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I like many others have been obsessed with the matte nail look. It is classic, never goes out of style, and it looks good in almost any color you choose, but on the flip side it can get a little boring. In the past year we have been exposed to all sorts of nail kits that give us velvet, glitter and beaded nails, and we soon realized the matte nail is on its way out. 

A kit seems so simple and easy to use, and they are. There are multiple steps involved in order to get your desired look, and let’s be honest, not everyone can do all the steps correctly to get what they want. Luckily for us, the nail industry has done it again and invited a new trend, texturized nails. True to their name, these simple one-step polishes will give the illusion of the added beads and glitter without all the added fuss. For me, no one does nail polishes better than OPI and with the textured Bond Girls Liquid Sand Polish Collection, you’ll get the glam, bad-girl flare like the Bond girls they’re named after.

You can get each individual polish for $9 or the mini nail set for $12.95 at
Long gone are the days of boring flat nail polish colors! Manicures have taken a turn to the creative and I am digging it. When I saw Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set I knew I had stumbled upon something fun and unique that would rock the nail world. Each base color coat is packed with ingredients that cause it to absorb UV rays so that they glow at night … yes that’s right, these babies GLOW! The consensus seems to be that without the UV top coat (what makes them glow) this manicure set delivers a beautiful high-shine glossy finish in bright and fun shades — the UV coat takes away some of the luster of the polish, but the effect is pretty cool if you’re the clubbing type!

You can buy Ciaté Corrupted Neons Manicure Set for $25 at
image.jpg My fave new summer nail color is Essie The Girls Are Out. It’s such a beautiful blend of purple and pink, presenting a stunning magenta that is not fluorescent and looks equally good at the office and the beach. It also packs a subtle sparkle that gives it a shimmery sheen. Each time I wear it people take notice — which of course seals the “hot, new color” deal. You can buy Essie The Girls Are Out for $8 at

In honor of manicure Monday, I wanted to share some of the best nail polishes and manicure styles for this summer. There is definitely something for every personality and a way to turn away from a boring manicure and to spice things up including a wide variety of bright and pale colors as well as new twists on some classic styles.

Two-Tone Manicure

Up first is the two-tone manicure, this is where you can change up the classic French manicure and stay away from light pinks and white. There are a few different ways to get this look and it can be done with pretty much any colors you like. The biggest trick is finding colors that complement one another rather than work against each other, and whether you want to try a diagonal line across your nail, an inverted triangle or the simple arch line on the top, you can make this work for you and your style. 

Not only is this a great way to make an older style your own, it is a great way to combine two of this season’s biggest nail polish trends by adding a glimpse of metallic into this look. I am a huge fan of metallic colors, but having all metallic nails can be quite overwhelming, so allowing the line in your two-tone look to be a metallic will still give you the edge you seek without crossing the line into tacky. My favorite manicure that combines these two looks is a black polish on the nails with a copper metallic color as the line, I am always a fan of darker nail polishes but adding this twist allows the look to become more summer friendly and not as harsh. The Essie Metallic Collection is great to get this look, and not only does it come in the copper, but there is also a light purple and blue that are great for a brighter summertime look. 


Pale Nails

Pale nails aren’t a surprise to see in the summer because it is a natural instinct for women to automatically grab the light pinks for the warm weather, but it was surprising to see how much momentum this trend got at fashion shows in the spring. It seemed all the top designers were having their models wear milky shades, pure whites, and even cream colors. Personally, I am a huge fan of white and beige nails for the spring and summer. Also, having a white base color can allow you to use the lighter metallic polishes for the two-toned look. The white from the Essie Poppi-Razzi collection is perfect for a crisp clean look. For my nude color I have fallen in love with the Butter London ‘All Hail the Queen’ beige.

Essie Poppi Razzi white.jpgbutter london beige.jpg


On top of metallic colors and the pale nails there are also a lot of pastels being seen on the streets this summer and not only in clothing trends. It is not a secret that mint seems to be the color of the season, so naturally women have started using this color for their manicures, and personally, I love the look. My top two colors for this pastel trend are the mint and coral. Once again the Essie collect has come to the rescue with Mint Candy Apple and Coral Reef


Whether you are seeking an edgy look, a clean crisp color or a bright statement nail, this season has provided different looks for each. Try something new with your nails this season!

02M.jpgThe unique formula in Inglot’s O2M Breathable Nail Enamel allows oxygen and water to pass through the enamel of the nail to the nails’ surface, and the expansion of 16 additional colors in the line brings innovative science and style together. The formula is not only healthy for nails, but it took the world by storm this year when a Muslim authority approved the formula as safe for use adhering to prayer statutes since the nail polish allowed cleansing water to pass to the nail surface, unlike other nail enamels.  

The O2M nail enamels began flying off the shelf, and Inglot has responded with providing us 16 gorgeous new colors. Inglot O2M enamels not only increase the flow of oxygen to the nails, but they are also free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, and camphor. Check out my favorite colors from the newly launched collection for summer are 684, a coral red, and 687, a light turquoise shade on or in select Inglot boutique locations.  

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