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The first time we saw Dermalogica’s PreCleanse, we thought “Huh? Isn’t regular cleanser enough?” Well, we were wrong, evidently. Sometimes, even with a good cleanser, makeup, oil and environmental debris stay engrained in your pores, and an oil-based product like PreCleanse removes all the excess gunk and, believe it or not, oil. Oil removing oil? Yes, you read correctly. 

We squirted about a quarter size amount of the product on our hands and massaged it onto our dry, heavily made-up face, complete with waterproof mascara. We worked it in for about a minute, focusing on our eyes and cheeks, and than added a little warm water to the mix to create a milky consistency that washes right off - and takes all the bad stuff with it. 

Following with our normal cleanser, even with our oily skin and caked-on makeup from a night out, our cotton round with toner came out clean, and our skin was soft, with no trace of excess oil. 

Philosophy is known the world over for their skincare with whimsical names, such as their Hope in a Jar moisturizer, When Hope is Not Enough serum, and The Great Mystery Daily Facial. You may have salivated over their so-good-you-could-eat-it food inspired 3-in-1 bath gels (Red Velvet Cake, anyone?), or doused yourself in the heavenly Amazing Grace fragrance. But did you know that Philosophy has amazing makeup too?

Philosophy’s the supernatural line is just that: super healthy, mineral-based, your-skin-but-better makeup. Standouts include:

  • Airbrushed Canvas- a high-pigment, talc-free foundation that conceals, camouflages and provides spf protection all in one easy step. best of all, it’s safe for all skin types. Airbrushed Canvas looks natural and almost melts into skin, leaving you flawless with no tell tale makeup look or “shiny” appearance that other mineral powders can take on.
  • Superbeautiful Hybrid Liquid- a healthy, good-for-skin makeup infused with natural, plant-based moisturizers, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and spf 20 to deliver sheer color, moisture and protection. Perfect for those who like the look and application of liquid makeup with the benefits of minerals. This one truly does double duty to keep skin flawless with or without makeup.
  • Lit From Within Cream Blush - a superblendable, creamy, natural mineral blush that moisturizes, refreshes and adds sheer, healthy color to cheeks. This cream is easily applied with fingers or brush (we prefer our fingers!), and makes skin glow.
  • You Make Me Blush Cheek Duo- a mineral powder duo creates a believable, natural flush of color for an all-over healthy look. The two shades complement each other, while also creating endless options for defining, highlighting, and accentuating features, all while remaining completely natural.
If you’re like us, you want super-performing products that leave you looking your best…without looking like someone else…which is exactly what you’ll get from Philosophy. Definitely worth a try!

The line retails between $22-$35, available nationwide at Sephora, or at

Paulas-Choice-SPF_thumbnails.jpgSummer may be quickly winding down, but that doesn’t mean you need to put away your sunscreen along with your bikinis and flip flops. Relatively new to the beauty scene, the Ultra-light Weightless Finish SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray by Paula’s Choice is definitely a must-have product to keep in the front row of your beauty drawer year-round. Just as the name suggests, it’s super light, and not the least bit heavy. We loved how easy the clear liquid spritzed on, though we did have to rub it in a little to evenly distribute the sunscreen. Though it left our hands a little greasy from the application initially, it was absorbed almost instantaneously, and didn’t leave behind any residue, film, oil, or any other sign that makes most of us dread our daily SPF application. 

The product details mention it’s suitable for face and body, though we only tried it on our limbs, chest and neck. However, with how quickly the spray is absorbed, and the lack of any greasy residue on our arms, we could see it working for the face. It’s 100% fragrance-free and has no dyes or colorings, so it’s perfect for the most sensitive of skin types (like ours.) The SPF 30 is dermatologist recommended for daily use, and should be applied every few hours (especially after excessive perspiration) for optimum protection. Thankfully, the bottle is slim and can be easily carried around in your daily satchel or tote for multiple applications. If you are anything like us, Paula’s Choice Weightless spray will immediately become your go-to, can’t-live-without sunscreen, so stock up!


Claims: “This intense moisture replacement mask with Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil  deeply and instantly quenches compromised moisture reserves and builds a reservoir for tomorrow.  Japanese Seaweed repairs skin’s barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging.”

Instructions: Twice a week or as desired, gently massage onto clean skin at bedtime. Tissue off excess.

Our Take: The ingredient list on the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask sounds (and smells) like an amazing tropical fruit salad. When we originally read “overnight mask”, visions of thick, green crackly goop were conjured up in our minds. Instead, it’s more of an ultra thick night cream. We massaged about a dime-sized amount onto our skin, and - against the suggestions from the instructions - did not tissue off excess (we didn’t find it that necessary.) At first, it felt incredibly thick and rich, which we could imagine would be a tad worrisome for anyone with oily, or acne-prone skin. When morning rose, our skin was soft, supple, and no oily residue was present (impressive!). Though we didn’t necessarily notice a miraculous difference in our skin, it definitely beat any intensive night cream we’ve used in the past.

Bottom Line: Though we think “overnight mask” should probably be switched out for “incredibly rich overnight cream”, Origins’ non-greasy moisturizer/mask is absolutely worth a try, if only for the fantastically fragrant smell. Just be careful with being tempted to lick your face!

Summer is all about extremes: less clothes, more skin; less work, more play. And in the case of your feet, less boots, more sandals. For all you open-toed, open-heeled shoe wearing gals, keeping your feet smooth, moisturized and sexy should probably be on the forefront of your minds. But unless you’re making a conscious effort to whip out the pumice stone with every shower, the former could be a daunting task.

Enter Kiehl’s Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer for Dry or Callused Areas. The length of the name may involve taking a deep breath before uttering, but we think it’s well worth it. 

Enhanced with avocado oil and shea butter, the callus cream is ultra thick and rich. Kiehl’s claims it’s great for areas such as your hands, elbows, knees and feet, and we couldn’t agree more. Our favorite, and most effective way, to use the intensive treatment is right before bed. We slathered and massaged in about a quarter-sized amount on each foot -  concentrating on the driest areas - waited about 2-3 minutes for some absorption, and then capped it off with some cotton socks. After the first night, the difference was noticeable, and after the fourth, our feet were as smooth (if not more) than an over-priced trip to the salon. 

Though you might be left with some super slick hands (and jar) after application, we can’t imagine finishing off the summer in sandals without it!

$23 (tube) /$47, (jar), 

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