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Pomegranates are amazing superfruits containing vitamins C and B5, Potassium and antioxidants. Because of this, they are incorporated into many beauty and health products like cleansers, lotions, lip glosses and hair treatments. Among their “super” abilities: fighting off signs of aging, stimulating cell regeneration in the skin and actually calming wild, frizzy hair. Here a just a few great finds containing this powerful ingredient.




It’s fall, and that means it’s the season of the pumpkin. Not only for decoration or baking with, pumpkins are full of fabulous antioxidants and skin-friendly proprieties that will leave you looking radiant and feeling pampered. “Spiced” flavors satisfy our enjoyment of smelling the distinct aroma of fresh-baked pie, making this our favorite times of year. Take a look at these products inspired by and infused with that big orange fruit.



In Our Makeup Bag

Our love for beauty products is never ending— we can’t get enough. We do, however, use products that, no matter what, we have with us at all times. From a mascara that makes our lashes look like falsies, to a powder that eliminates shine without making our skin look cakey and fake, to a creamy blush that can be applied without a mirror (it’s flush looks sheer and natural) — these are our makeup bag must-haves, and yes, they’re that good.

Take a look:




You might not have any tattoos to cover up, but this concealer— from the glam, makeup-loving, and very tattooed, Kat Von D— could cover them if you do. Formulated to be be buildable and fresh-looking, Tattoo Concealer gives the coverage needed while still being breathable and natural-looking. Cover your dark circles and brown spots to create a flawless look anytime you want. Available in 8 shades. $25,

travel2.jpgWe enjoy traveling, but it isn’t always necessary to take our full-size products along. To stay looking our best, we find packing travel-friendly versions of our favorite products to be easies. When we fly, the liquids can come on board with us and on weekend getaways, they keep us feeling pampered without being overloaded. Another plus: most of these compact goodies come with compact price tags.





hopeinajar.jpgHope in a Jar to Go

This fast-absorbing, skin-loving moisturizer keeps our skin looking so great everyday, we wouldn ever dream of leaving home without it. Thankfully, our favorite skin cream comes in this travel friendly jar, so we don’t have to worry about the dreaded dry-out that happens mid-flight. $15,



blissfacevaluetrial+travelset.jpgBliss Face Value Trial+Travel Skincare Essentials Set

To get your glow on on the road, this kit of skincare goodies will do wonders. With everything we need to keep our skin looking it’s best, this set is also perfect for those wanting to try some best-sellers without blowing a budget. $25,




apivitaexpressorangemask.jpgApivita Express Revitalizing Face Mask with Orange

Give your skin a “pick me up” after long flights, or late nights for that matter, with these easy-to-use packets. Each contains Vitamins C & E to fight off cell damaging free-radicals, CoQ10 to fight against fine lines and wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid for helping skin draw in and retain moisture. Ideal for all skin types. 12 packet per box, $28,


jonathan_product_pocket_redo_wipes.jpgJonathan Product Pocket Redo Freshen Up Wipes

Infused with vegetable enzymes and rose and cucumber waters, these wipes are fabulous for giving our scalp a “wash” without shampoo. Each wipe removes odor, refreshes hair and we can easily restyle it back to it’s beautiful state. Can also be used to refresh and hydrate skin. 6 wipes per box. $20,




Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream - Travel Size

To protect and keep your hair in good condition while away from home is easy with this leave-in conditioner. This fast-absorbing cream protects hair from heat styling as well as from the sun with UVA and UVB sunscreens, while leaving it manageable, shiny and healthy looking. $9,




Warren-Tricomi Salon Trial Kit

This for-all-hair-types kit gives tresses the best treatment wherever you may be. With a strengthening and nourishing shampoo, a strengthening complex used between the shampoo and conditioner to add resilience to tired hair, and a revitalizing and moisturizing conditioner, you won’t feel bad for not taking advantage of you hotel’s salon services. $20,



the-Balm-Balm-Voyage-Luxury-Travel-Makeup.jpgthe Balm Balm Voyage Eye Kit

For trips that won’t last more than a couple of days, it’s not a necessity to pack so much makeup. This kit contains three colors that are universally flattering and can be used to create a naturally defined eye to a dramatically, intense night look. $13,




mallybeautyfacepalette.jpgMally Beauty Perfect Palette Total Face Kit

As someone who travels a lot herself, Mally Roncal has created a palette of her favorites— everything you’ll need to “put on your face”. Two blushes, six shadows, a lipcolor and a highlighting cream are all you’ll need to create your most beautiful look. Also comes with a travel pouch and three brushes. $65,



smashboxtrymekit.jpgSmashbox Try Me Set

This kit features everything for creating a flawless look, and is also a great option for those curious to know how these best-sellers really work without the investment. Six customer favorites come in travel-friendly sizes and includes an instructional DVD with tips and tricks from Smashbox Makeup Artists. $29,

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