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Orly-Galaxy-Girl.jpgA nail polish inspired by outer space? Yes please. Especially when it’s Orly Galaxy Girl, one of the nail polishes from the Cosmic FX Collection.

Now, this collection isn’t new—it actually launched back in Fall 2010. But the whole collection is filled with polishes that sparkle and shine, thanks to multi-dimensional flashes of color. This is thanks to Mineral FX technology, which includes specialty mica, and both crystals and glass particles.

Galaxy Girl is one of our favorites from the collection. It’s part purple, part rust, part chocolate brown and liberally filled with teal sparkle and shimmer.

And, really, doesn’t the name just make you want to be Judy Jetson?

Orly Galaxy Girl nail polish retails for $10 at
Sephora-Collection-Instant-Nail-Polish-Remover.jpgWhen it comes to nail polish removers, a lot of them just don’t remove all that much or all that well. Especially when it comes to glitter polishes that tend to stick onto the nail annoyingly well! Thankfully, Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover doesn’t fall into that category.

When we first started using this remover, we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and easily it removed polish from all 10 of our tips. The bottle comes with pre-moistened foam that you can use in place of cotton balls, though we admit we still prefer cotton balls to the foam. However, one cotton ball is enough to remove polish from all 10 nails!

Plus, the formula doesn’t strip or dry out the nails, so they look and feel healthy. AND it doesn’t smell terrible! This nail polish remover is a win all around.

Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover retails for $9.50 at
I have to give Taylor Swift props - she did several of things right with her beautiful Elie Saab gown. Among them were, how she opted for a stunning smokey eye under her fringe bangs but left her lips light and almost nude. And best of all, she chose a deep, almost violet shade of dark nail polish to set her manicure off. With a dress of that color, many will choose to match it with nail polish and/or lipstick, which only creates an overstated look. Taylor’s sense of style has keenly developed over the years and she got it all right this time in my book.
butter-LONDON-Trout-Pout.jpgWhile we normally shy away from cantaloupe if it’s not in a fruit salad, in the case of butter LONDON Trout Pout, we can’t help but fall immediately in love!

This nail polish is the perfect shade of creamy cantaloupe. It screams 50’s but with a modern feel, which is just so cool.

And here’s the best part—it looks equally good on fingers as it does on toes! We can’t wait to show it off all springtime long.

butter LONDON Trout Pout retails for $14 at
One of the things I love to do most with my extensive nail polish collection is layer the colors to make my own colors. There are times when my efforts have resulted in failure, some colors just don’t mix the way you thought they would. But sometimes they result in beautiful colors that are completely custom and really quite stunning. One of my most recent combinations was Essie Mambo and Essie Curtain Call for a beautiful bronzey-nude color. 

I always start with a primer of some sort and then follow up with one coat of the base or primary color. In this case, my base was Mambo, a pretty nudish-tan. As long as you applied the base evenly, it’s time for the next coat, which is going to be your second layer. I usually opt for something shimmery or slightly sheer, as the point is to let the base layer show a little and to allow them to mix. I applied one even and slightly thin coat of Curtain Call right over the Mambo. Lastly I follow up with my go-to finishing touch Essie Good to Go top coat.

You can get Essie Mambo and Curtain Call nail polishes for $8 each at

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