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polishingnails.jpg Bubbles are fun, but not when they pop up on nails. This typically occurs with polish when base coat is skipped or polish is applied without allowing a adequate dry time between coats. Ji Baek, owner of Rescue Beauty Salons in NYC and the Rescue Beauty line of nail polishes shares her recommendation for correcting this all too common foible:

 “Dip the pad of your finger into nail polish remover and smooth over the bubbled area. That evens out the polish and redistributes the color.”

Apply a new topcoat and enjoy your bubble-free nails.

source: Good Housekeeping


As beauty-loving women, we like to have our tips and toes polished. We love experimenting with the latest color trends as well as sticking to the classics. But as busy women, we don’t always have the time to sit and wait for our nails to dry. Thankfully, Sally Hansen created a great solution that we love: Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color.  Available in 24 colors, it says it dries in 60 seconds. We, however find that after a little less than 2 minutes it’s completely the-polish-isn’t-going-anywhere dry. Once it is, we enjoy a lasting, good-looking finish that is strong and wears 3-5 days without chipping. Available in 24 shades. $4.99,



Celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson, Eve Mendes and Michelle Tractenberg all have something in common— they love to rock blue nails. Wearing everything from deep navy to aquamarine, these ladies prove that you can go bold without going over-the-top. Another lesson to be learned? If you want to experiment with a more daring look, the best place to start is on your nails. Check out a few of our favorite blue hues.


1. Chanel Blue Satin is bold, yet classic and elegant— did you expect it to be anything but? $23,

2. Sparitual Surreal, a sapphire blue creme, is 100% vegan and 100% fabulous. $10, 

3. Zoya Akyra is a frosty blue metallic that keeps us cool and calm even while we practice our most challenging yoga poses. $7,

4. OPI for Sephora Ocean Love Potion, a mediterranean turquoise, looks cool with everything we wear. $9,

Many nail colors have been launched for the Summer season, and while we love the bright neons and (surprising) blue and purple hues, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the new Essie Summer 2009 Collection. We imagine our tips and toes will be quite happy in these shades of pinks and corals…

essie summer collection 2009.jpg

Chubby Cheeks - sophisticated sunset coral

Cute As a Button - bright, vibrant persimmon

Funny Face - sexy, punchy fuchsia

Lovie Dovie - perfect pink flamingo

Luscious Lips - sheer, soft light pink

Not Just A Pretty Face - naturally pale nude


Essie Summer Collection 2009, from $8,

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