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Sultra The Bombshell 1Celebs like Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson, and Jessica Simpson have long had many of us longing for those seemingly effortless, loose, beachy waves they all have in common. If you’ve ever tried to get said waves, you know that “effortless” really isn’t so effort-free after all. Whether your hair is fine or thick, long or short, you’ve surely spent a socially unacceptable amount of time curling and twirling your locks with an iron, only to have your waves fall flat five minutes after leaving the house.

Enter Sultra’s Bombshell iron. This iron has already gained quite the cult following, and after testing it, deservedly so. The 1 inch curling iron styles hair in half the time of traditional irons, utilizing Japenese Kyocera ceramic technology, and features a clampless barrel design: simply wrap hair around the base for perfect, kink free waves and curls.

To use, grab a small section of hair, hold wand vertical to head, wrap length of hair around the barrel, and release after a few seconds. Perfect waves! As an added plus, the Bombshell comes with a cute hot pink glove to protect fingers while curling around the rod.

When tested, the Bombshell was a winner by our criteria: It heats instantly, is easy to use, quick, and creates perfectly smooth waves or curls, no matter your hair length or texture. We were able to attain surfer girl waves on medium length, super thick hair in less time than it takes to blowdry. A+!

$130, at Sephora.

Stila’s new Holiday Collection 2010 is, in one word, spectacular. For one, the value in the Color Wheel Eye Shadow Palette ($38), is insane. It comes with 37 colors in a case the size of a small dinner plate. Two brushes with four different tips sit on each side of the wheel, and they come in super handy to accomplish one of the 12 looks included in the step-by-step, color-by-number book. Our favorite was the lavender look, that gave us numerous “Omg, where’s your eyeshadow from?” comments on our first night out. Really, the options and color combinations are almost endless. 

Taking up a little less room in our makeup drawers was the Eye for Color Eye Shadow Palette ($18). It’s all the fun of its larger sister, but in about half the size, and a third of the colors. No love is lost, though. It has some seriously beautiful metallic hues, and a great mix of neutrals and vibrant. All colors work wonderfully wet or dry (just like in the larger wheel), and last all night. We didn’t even use an eyeshadow primer, and we got no creasing. Success, right? Right. 

And we can’t leave this post without thanking the Brush Set Essentials ($28). The bristles are super soft (some synthetic, some pony hair), and there’s one for every area of your face. We have taken to using the concealer brush every day (it does an amazing job at blending!), and love the #9 all over blend brush for highlighting our brow bones and the inner corners of our eyes. 

Bottom Line: The value, color options and fun of Stila’s new Holiday Collection 2010 are endless. Don’t pass these up! You won’t regret it. 

With the weather change, skin tends to freak out. Our once smooth, hydrated faces turn to dry, patchy messes…exaggerating the appearance of wrinkles, especially around the delicate eye area. And we just got our skin under control from the change INTO summer!

eye-rule.jpgThankfully, Sampar Paris has our back: Sampar Eye Rule (Age Antidote) is formulated to combat the signs of aging by resurfacing and filling fine lines and wrinkles in an instant. Reduces dark circles and puffy eyes, moisturizes, and repairs skin in depth. The added bonus of the roller ball application stimulates the circulation to reduce the appearance of bags under the eye.

Here’s how it works:

Peptides and Adenosine firm the slackening of the skin while the steel roller ball combined with White Lupin work together deflate puffiness and bags and minimize darkness. The Adenosine also works with Extrait d’avoine to minimize the appearance of expression lines. Sampar’s patented Urban Defense Complex (a powerful alliance of 3 actives, a natural high-tech innovation: shea butter serum, mint endorphin, probiotic sugar) fights free radicals and pollutants along with Red Raspberry Seed Oil, which also joins Argan Oil and Imperata Cylindrica extract to fight dehydration. Horse Chestnut Extract and RSP Extract (which contains licorice, marigold, and Butcher’s broom) keep dark circles at bay.

Eye Rule really delivers on its promise: leaving dry patches, puffiness, and lines in its wake and revealing smooth, younger looking skin. Plus, it feels amazing going on thanks to the rollerball which we’re loving in eye care products… it’s like a gentle under eye massage!


There’s hardly anything more annoying than freshly manicuring your nails, believing they are fully dry, and then smudging them shortly after because they weren’t actually dry at all. 

Well, that’s why Essie’s Good to Go! Fast Drying Top Coat is pretty fantastic! Essie doesn’t specify exactly how long it takes to dry, but from our tests, it takes about a minute to a minute and a half to fully set. 

It leaves your nails super shiny (which we love), and sleek. However, our polish did chip after a few days, which was a bit disappointing, but we have the same problem with most top coats, since we type all day. 

Overall, we love Good to Go! because it really is super fast drying and moderately priced. 

During fashion week, there are so many mixers, events, parties…it’s easy to get lost in the swag. Some of us still have freebies sitting around from LAST season (eek!), so when approached at a mixer about a new eye cream by the creator herself, we kept one ear on the party and didn’t expect much.

the_ultimate_eyecream.pngLisa Ashley, the creator, approached a group of us and asked for a few minutes to tell us about her Ultimate Eye Cream. She told us briefly about its features and benefits, demonstrated the product for us on our hands, and asked us for business cards before leaving us to enjoy the mixer. Impressed by her soft yet professional pitch, genuine passion for her product, and ok….curiosity about the wild claims (eliminates need for concealer! covers imperfections without color! masks redness and dark circles! smooths wrinkles and fine lines!), the cream stayed fresh in mind all night, and was begging to be tested the very next day.

First, we did some more research. From the site:

After years in the laboratory, combining the most advanced ingredients to create a multi-functioning product that delivers ultimate and immediate results, Lisa Ashley introduces The Ultimate Eyecream. A truly groundbreaking beauty product with some of the most advanced and innovative features in the cosmetics industry.

“Lisa Ashley, The Ultimate Eyecream” uniquely integrates six different benefits into one eyecream:

  1. helps to firm skin, reduces puffiness, and inflammation.
  2. special light diffusing properties gives the illusion of instantly neutralizing dark circles, brightening eye area while leaving a luminous glow.
  3. increases blood circulation and helps to improve lightness of dark circles.
  4. unique blend of ingredients gives the appearance of significantly softening lines.
  5. a natural alternative to silicone, rejuvenates and hydrates skin while also providing strong antioxidant protection.
  6. distinctive steel roller ball application helps soothe and minimizes inflammation.

Tall order, huh?

We weren’t expecting much - generic white packaging, sticker label, “illuminating” roller ball design seen on many a trendy eye product - but let us say: WOW.

The product did exactly as it claimed, and then some- brightened, smoothed, soothed, and we barely had to touch our concealer (For the record, this is after years of piling on heavy duty concealers to mask our hereditary dark circles).

A complete winner in our book. We’d gladly pay double the cost.


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