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thickeningbumble_smh.jpgSephora samples and wavy hair diaries collide! A Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco user for a few years now (ever since I got the best haircut of my life and the stylist used it), I was excited to get a Bb. sample at Sephora when I purchased Stella Sheer.

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner smells fantastic. It also seemed to really work. My hair did feel thicker the next day, which isn’t a great thing for me because my hair is already crazy thick. It’s not a product I’d buy because I’m on a wash-slather-on-moroccan-oil-and-go kind of kick and my hair, being as full as it already is, seemed a little frizzier after I used it (although I did go swimming).

Available at
marc-curacao-smh.jpgI spent a good fifteen minutes in Sephora over the weekend debating which limited edition Marc Jacobs splash to purchase. Here are my highly-scientific findings:

1. Ginger smelled nice initially, but was somewhat chemically after a few whiffs.
2. Curacao is fab. Really, really fab.
3. Cranberry is also nice and its top note is actually pink grapefruit.

Marc Jacobs Splash, $68 at
Since summer is in full swing and since I’m on my way to the beach in a couple days, I turned to Veet to make sure I didn’t have to pack a razor in my beach bag. This was the first time I tried Veet Spray On Hair Removal Cream and I couldn’t have been more pleased with how easy it was. The spray is a little uneven so make sure to mist everything with a thin layer and then go back in to areas like your knees to add more coverage.
stellasheer11_smh.jpgSigh. Another summer, another Stella Sheer. This one is even better than last year’s in my opinion — closer to Stella McCartney’s signature scent, Stella, with a splash of citrus courtesy of lemon and apple notes layered on my fave (and apparently Stella’s as well) scent: peony.

3.3 oz. Stella Sheer, $62 at

redflower_smh.jpgYou know you do it, but are the free hotel toiletries really worth sneaking into your bag? Thanks to an old cushy day job, I had the… luxury of staying at some nice hotels with even nicer amenities. In this column, I explore the brands different hotels have chosen to partner up with and where the products place on my ‘stuff it in your carry on?’ meter. 

The Cooper Square Hotel in New York City has the most amazing Red Flower products (and their bathtubs are pretty luxurious as well). The scent is called Wanderlust and if anyone finds a way to buy them without booking a night at the hotel, please tweet me and let me know because I am addicted to it. Officially, it has hints of aged paper, rare hinoki-wood bark and wild grass, but to me it is undefinable — a sweet, woodsy, feminine-with-a-touch-of-masculine scent that I can’t get enough of.
I’ve stayed there at least 20 nights, so I should have a generous supply of the lotion in my medicine cabinet, but I was always in a hurry and never thought to stuff one in my bag every night. I have one left and it’s almost empty so I squeeze a dab on my fingers and massage it into my neck. I get compliments every time I have it on.

Steal-o’-meter rating: 5 out of 5. Check out their other products at and read more about Red Flower’s creator, Yael Alkalay (pictured above) here.

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