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While Natalie Portman was dabbling around with being a blonde, these former pop princesses were testing out some more radical hues. The typically blonde Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera both stepped out recently with technicolor ends. Britney’s ends were a mix of shocking pink and bright teal while Christina’s were a shimmery purple with a bit of pink mixed in at the very ends. It seems everyone from Katy Perry to Nikki Minaj has pulled off some crazy haircolors recently so this trend is certainly not new, but I have a feeling it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

When it comes to beauty trends, what goes around always comes (back) around. In this case the trend is bold eyeliner in fun, and funky, colors. Taking a page from Leslie Mann’s beauty diary, I just know that bright purple, vivid teal and shimmery gold eyeshadows are all going to be super-hot this fall. But if you’re not trying to look like Rainbow Bright, the trick is to apply just a little of your bright liner to the upper lid and then apply a neutral shadow to blend it in. Leslie opted for Lancôme’s Design Gel Eyeliner in Dress Up Teal and paired it with their Design Inifinté 24H in Eternal Gold and Design Eye Shadow in Burnt Sand.

To copy Leslie Mann’s look you can get Lancôme’s Design Gel Eyeliner for $24.50, Lancôme’s Design Infinité 24H for $24.50 and Lancôme’s Design Eye Shadow for $18 at
Natalie-Portman-Blonde.jpgWe usually don’t really think it’s news when a celebrity changes her hair color. But in the case of Natalie Portman, it’s fairly groundbreaking! The actress has always been a brunette, so to see her step out on the red carpet with decidedly lighter tresses (on the arm of Robert Pattinson, no less, although her husband was in attendance) was definitely a shocker. And we have to say, we’re loving it! The color is rich and shimmering, more honey than platinum, and it sets off her skin tone nicely.

All in all, this is a definite win for Ms. Portman!

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Vanessa Hudgens’ has always been a cutie-pie, but in the past several years I’ve seen her take her look up a notch. Once known as the ‘High School Musical’ starlet, this young Hollywood actress is doing her part to continue to be talked about … and for all the right reasons! At Variety’s Power 6th Annual of Youth Presented event she looked equal parts fresh and young mixed with mature style and old Hollywood glamour. It was her darkly lined eyes that really caught my attention. Their precision lining, extending from one corner of the eye to the other, was impeccably done. 

To copy this look you’ll need a thin-tipped eyeliner brush and a gel eyeliner, like Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. Dip the very tip of the brush into the eyeliner and, using light pressure, apply liner all around the lower and upper lid line. Start light and once you feel you have the perfect base coat, apply a couple more traces to get the shading just right. The trick to this level of lining is in the inner eye fold (nearest the nose) make sure you connect the lower and the upper lids right at the end point and don’t extend the line too far, to avoid a cat eye look.

Get Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner for $22 at
Cat-Deeley-Milkmaid-Braid.jpgIs Cat Deeley one of the most gorgeous women on the planet, or what? The So You Think You Can Dance host stepped out for the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party with the coolest milkmaid braid. We love the super-thick construction of the braids that are wrapped around her head—it’s so Heidi, isn’t it?

If you’re skilled with braiding hair yourself, this is actually not too tough of a look to master. Simply part your hair down the middle, create a ponytail with each section and braid it up and over the crown, securing at the back of the head with bobby pins.

If, on the other hand, braiding doesn’t come as naturally to you, there’s another way! If you live in New York, head to the super-luxe John Barrett Braid Bar, located inside Bergdorf Goodman. For $50, a skilled stylist will create a milkmaid braid for you in a matter of minutes. (Or, if you want your hair washed, dried and braided, it will set you back $125.)

In any case, Cat’s milkmaid braid is youthful, fun and fresh—and absolutely gorgeous to boot!

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