beat the results or price!

If you’re anything like me, it takes about three cups of coffee before anyone can even approach me in the morning. Despite the amount of sleep I actually get, I feel like I still look so tired when I wake up. Unfortunately, as much as I love the change of seasons and the fall breeze with the dry weather, I tend to look even more drowned out and tired during this season. Here are a few of my favorite items that help turn my look from tired to fresh each morning. 

The Face Wash

I have tried a few different products in this category and none have really been able to keep my skin clear and wake me up the way this one does. Clean and Clear Morning Burst ($6.99) has energizing beads that will instantly make you feel refreshed and awake. The facial cleanser also helps prevent shine throughout the day so if you suffer from oily skin like I do, it’s an even better choice. The wash comes in a few different colors and scents, but my favorite is the one that features lemongrass, for some reason that particular smell leaves you feeling truly fresh and relaxed. 

The Moisturizer 

Having the right lotion is an essential part of your day because this one product has the ability to give you glowing skin. My favorite daytime moisturizer is Shiseido Brightening Protective Cream ($54.50); not only does it include SPF 15, but it is formulated with vitamin C, which will help brighten skin and revitalize your face — an essential part of fall skincare.

The Eyeliner

Makeup is a necessity if you are trying to make yourself appear more refreshed, but it is even more important to make sure you are using the proper product to achieve the desired results. Using any old black eyeliner on the mornings you are looking especially tired is a risky move because it can make your eyes appear darker and more sunken in. The Almay Wake Up Eyeliner + Highlighter ($8.99) is the perfect item to achieve the look you are looking for. This dual sided pencil allows you to define your eyes while the illuminating side can help brighten your irises. On top of the shimmery color giving you a bit of refreshing, the highlighter delivers a cooling sensation during application to perk up your pupils, tricking people into thinking you got a full eight hours!

Adding these three things into your morning routine will without a doubt make you seem more refreshed and awake.

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