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blastednails_smh.jpgMeet the new collection of ‘blasted’ colors by OPI, reminiscent of Katy Perry’s super-popular ‘shattered’ OPI lacquer, that hit stores earlier this year and of which Katy’s mom is a big fan.

Have you tried this trend yet? Were you happy with the results? Now that summer’s here, it’s time to try it again — especially with these lighter colors like teal and blue. We’d pair the teal with a neon lavender underneath (once applied, the blasted effect shows off the original nail color) and the blue with bright yellow. And here’s a cool bonus, this could be especially useful when you don’t want a chip from playing beach volleyball to be glaringly obvious.

Sephora by OPI, $9.50 at

chloekat_smh.jpgForget red, gray or whatever your usual nail polish is. The younger set of Hollywood actresses have spoken and the trend for summer 2011 is bright, matte and unexpected. On the left, Chloe Moretz rocks electric lavender nail polish against an otherwise very mature and sophisticated ensemble while on the right, Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham goes for bright yellow (with some embellishments on certain fingers). To pull this look off, don’t match your nails to your wardrobe, but instead pick a bold color you don’t have a lot of in your closet and then play it off against black, navy, complementary colors and contrasting prints.

nailssummer_smh.jpgEssie nail polish in Splash of Grenadine, $8 at
O-P-I nail polish in Need Sunglasses, $5.85 at
Sephora by O-P-I ‘GLEE collection’ in Slushied, $9.50 at
Illamasqua nail varnish in Gamma, $14 at
Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple, $8 at
Nars nail polish in Schiap, $17 at
There’s almost nothing more annoying in the beauty world than the following scenario: You spent the past 20 minutes perfectly manicuring your nails and toes. Base coat, two coats of color, top coat, dry. Just when you think your nails have fully dried, you go about your business, only to smudge your freshly painted nails on the first thing you touch. ::insert aggravated grunting, scoffing and the occasional profanity here:: 

Thanks to Essie’s Quick-E drying drops, you can say a perfect-nail goodbye to not-dry-enough nails. Even with our fast drying top coat, we have to wait about 10 or 15 minutes to feel remotely secure enough to handle anything. One or two drops of Essie’s oily drops to top off our at-home manicure (a minute after you put on your top coat) is all you need to get you going in just a few minutes. Place the oil drop at the line of your cuticle and let the oil drip all the way down your nail. Though the product mentions you’re good to go in seconds, we’d wait about 2-3 minutes before moving forward. 

It’ll definitely be one of those products that you just can’t live without! $14.95,
So, it’s been pretty obvious that we’ve been obsessed with nails lately, as seen here and here. Last spring, we were all over pinks, purples, corals and greens. Fall brought on greys of all varieties, followed by glitzy golds, glitters and silvers during the holidays. Now, in the onset of spring, neutral, natural nails have been spotted on tons of our beauty icons and celebrities (like the close ups we have above pulled from this year’s Oscars.) 

Though bright posie pinks and minty greens scream spring, we’re loving the more understated, whispering sheer and pale peaches and pinks. The lack of color gives your hands a seamless, clean look. Plus, they are less fussy, because chips are less visible!

Give one of these six must-have-for-spring colors a try, and breathe a breath of fresh, neutral air!

1. China Glaze Sunset Sail; $6.50,
2. Essie Shop til I Drop; $8,
3. Essie A Lot of Shekels; $7.79,
4. OPI Dulce de Leche; $5.25,
5. Rimmel London Bare Naked; $4,
6. Revlon Peach Smoothie; $4.79,

What can we say — St. Patrick’s Day brings out the lucky leprechaun inside of us! We’ve decided to bring you a host of green products guaranteed to bring a little fun into your beauty routine. First up — nails!

Green-Nail-Polishes-Image-1.jpgSephora by OPI Nail Colour in Read My Palm
This opaque light jade is different than any other polish we’ve yet come across — and it glides so smoothly onto the nail, too.
$9.50 at

CND Green Scene
A rich grass green has stepped onto the scene, immediately stealing our hearts.
$9 at

Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour in Fatigued
The perfect match for our favorite pair of worn-in cargos.
$4.99 at

Zoya Nail Polish in Edyta
A mix of gold, olive, blue-green and smoky grey with a sparkling metallic finish? Color us impressed.
$8 at

Green-Nail-Polishes-Image-2.jpgOrly Nail Lacquer in Green with Envy
Something tells us that whenever we wear this polish, heads will turn in a jealous rage.
$5.99 at

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Grass Slipper
Something tells us Cinderella would have fallen head over heels for this lime green polish, especially if she found out it contained all 5 steps of a manicure in 1 bottle.
$6.99 at

Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer in Hi-Tech
Shimmering golden particles float within the pale green base, creating a technically pleasing nail experience we’re pretty sure everyone will agree on.
$4.99 at

Green-Nail-Polishes-Image-3.jpgbutter LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer in British Racing Green
Originally created for Vena Cava during Fashion Week awhile back (and believe us when we say it grabbed our attention then!), this deep hunter green continues to stun time and time again.
$14 at

Jessica Victorian Crush Custom Nail Colour
This color might not have gone over too well in the Victorian era, but we’re certainly in love with it now.
$7.50 at

Sula Paint & Peel Nail Polish Duo in Kelly
Okay, this is one of the coolest products we’ve come across. Not only is the polish a gorgeous green, but it peels right off when you’re done with it — and the other end contains Sula’s Lasting Love Top Coat!
$9 at

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