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Since last spring, neutrals - especially in shoes - have been on trend. They extend your legs to glorious lengths, so the fact that nudes and neutrals are still the talk of the fashion town this spring (and will continue into fall) is hardly a surprise at all. Enter the Sephora by OPI Urban Ballerina collection. This new color set is probably one of our favorite releases by OPI as of late (second to that would be the Texas collection.) Adding a neutral tone to your nails - either your hands or feet - is honestly the best addition to any outfit or accessory. It’s the perfect canvas for your wardrobe - trust us. Each of these colors is so soft, so creamy, so delicious, it makes us want to do plies in our pink tutus! 

By far, our favorite hues are Leotard Optional (far left), and Break a Leg-Warmer! (far right.) Every gal needs these in her lacquer drawer. Two of the much lighter hues, which make you look super tan, btw, are The Way Tutu His Heart and Let’s Plie (which is metallic, unlike the prior three that are opaque.) 

Rounding off the three sparkly colors is Shiny Dancer (top row grey), and Who’s Spinning Tonight (grapey-purple.) We prefer the creamy opaque colors, but the metallic tones are fun, too, especially that uber bright purple, though we aren’t entirely sure how it fits into the collection (we guess every girl needs a little pizazz, huh?) $9.50,

CND-Shellac.jpgWe’d been quite interested in CND Shellac for quite some time. The prospect of chip-free nails for days and days on end (or, most accurately, WEEKS), intrigued us from the second we heard about the service. Luckily, at a beauty event a few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to try out the service!

And try it out we did. We decided to go for a little craziness on our nails, trying out some of the brand-new colors Shellac will be coming out with in March. One coat of Rock Royalty (a gorgeous purple cream), one coat of Iced Coral, and one very special nail based on the Tuxedo Nails from the most recent Ruffian show during New York Fashion Week … and voila! Our nails were bangin’.

Well, it’s now been 11 days. The picture above was taken 2 days after painting … and, if you can believe it, our nails are still totally chip-free and as glossy as ever! We’re thrilled about the results and have gotten so many compliments on our nails, it’s a wonder our head hasn’t swelled.

If you’re interested in trying CND Shellac, visit to find a salon near you.

With the onset of every new season (or at least the thought of the onset), we get an itching to update our lacquer drawer. With Pantone releasing its colors of the season, including coral rose, honeysuckle and russet, just the sound of those shades fill us with delight and visions of sweet and rich hues sported on our nails. 

And since we always have the hardest time deciding which polishes to invest in, why not invest in a little bit of everything? Enter the Sephora by OPI Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set. Eighteen? Yes ma’am! Our favorite shades we are most excited to try are Access 24/7 (a rich pink), Caliente Coral (the name speaks for itself), and Dating the Drummer (a rich brown.) 

For just under $50, you get 18 mini bottles of 0.12 ounces (the regular bottle size is 0.5 ounces), which we love for throwing in our toiletry or makeup bags for impulse painting, or necessary touch-ups. $48, 
Get excited about nails, because there are a bounty of new nail polish collections coming your way for spring! We are so unbelievably excited about every single collection — we have a feeling we’ll be going broke trying them all. Check out the collections that really have us scrambling for our wallets — and our nearest manicurist!

Zoya-Intimate-Spring-2011-Nail-Polish-Collection.jpgZoya Intimate
This collection of 6 metallic polishes is inspired by the feeling of intimacy — from temptations and whispers to lingerie and kisses. Choose from Marley (lavender pink with a whisper of metallic). Dove (delicate, pale gray cream), Caitlin (misty, moody grey violet cream), Dannii (sparkling, enchanted orchid metallic), Jules (soft, glimmering gold kiss metallic) and Gemma (mysterious green/purple duotone metallic).
Each polish retails for $7 and will be available starting January 15 at

Sephora-by-OPI-Glee-Nail-Polish-Collection.jpgSephora by OPI Glee
Gleeks unite! Fans of the TV show will be totally salivating over this collection of 7 polishes inspired by Rachel, Mr. Shue, Santana and all the rest. Colors include Slushied (opaque blue), Hell to the No (bold purple), Gleek Out (glittery lime green), Diva-in-Training (poppy pink), Who Let the Dorks Out (peacock green), Miss Bossy Pants (rich raspberry) and Mash-Up (pearlescent greenish grey).
Each polish retails for $9.50 and will be available in February at

Essie-French-Affair-Spring-2011-Nail-Polish-Collection-Coat-Azure.jpgEssie French Affair
Want to take a trip to the French Riviera? Well, if that’s a bit out of your budget, never fear … Essie’s romantic, French-themed collection will make you feel like you’re there in no time! Most of the 6 colors in the collection are more muted, but we’re totally feeling Coat Azure (above), an unbelievably gorgeous blue.
Each polish retails for $8 and will be available at in February.
Essie-Nail-Polish-Winter-Collection-Hot-Coco-Pic.jpgThere’s a new favorite nail polish in town, and its name is Essie Hot Coco. If heaven exists, we’re fairly certain this nail polish will be waiting for us when we get there.

We’ve been enamored of the neutral/greige/brown nail trend ever since it started, and Essie’s latest foray into the field has us salivating from the name itself! (Come on, isn’t the fact that it’s 20 degrees outside just making you want to cozy up in front of a fireplace with some cocoa?)

Well, if you’re like us, this creamy dark taupe will have you falling completely head over heels in love. It glides onto the nail without any effort whatsoever, and two coats leave behind just the perfect shade of cocoa you could ever hope to come across. If you’re looking for Essie’s answer to the chic nail polish of the season, this is most definitely it.

Essie Hot Coco nail polish retails for $8 at

Note: Essie’s online shop is undergoing some construction and this polish won’t be available until February 1. But we just couldn’t want to tell you about it! Add it to your wish list so you’ll be sure to know when it’s available for purchase.

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