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This September, celebrated makeup brand Bobbi Brown released its new collection for fall: Black Velvet (cue Allanah Myles’ gritty, throaty rendition of the namesake song replaying in your mind.) 

As per the norm, fall tends to evoke a need for the sultry eye - smokey, smudgy and sexy. Now, we know we mentioned earlier that minimalism is a huge trend in makeup this fall, but like every season, there is a trend for just about everyone. 

The collection consists of metallic, sparkle and matte eye shadows, creamy eyeliners, and bold, powerful lip colors and glosses. 

From the metallic shadows, we tested Black Charcoal, which is an ebony, translucent shadow with a slight, chic glitter. Even more translucent is the sparkle eye shadow (we tried the purple-ish Black Velvet). We think this would be best for topping off your eye, adding a finishing sparkle that catches the light beautifully (note, it’s incredibly light, but can be built upon to create a slightly darker shade.) From the matte shadows, we tried on Black Chocolate, which is silky and pigment rich, so a little goes a very long way (it’s also great wet as an eyeliner.)


From the powerful lip collection, we tested Black Maple - a brownish, plummy hue that is definitely not for the faint of heart. The metallic lip color in Black Garnet and the Black Chocolate gloss would work best for the more conservative lip type. 

Overall, we had a lot of fun smudging and blending and smoking up our eyes. And our favorite part was, because of the translucent characteristics of the shadows, it was our choice how light or how dark we wanted to go. $20 - $24,

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Very rarely is there a beauty product that makes us want to jump up and down….well, at least for under $5. NYX’s top-selling (for a reason, mind you) Jumbo Eye Pencil comes in 20 different vibrant, creamy colors for less than a normal combo meal at a fast food joint - $4.19. 

Yes, we said $4.19. The unassuming white pencils have quickly become a phenomenon on and with budget beauty junkies everywhere. 

What we love the most about these fat eye crayons is their versatility. You can use them as an eyeliner and as an eyeshadow. Usually, an eyeshadow can double as an eyeliner, but rarely is it the other way around. 

The creamy, non-creasing consistency blends seamlessly with the warmth of your finger tip to smudge your liner, or create a full eye. Plus, you can buy six different colors for the price of one similar high-end brand pencil.

The only thing NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil left us wanting, was to try their lip pencils. $4.19, 
When we were a bubbly teenager, the top of our dresser was adorned with at least seven Bath and Body Works body mists. One of our favorites (which we swore made us smell grown up, whatever that means) was the pear scent. The bold, almost nauseatingly pungent spray was light years away from Jo Malone’s new cologne, English Pear & Freesia. 

The key notes include King William pear, white freesia and patchouli. The sweet, crisp pear comes through on top and transitions slowly into a light floral scent. The patchouli is present in the slight warmth behind the cool fruity notes, making the complex cologne the perfect combination of late summer and early fall. 

Though Jo Malone fragrances are a little pricey, we think they are well worth the money, as a little goes a long way, and the scents are so unique and mouth-watering. 

Overall, English Pear & Freesia is layered wonderfully with soft, yet crisp scents that is perfect for autumn (or all year long, really.) $55/$100 (30 ml, 100 ml),

Tarte-Amazonian-Clay-Passport-to-the-Amazon-20.jpgOverplucked, over waxed, abused brows? Tarte to the rescue!

The brand’s new amazonian clay-infused brow mousse is a DREAM and comes in Taupe, Medium Brown, or Rich Brown. The waterproof formula glides on, blends softly for a natural look, and is nearly undetectable.

To use, brush brow hair in the direction of growth with a brow brush, then begin filling in sparse areas with an angled brush swiped in emphasEYES brow mousse. Brush brows back into place to blend and set.

Available at

yume-blush.jpgVery rarely is there a product that can be used head to toe. Which is why we were very impressed with Yume Blush’s whipped body cream chiffons. They are 100% botanical and vegan, making them edible, natural and chemical-free. We tried a handful of the seven flavors, including coconut lime (our favorite), apple raspberry and lavender honey. 

The dense, yet airy body chiffon warmed up with our own body heat, melting deliciously into the consistency of a massage oil - though it leaves no greasy, slick-like residue. We also scooped up a finger tip full and used it as a rich body butter. Though, we must say, that our favorite application was as a thin, tasty and very moisturizing lip balm. 

Best of all (because who doesn’t love free samples?), with every purchase, you get four 1/2 ounce jars in any flavor of your choice. These little jars work perfectly for throwing into your bag, and using on your lips, cuticles or hands.  $30,

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