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CLEAN-Warm-Cotton.jpgYou know those fragrances that just make you feel like you’re home? Well, CLEAN Warm Cotton does that for us.

We love the smell of fresh laundry, and Warm Cotton smells exactly like clothes coming out of the dryer. It’s incredibly soothing and refreshing thanks to notes of citrus, watery green pear, verbena, floral essences, fruit essences, marine essences, jasmine, orange flower, musk, fougere and amber.

This is definitely one of the most unique fragrances we’ve come across. It’s equally as perfect on the skin or as a room refresher—a few spritzes and you’ll feel as if summer is in the room. If only it were this easy to do the laundry.

CLEAN Warm Cotton retails for $15-$69 at
Four-Best-Fragrances-2011.jpgWant to smell pretty? Then these 4 fragrances are for you. Each one smells fantastic and looks gorgeous atop the vanity. We honestly can’t believe we’ve lived without them for this long—that’s how great they are!

Kenzo FlowerTAG Eau de Toilette
A mix of fruity (black currant, rhubarb and mandarin), floral (peony, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley) and sensual (tea, vanilla and musk) notes create a scent that’s feminine and surprisingly colorful.
$65-$83 at

Dior Addict To Life Eau de Toilette
Within the pale lavender bottle lies a complexly beautiful mixture of notes including jasmine, rose, lilac and white musk.
$40-$90 at

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum
While the scent of candy in a perfume usually turns our stomach, this fragrance is saccharine without being overly sweet. The inclusion of caramel gives it a dark, sensuous feel.
$80-$108 at

Acqua di Parma Gelsomino Nobile Eau de Parfum
The exclusive jasmine flower of Calabria, Italy provides the inspiration for this truly luxurious fragrance. Musk and floral notes give it a gorgeous richness.
$108-$170 at
I am a grown adult, I promise, but I never quite outgrew my fascination with Bath and Body Works’ fragrance mists — Specifically their limited edition Vanilla Bean Noel scent. But seeing as how that scent is only available for several months I’m left to come up with alternatives the rest of the year. I have an allergy to floral scents and I think there’s something yummy about smelling like a bakery … so I tend to go for vanilla scents in general. So imagine my excitement when B&BW came out with a Cozy Autumn Vanilla. It smells like a spicy, caramel version of their classic Warm Vanilla Sugar and I adore it already.

Cozy Autumn Vanilla Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and more are all available on
We recently had the displeasure of smelling Jennifer Aniston’s signature scent while shopping with a friend. You know those mini aerosol can fragrances they sell at K-Mart? Just saying.

Jennifer Aniston fragrance, $18-70 at

marc-curacao-smh.jpgI spent a good fifteen minutes in Sephora over the weekend debating which limited edition Marc Jacobs splash to purchase. Here are my highly-scientific findings:

1. Ginger smelled nice initially, but was somewhat chemically after a few whiffs.
2. Curacao is fab. Really, really fab.
3. Cranberry is also nice and its top note is actually pink grapefruit.

Marc Jacobs Splash, $68 at

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