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Q. have really dry skin between my eyebrows and often breakout there as well. Whenever I apply makeup my skin begins to flake. Do you have any skincare recommendations and makeup products that won’t irritate and aren’t drying?
Q. I was wondering if concealer works on lips? I’ve seen people wear it on their lips, and it gives them a lighter, frostier look. What do you think?
Q. I was wondering if it is okay to put on makeup primer after I’ve put on my moisturizer. I was thinking the primer might not work anymore because of the moisturizer underneath. What do you think?

Q. I need help finding the right pretty, pale, pink blush. I am pretty fair skinned, and love a light pink cheek, but the problem is they all have too much shimmer for me. I wear Bare Minerals, with clear radiance mixed in, so that already has a little shimmer to it , and shimmery blushes are just too much on top of that, and I don’t want to look like a disco ball. Can you reccommend any light pink blushes that don’t have a lot of shimmer to them?

Q. I am 53 and am looking for a product to even my skin tone. I don’t want to wear liquid foundation. I heard there was a product that you put on like a powder, but it appears to change to a foundation look…. does that make sense to you? Also, I need/want something that is very translucent as I don’t like to “look” like I’m wearing makeup on my skin. I was looking at the L’Oreal Translucide powder, but I don’t know if that is just a matte finish to wear over foundation, or if it is worn as an evening skin tone powder. Help?

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