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In an effort to raise awareness about Earth Day — and a little money — Kiehl’s has added a colorful twist to one of our favorite products. With the help of famous faces Julianne Moore, Jeff Koons, Malia Jones and Pharrell Williams, Kiehl’s has created a limited-edition series of their rejuvenating Acai Damage-Protecting Toning Mist. Four different bottles are outfitted in each collaborator’s idea of a happier earth. We’re digging artist Jeff Koons’ bright bottle the most!

We’re already fans of Kiehl’s Acaí Damage-Protecting Toning Mist on its own with its regular old outfit — and are even more supportive with its lively new packaging.

100% of proceeds up to $200,000 from the sale will be donated to the Rainforest Alliance.

ted gibson beautiful hold® hairspray creates beautiful, touchable, workable hair, and is suitable for all hair types. It delivers just the right amount of texture and hold, and is perfect for creating volume, taming flyaways, teasing, setting curls, boosting waves, or finishing an updo. It also has an AMAZING gardenia fragrance, which provides soothing aroma therapy benefits without being over powering. The fool-proof formula allows it to be layered depending on your hair style’s needs.

We can’t stop spraying it for the scent alone! Seriously, it’s THAT good.

$19.99/7 oz, $11/2 oz at Target.

hourglassprodigy.jpgHourglass Cosmetics’ new Prodigy Lip Gloss has garnered quite a bit of press lately, we had to try it for our selves and see what all the fuss was about. Its streamlined packaging puts it five steps ahead of your everyday lip gloss — anything that slides seamless into our back pocket is a winner with us! — but its moisturizing and non-tacky characteristics make it even more appealing. It really lives up to it’s ultra-hydrating selling point and it’s not sticky at all like many glosses tend to be. The color fades and we wished it lasted a bit longer, but that wouldn’t discourage us from buying another bottle — it’s THAT chic. We’re fans of  ‘Surreal’ and ‘Eden’. Sephora, $26
As beauty girls, it’s easy to get caught up in the new, and accidentally lose sight of old faves.

The upside to this is stumbling across these forgotten loves while rifling through our overpacked makeup cases and beauty drawers— it’s like discovering them for the first time all over again.

Smashbox’s Anti-Shine debuted in 2000, and is a long lasting, gel to powder mattifier meant to reduce shine and keep oil at bay all day, even under the hot studio lights it was created to withstand.
05861596802.jpgWhile the product is meant to be used both under foundation and as a touch up throughout the day, we find the best trick is to apply makeup normally, squeeze a small amount onto fingertips, and gently pat onto problem areas OVER makeup. Those of us without oily skin still love this product for the matte, flawless finish. A total winner in our book.

Now that we’ve rediscovered it, we promise to never let it go again…if we can help it.

$27, Sephora.
astrogirl.jpgWhat’s your sign? No, seriously, what’s your sign? It might help when picking out one of Napoleon Perdis’ new Astro Girl Eye Shadow Quads. The Australian make up artist references astrology in his new collection of eye shadow quads based off the zodiac signs Fire, Earth, Air, Water. We’re total astrology buffs so we couldn’t resist giving this new product a chance — fire to be exact. Even though we don’t consider ourselves characteristic Leos, this ‘take charge’ (their words not ours) palette worked wonders. The iridescent copper, gold, pink and deep purple compliment each other very well. The firey tones blend together smoothly and boast just the right amount of shimmer.

For $35 a set, get your reading online at

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