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If ever there was a wondrous, magical hair potion, it would have to be Moroccanoil. Formulated with silicones (which are great for anti-frizzing) and argan oil (the ancient beauty marvel native to Morocco), this slick solution leaves your hair super soft, shiny, and really beyond many other descriptive words. 

The first time we tried Moroccanoil, we were in the salon (which is where it is sold exclusively to ensure that the product is 100% original, as there are many knockoffs online). As we saw our stylist pour what appeared to be straight oil in his hands, our bodies instantly stiffened with fear. Oil? In our already too-greasy hair? Say it isn’t so! Before we could stop them, the oil was being slathered from wet root to wet tip. The smell was divine, but that only temporarily took away our fears of walking out of the salon looking like our head was dunked in a fryer. As Mr. Stylist started blowdrying our newly shaped coif, we caught glimpses of glossy, satin-smooth hair that looked straight out of a perfectly-lit commercial. Running our hands through our styled locks was an experience that could only be described with a corny phrase like “Out of this world.” 

No, our hair was not greasy in the least, something that could have only been accomplished by some strange, unseen magic. But for real, this liquid amber is a product that, though very pricey, is worth its weight in gold. A 3.4 fl. oz. bottle normally runs for about $40, which should last you (depending on how often you blow out your hair) a few months. If you’re weary of splurging, there is a 0.85 fl. oz. bottle that retails for $15 that is a great trial run of the product with enough to get you through about two to three weeks.
What do you get when you blend dead sea minerals with organic fruits and vegetables (like carrots) and leave out the parabens? Well, shampoo and conditioner, of course. Per usual, we were first drawn to this duo for its fresh orange color (and label.) Reading a book by its cover? You betcha. When we untwisted the top of Yes To Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner, we were pleasantly surprised by the fruity scent (it’s carrot shampoo after all). Though the ingredient list reads more like the recipe for a fall harvest soup than haircare - organic carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin - we gave it a try.  

The directions mention to leave the shampoo on for two minutes (which was a little odd, but we followed instructions) before rinsing, and the same for the conditioner. We squeezed the traditional amount of product into our hands before lathering up, and found we needed some more shampoo to get a rich froth. The conditioner was ultra thick and rich, but appeared to absorb into our hair pretty quickly. Assuming it was a result of the unconventional formula, we left the shower with squeaky clean strands that smelled marvelous. Though our hair was soft when dried, it didn’t feel quite as hydrated or glossy as we are used to. 

Overall, we were pleased with the smell, lack of harmful chemicals and the presence of natural ingredients, but we felt this duo was a little drying for our normal/dry hair, and might be a better match for oily tresses. 

$8.99 each,
avon.jpgAvon Inc. plans to grow its hair care business by increasing focus on premium hair care, including the introduction of a revolutionary new frizz fighting product. The direct seller will usher in the strategy this summer with a new patent-pending technology designed to smooth frizz similar to a salon treatment.

The technology is housed in the upcoming product called Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. The treatment’s technology is designed to mimic the lotus leaf, which lives in water but has a surface structure that repels droplets of moisture. The humidity-fighting technology comprises smoothing silicone and microparticles. After one week of use, Lotus Shield was found — in various testing conditions, including rainforest-level humidity of up to 95 percent — to last for three days, even after hair washing.

Beginning in July, Lotus Shield will sell for $12 and its launch will coincide with the restage of the existing Advance Techniques line. Advance Techniques will consist of 23 products within six regimens based on hair concerns, namely Frizz Control (Lotus Shield), Daily Shine, Color Protection, Damage Repair, Volume, and Keep Clear.

via WWD.

pssssssst.jpgThis may sound a little greedy, but we occasionally come across a drugstore find so great, we’re hesitant to share. But we love you so much we couldn’t hold out! For $5.99, Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo is the perfect way to skip shampoo - or two - and still look like you stepped right out of a blow out. And trust us, we’ve tried our share of instant shampoos and this one is by far the best bang for your buck.

It smells good too. $5.99 at
Trends can be intimidating, especially during Fashion Week- not only are the models 16 year old goddesses, but they have the best in makeup, hair, and design backstage dressing them up like dolls. How can we compete?

Thankfully, as we jet from backstage to backstage this season, we keep hearing the same phrases used over and over again: clean, fresh, organic, and “like they did it themselves”. Good news for us, who don’t have the beauty team following us around all day ( a girl can dream!)

072.JPGBackstage at the Charlotte Ronson show, we noticed some really chic looks, which thankfully are super easy to re-create at home. Here’s how to get the look:

For the face, Sephora PRO artist Gilbert Soliz told us that Charlotte wanted the girls to look as if  they’d done their own faces. The skin was kept dewy using Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Makeup, and then sculpted with taupe powder to lift the face. The eyes were then given a monochromatic brown smokey look using Makeup For Ever Aqua Eyes in Pearly Brown. The shadow was applied to the lid and then winged out with a brush, followed by DiorShow mascara enhance lashes. The eyebrows were kept natural and only lightly groomed, and lips were left nude, touched only by clear balm to enhance (Sephora FACE Very Sexy Nourishing Lip Balm SPF 15).

hh.JPGFor the hair,  TRESemmÉ Celebrity Stylist Jeanie Syfu said that Ronson wanted “decadence”. The hair was prepped with a lightweight mousse (Tresemme 24hr Body), and then dried with a round brush for volume before being sectioned off and wrapped lightly around a barrel iron. The curls were then finger combed to loosen the wave, and spritzed with a dry shampoo (Tresemme Fresh Start) to absorb leftover styling products.

079.JPGViola! So simple….turban optional.


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